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I Wor Kuen

IWK Statement on the Communist League and the National Continuations Committee


First Published: IWK Journal, No. 1, August 1974.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Our organization plans, in a future issue of the JOURNAL, to publish a detailed response to the thoroughly opportunist, counterrevolutionary line of the Communist League. But because of the urgency of the present situation, which calls for a thorough repudiation and isolation of the Communist League from the genuine Marxist-Leninist movement in the U.S., we are writing here a brief statement concerning our organization’s stand regarding the Communist League.

It is the position of I Wor Kuen that the Communist league has a thoroughly opportunist, counter-revolutionary. line on all major questions of the day. The CL’s bankrupt positions include opposition, to “countries fighting for independence, nations fighting for liberation, and the people fighting for revolution,” in essence standing against the revolutionary tide sweeping the world today, against the United Front Against Imperialism. The CL has glorified the strength of monopoly capitalist and has refused to recognise the re-establishment of capitalism in the Soviet Union. Their attack on the concept of “superpowers” and of the “Third World” is in effect an attack. on the masses of the world’s people and an attack on the Communist Party of China.

From the time we first came into contact with the Communist League when the Communist League attacked the use of the term “Third World” as bourgeois in 1971 and attempted to take over the U.S.-China friendship Association by physically excluding Association members from their own office, and their attempts to undermine the San Francisco Chinese community’s major left-wing newspaper, our organization has taken a firm stand against them. In recent years we have not seen much of the Communist League in our day-to-day work.

However, we have followed the development of their line, including their many attempts at Party building, the latest of which is the National Continuations Committee. They have invited our organization to participate in their various party building congresses and we have never attended or participated in any way in say of their attempts.[1]

All of us in the communist movement today, organizations and individuals, have the responsibility to thoroughly smash the Communist League’s counter-revolutionary line and isolate their opportunist schemes in party building. We in IWK have no doubt that we will have our new party soon and we are confident that the new party will never be born out of the Communist League’s National Continuations Committee.


[1] It has recently come to our attention that Communist League representatives to at least the Bay Area and in Los Angeles as well as other opportunists have tried to spread the rumor that IWK was in the National Continuations Committee. This is an out and out lie. We have never been a member, or an observer of the Continuations Committee. We have never even attended a NCC meeting nor have we ever had any meetings with the NCC or the CL, regarding the NCC (or anything else, for that matter). We can understand why the CL would choose to do so. In a period of their growing isolation from both the communist movement and all honest individuals they will go to any extreme, including out and out lies to build some credibility. As to the other opportunists running around trying to spread that lie we think it is because they, in general, would like to sow dissension and confusion within the ranks of the movement and the masses so as to make it harder for people to distinguish truth from falsehood. However, they, like the CL are bound to fail because, contrary to their hopes, the masses can distinguish truth from falsehood and the opportunists’ lies and manipulation, schemes and machinations are bound to be exposed and fail.