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First Published: Bolshevik, Political Organ of the Revolutionary Wing, Vol. 6, No. 11, November-December 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Intense two line struggle is what characterizes the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement from its very inception.

No truly disciplined Proletarian Party – the Party of a New Type can be built in peaceful debate, on a college campus, or in the minds of the petty-bourgeoisie intellectuals.

Two lines, two classes, two roads, nothing escapes this fundamental starting point in society. The “theory of two points,” “one divides into two” the unity of opposites. The law of dialectics, the heart of materialist dialectics is the method by which the Party of the Proletariat analysis the motion of society, develops its Program – Strategy and Tactics, for the Proletarian Revolution which it must lead. It has been by employing this method the only method which serves the Proletariat and no other class that we arrived at an analysis of the development of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, and the working class movement, the level of fusion of the two great movements, the responsibilities and tasks of Bolsheviks in building the Party of Lenin and Stalin; the Political Party of the working class.

Fighting for the purity and authenticity of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung, we can and have scientifically summed up our years of struggle for the Party, we have been able to keep the good discard the bad, eliminate the dross, from :he simple to the complex, from the lower to the higher, not satisfied with understanding the world, but moving resolutely to change it, as Karl Marx taught us.

Getting to the essence of the problem in tit for tat struggle against opportunism and modern revisionism we have in deed and in all determination to win, been hammering out the Party’s basic line and Programme of action, the key link to Party building since 1972.

We open this plenum, comrades bringing into it our Unity welded in years of struggle, our fists are clentched, we have scored victories in the struggle against opportunism, and we must never relax our vigilance. We come together and are determined to intensify the struggle against the right deviation, and the conciliatory attitude toward it, striking yet more blows at Right Opportunism and Modern revisionism the main danger faced by the world’s peoples, whose mighty force, goes against the tide led by truly Bolshevik Parties illuminating the way towards that Bright future Proletarian Revolution.

We have consistently stood with the line of the international Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement with the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Party of Labor of Albania (PLA), revolution mighty forceful and never capitulating revolution is the main trend in the world today. Have faith in the Party, have faith in the masses, Chairman Mao’s behest, and we will follow it with honor. The world situation is excellent, the victory scored on an international scale in the struggle led by the CPC and the PLA against the Modern Revisionism of the Soviet Revisionist Social Imperialists and Co. still shine over us as an ever illuminating light blazing the trail of struggle. The great Cultural Revolution initiated and led by Chairman Mao, taught us how to recognize and fight the Lu Shao Chi’s wherever they popped up, the struggle against the thoroughly rightist element Renegade Lin Piao and the victory scored once again by Chairman Mao Proletarian Revolutionary Line against Teng Hsiao Ping’s counter-revolutionary revisionist line teaches us again and again the bourgeoisie is inside the Party, and we must never relax our vigilance.

The glorious and correct Party of Labor of Albania consolidating the Dictatorship of the Proletariat firmly standing against capitalist encirclement and the wolf ticketing by the revisionist Titoites, and in the Kremlin, serve as an inspiration to all young and developing Bolshevik Parties the world over.

The correctness of the line of the international Communist Movement, its living soul expressed in the application of defeating our own bourgeoisie in each country, fighting superpower hegemony the bourgeoisie and all reaction.

The fight for the Bolshevik Party, the struggle for the preparedness of the Proletariat moving forward and at once to exercise its dictatorship - smash the bourgeoisie state, and move to change the economic base build socialism, a long and difficult transition period on the road toward the complete abolition of classes.

U.S. Multinational Proletariat Has a Rich History of Revolutionary Traditions

Intregally connected with Party Building is Proletarian Revolution, inseparable one from the other, “The Masses make Revolution the Party makes them Conscious” correctly points out Comrade Enver Hoxha. Party building is not a bureaucratic task of inflating or decreasing the apparatus, Party Building is not a pretty concept to be played with, Building the Party of Lenin and Stalin the Party of a New Type is a terrible battle against all the enemies of the Proletariat and its advanced vanguard detachment.

Our revolutionary practice is testimony of this truth, the struggle against Modern Revisionism did not leave a corner of this world untouched. By 1957 the CPUSA (R) had locked tightly its arms of treason with Soviet social-imperialism, attacking the great Proletarian Internationalist leader, Comrade Joseph Stalin, reversing all the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought, it embarked on a road of treachery it could not turn back from. From that moment on, the Central task became the building of the Party of a New Type along new revolutionary lines.

