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Jobs, Peace, Equality – The Communist Labor Party


What is the Communist Labor Party? What does it stand for? Why should I support it, why should I buy its papers, pamphlets and books? Why should I join? Many people have asked our comrades these questions, and they are good questions. The peoples of the United States of North America have had a great deal of bad experience with people, groups and parties claiming to represent their interests, and claiming to lead them into a better life. The Communist Labor Party makes no promises or claims about what it is going to do for you. Whatever good comes about will be the result of what you and millions of other workers and progressives fight for. What the Communist Labor Party is trying to do is build a Party of fighting leaders of the working class so that in every factory, shop, mine, and field, in every school, neighborhood, union and club, the workers will have their own Party to lead them in struggle, and to unite the entire working class in one mighty fight to get rid of the cause of our problems, to overthrow the capitalist class and establish a socialist United States of North America. This effort will take a Party of hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of members armed with a knowledge of the historical experiences of the working class movement.

This pamphlet tries to answer your questions and show how the Communist Labor Party has and is working to build the kind of Party the working class needs. If you agree with us—support the Communist Labor Party.