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Proletarian Cause

Proletarian Cause Denounces US Atrocities Against the Vietnamese People!

Plagued by the strategic failure of “Vietnamization” and mounting internal and external contradictions, the U.S. imperialists led by Nixon have been forced to adopt a more ruthless and reckless policy than ever before.

In the name of attacking “military targets” in North Vietnam, Nixon has bombed the Bach Mai hospital complex and the Truong Dinh residential quarters for workers.

They have bombed dykes such as the one on the Ma river. They have bombed people repairing the dykes.

They have sought to seize the fruits of years of socialist construction from the North Vietnamese by attempting to destroy the irrigation system in order to produce mass starvation.

They have bombed the heavily populated region of Hanoi proper.

They have reduced the provincial capitals of the south to heaps of rubble.

They have maintained the mining of the North harbors.

They have greatly increased the use of B-52 bombers and have maintained 40,000 men in ships off Vietnam’s coast.

They have greatly expanded the use of CS gas and have introduced plastic pellet anti-personnel bombs. When these pellets enter the body they are undetectable by x-ray.

The outrages committed by the U.S. ruling class against the Vietnamese people could fill one thousand volumes. The reports of these atrocities fill our hearts with irrepressible anger and determination. The victories of the NLF and all the Indo-Chinese people have seriously split and weakened U.S. rulers. We shall exact the debt owed to the Vietnamese by organizing the American working people to bring the imperialist monstrosity to its final grave!