The treacherous betrayal of the Revisionist cleared the way for all anti-Marxist trends to come to the fore, ideological confusion reigned the eclectic state had to be defeated and this was in the hands of the class conscious workers and the firmist in principle, revolutionary intellectuals propelled forward by the struggle of the Proletariat itself and its interest, the fight for the purity of Marxism-Leninism layed the foundation for the birth of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, born in the struggle against Modern Revisionism and Trotskyism.

Old and new revisionists alike have attempted to falsify history, the sham wing who has been thoroughly incapable and unwilling to probe deeply into the development of the two great movements, busily worshipping the spontaneous mass movement, recording events, bent on telling fairy tales, glued on to the tail of the bourgeoisie, belittling the role of the subjective factor, degenerating to revisionist in theory and tactics, social democrats, of the second international types, working hand and glove with the Menshevik liquidators – Revisionist in theory and tactics – Liquidators of the Party institutions. This most dispicable enemy whose aim it is to destroy the Party.

Lenin taught us this:

Making a fetish of legality, and elevating to principle the narrow forms of activity imposed by the temporary decline of and state of disunity in the working class movement, these elements – avowed liquidators of the Party – quite obviously took their stand upon the ground of theoretical and tactical Revisionism.

Such as the Anti-Theoretical Revisionist Premises and the fetish of legality which expresses the essence of the ATM, “simply records dates, names and places” check out the rag sheet Revolutionary Cause, through and through theoretical and tactical revisionism.

Lenin goes on:

That the closest connection exists between liquidationism in organization (the struggle against the party institutions) and the ideological struggle against Marxist theory and the fundamental principles of the programme of the R.S.D.L.P., has now most clearly been revealed and proved by the entire history of the efforts to force an opportunist policy in our Duma group by its intellectual advisers,.... (Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletariat –Lenin – Against Liquidationism)

This is why they falsify history, why they try to reverse correct verdicts, to cover their treachery, to hide their treason from the masses who they hold in contempt. The Liquidators WVO contemptuously say this about the working class movement –

Concretely, the advanced elements open to Marxism-Leninism in the last few years (emphasis in original) came mainly from two sources. One the movement of the oppressed minorities. Two, the movements of students and the petty-bourgeoisie who fought against the war and imperialism.

WVO, clearly stands that the petty-bourgeoisie is the vanguard – all the sophistry in the world can’t cover this up. What a clear example of disintegration and break up of the radicalized petty-bourgeoisie, who is incapable of understanding that the working class movement has a long and rich history of militant and determined struggle, fools, the working class has fought and continues to fight against imperialist wars of aggression inside these coke plants, auto plants, the mines, in the steel plants, Longshoremen, on construction sites, going against the labor aristocracy and labor bureaucrats, struggling against Zionism, and resolutely supporting in the spirit of internationalism the just struggles of the Asian, African, Arabs and Latin American peoples – intense struggles in those very plants on the lines of unemployment, which no movement of the “students and petty-bourgeoisie” can equal. It can only aide – no effort on your part can liquidate this fact of history and present day struggle –

You say –

There was not a sizeable cadre pool of advanced workers. Why? Because the immediate past struggle were not movements of the working class as a whole.

You continue along this line of treason–

Concretely this means that we are building a party that would be composed mainly of advanced elements from all backgrounds (you mean of petty-bourgeois intellectuals and petty-bourgeois vacillating elements like Jerry Tung, Ron Washington and Tac, M.D.) in addition to advanced workers.

– But no, liquidators–

Lenin clearly pointed out what history has confirmed and the U.S. working class has not stood behind}it has produced its advanced class conscious workers – We quote the Great Lenin –

And the advanced workers will build, and build to completion, the revolutionary social democratic party together with those who want to help them in this matter, against those who do riot want to help them, or are incapable of doing so. (Methods of the Liquidators)

So you see liquidators it is not “in addition to the advanced workers.”

The Party is being built by advanced workers, “building to completion” the U.S. Bolshevik Party with those who have wanted to help in this matter, against all of you who do not want to help but who on the contrary want to destroy, and against all of you who are incapable of proletarian discipline, incapable of subordinating your petty-bourgeois class interest, you careerist and bureaucrats, sold out scabs of imperialism, holding the class in contempt and attacking its Party is your doom.

