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Proletarian Cause

Proletarian Cause Greets People’s China National Day!

October 1, 1972

Chairman Mao Tsetung
Central Committee, Chinese Communist Party
Peking, P.R. of China

On the occasion of the celebration of China’s National Day we send you and all the Chinese people our best wishes and warm congratulations on your tremendous achievements.

Twenty-three years ago the great Chinese people, under the brilliant leadership of their Communist Party, defeated the imperialists, feudalists and big traitor capitalists, setting up the People’s Democratic Government and opening up the road for the Socialist revolution.

In the following years you have changed China from a backward, semi-feudal, semi-colonial country into a strong, independent, self-reliant, modern socialist country.

You have smashed the attacks and blockades of the internal and external enemies.

You have given the world a splendid example of true proletarian internationalism in your aid and support to all revolutionary movements and struggles for freedom, national liberation, and socialism. This is best exemplified by your unstinting support to the Korean people and to the peoples of Indochina in their struggles to resist U.S. aggression.

You have played an outstanding role in the world in exposing and defeating ideologically modern revisionism with its center in the Khruschov-Brezhnev gang in the Soviet Union.

You have made a great contribution to the development of Marxist-Leninist science by successfully launching the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, which taught the people of the world how to carry on the revolution after the establishment of socialism, and how to defeat revisionism and the restoration of capitalism.

Your example has been an inspiration and a guide to all revolutionaries, and especially to the young Marxist-Leninist organizations which are struggling against imperialism and revisionism.

Here in our country, the working class movement is struggling against great difficulties. The perfidious Nixon administration, besides extending and escalating the brutal criminal war of aggression in Indochina, is steadily building up the basis for fascism. The living conditions of the working people are deteriorating. Unemployment is growing, inflation is uncontrolled.

More and more people of all the classes, are beginning to realize that the criminal war in Indochina is the key question, an evil cancer in our social, political and economic life, which must be stopped at once. Many people see Nixon as the chief spokesman for the Pentagon war forces who are working to carry out a program of creeping fascism.

The Marxist-Leninist forces are struggling to find the correct path, policy and program, and to prepare the ground for the creation of a nationwide Marxist-Leninist party capable of giving leadership to the people.

Facing these tasks, we Marxist-Leninists look to China as our great teacher, the strongest bastion of socialism and revolution in the world.

We hail the great Chinese people and their glorious Communist Party!
We wish long life to Chairman Mao Tsetung!