You falsify history because at the heart stands an opposition to the correctness of the line of the Bolshevik Wing: the falsification of history, the attempt to reverse correct verdicts, is a reflection of opposition and wavering. For example, take the fact that the consolidation of a revisionist line inside R.U.-R.C.P. propelled them out of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, causing setbacks tactically but strategically resulting in advances for the Proletariat in the fight for its Party, a consolidation of its ranks, valuable lessons drawn, as we continued our struggle against all forms of opportunism and specifically against Right Opportunism as the main danger, the struggle against RU-RCP served to provide us with a wealth of experience in hammering out the Party’s basic line and Program, through negative example RU-RCP played a role in strengthening us in our determination to defeat Right Opportunism in all its forms, the Menshevik line on Party Building has suffered blows and its treachery and bankruptcy has been exposed as we near in to its total defeat. It served to help us in uncovering some of the most treacherous elements, those purged from our ranks, Ron Washington, Richie Perez, Pablo Yoruba Guzman, Carmen Cruz, purging these fools didn’t end the problem however it just facilitated the struggle against Right Opportunism, the influence of the Menshevik line, in our ranks is expressed in the highly dangerous Right deviation, raising up that RCP is still part of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement in an attempt to sneak back these new revisionist dogs into the ranks of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement. Check it out comrades the pressure exerted on our ranks by the bourgeoisie externally and internally, the Mensheviks O.L. at the head blatantly calling for Unity with RCP, and the Right deviation it produces raises up for question “isn’t RCP still in the ranks of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement?” Or still another way it expresses itself is to raise up that RCP degeneration produced a qualitative leap. Raising up therefore that a new period began in 1974, and not in 1972, that the Party’s basic line and Program is at a perceptual level of development, at a few “scattered notes” level at an “eclectic presentation” level at a low level of development thus the treachery of putting the line up for question is nakedly revealed.

To raise up that RCP is in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement or the same essence that their degeneration caused a qualitative leap is a deviation from the line, a Right deviation from it – we quote from Party Building in the Heat of Class Struggle: “although RU has changed its name, their character has not changed in the least”, (p.33) or “RCP is a revisionist organization and is no longer in the Communist Movement.” (p. 35)

Is the line correct, does it correspond to Marxism-Leninism?

Our answer must be resolutely yes. Hasn’t the line been proven correct in practice, haven’t we stood staunchly in the fight for the Purity of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought? Have we not been on the Marxian path? Have we not applied the science to our concrete conditions as we continue to hammer out our Party’s basic line and Program of action in a tit for tat struggle against Right Opportunism and Revisionism? Do not the enemies of the Party distort the line of the wing, attack it as “ultra-left” come up with sophistry the “onlys” that we are in shambles that we have died, how much further from the truths can anyone get? Isn’t it a fact that the sham wing, the Mensheviks have been forced by the correctness of our line to come out more and more as we rip off their masks of treason to the working class, with their blatant, naked attacks on Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought. Check out the latest issue of the Workers Viewpoint rag sheet article on Comrade Mao Tsetung for a clear example of renegacy from Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought.

The Foundation of the Political Line is the Marxist-Leninist Line of Cognition

Our political line is a correct Marxist-Leninist line because at its foundation is the Marxist-Leninist line of cognition. Applying actively the dialectical method, we have in fact arrived at materialist interpretation regarding the needs of the Proletariat which correspond to the needs of society as a whole. Marxism-Leninism teaches us that practice is the criterion of truth – Today, who in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement dares to deny that the proletariat cannot seize state power without its vanguard party leading it thru the twist and turns of the Revolution, No one dares deny it openly, the practice of the International Proletariat summed up to its general features – M-L-MTTT, the authenticity of the theory of Marxism-Leninism-MTTT, is the only theory which can guide a Revolutionary Movement.

The Party of the Proletariat must be armed with revolutionary theory. Comrade Stalin in Foundations of Leninism says in regard to the Party – ”But in order that it may really be the vanguard, the party must be armed with revolutionary theory, with a knowledge of the laws of the movement, with a knowledge of the laws of revolution. ” “Without this”, correctly points Comrade Stalin – “it will be impotent to guide the struggle of the proletariat and to lead the proletariat. The Party cannot be a real Party if it limits itself to registering what the masses of the working class think or experience, if it drags along the tail of the spontaneous movement, if it does not know how to overcome the inertness and indifference of the spontaneous movement, or if it cannot raise the masses to the class interest of the proletariat. The Party must take its stand at the head of the working class, lead the proletariat and not trail behind the spontaneous movement.” So although no one openly dare deny, lets seek the real truth from facts, in deeds what does O.L. for example as the head hegemones of the Menshevik Wing do in their rag sheet, register and record – “the economy fizzles fight back sizzles” rah, rah, rah, tell fairy tales, and romper room stories about what the working class thinks and experiences, the Mensheviks do not know how to overcome the “inertness and indifference of the spontaneous movement” in fact they worship this indifference in fact they condemn as dogmatism ultra-leftism all righteous struggle to come to the head of this movement to give it a planned and conscious character, they condemn the fight for the Party and try to wreck and split it from within. Practice therefore is where the truth is revealed. Have not the Mensheviks signed petitions slandering the wing, passed it out thru out their marsh and joined forces to attack Bolshevism and the Bolshevik Wing? Who can deny it?

On the other hand the Revolutionary practice of the Bolshevik wing points to a profound understanding of the development of the movement, with a knowledge of the laws of the movement, our line on periods, on the historical development of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, approaching it from the fundamental starting point two lines, two classes, two roads, on fusion analizing how the revisionist betrayal interrupted fusion although it could not stop the fusion taking place between the Communist and workers movement, resolving that theory is playing the principle role that the movement was groping in the dark, standing on Lenin’s teachings that without theory there could not be a revolutionary movement, the application clearly revealed in how we have and continue to insist on Propaganda as the chief from of activity, on winning the vanguard to the side of Communism, on training the Party cadres, from the ranks of the advanced class conscious workers, on welding a Leninist Core, and a leading Center, on developing the Party Press, and all the Party Organizations, organizing the Party branches strengthening the Party Committees, building the basic unit, the factory nuclei, hammering out the Party’s line and program the key link, from which will be derived the strategy and tactics of the Proletarian Revolution taking place inside this bastion of reaction, this staunch plundering vicious enemy of the worlds people – U.S. Imperialism.

The Right deviation though tries to deny the correctness of the line, the right deviation produced by the Menshevik line undermines the line of the Revolutionary Wing, the right deviation manifests itself in all spheres, ideologically-politically-organizationally. Ideologically it is reflected in conciliation – in an attempt to subordinate the interest of the Proletariat to that of the interest of the Petti-bourgeoisie, in the same Party-compromising on Principle, it is a matter of principle that the Proletariat is the Vanguard only revolutionary class in this society. Conciliating on principle going against the principles layed down by Lenin defended, applied, and enriched by Comrade Stalin till his dying day, Comrade Stalin states clearly in his famous work The Right Danger in the CPSU

I am speaking of course, of a real fight against the right deviation, not a verbal or a paper fight. There are people in our Party who soothe their condense, are quite willing to cry: Fight the Right Danger, in the same way as a priest cry “Halleluyah! Halleluyah!” But they will not do a thing not a single practical thing, to organize the fight against the right as it should be organized, and to really overcome this deviation. We call this tendency conciliationist tendency towards the right frankly an opportunist deviation. It is not difficult to understand that the fight against this conciliationist tendency is an integral part of the general fight against the Right deviation, against the Right danger. For it is impossible to overcome the Right opportunist deviation without conducting a systematic fight against the conciliationist tendency which takes the opportunists under its wing. Problems of Leninism pg.283.

The start from scratch cover, tries to erase what is so fresh in our memories, the fight we have indeed been conducting against conciliation and the concilators, “the kernel of truth”, “the all key links”, against all those who made it their all around practice to yell out the Right is the main danger while not only did nothing to fight it but in fact covered the Mensheviks, brought them under their wing, and propagated the right danger in our midst,. We stand with Comrade Stalin, the fight against the conciliationist trend has been an integral part of the struggle against the main danger Right Opportunism. We erred in not seeing it as an integral part but by treating it as one and the same thing, this is how and why we put forward that we were fighting “The Right Opportunist Conciliationist line”. This error served to soften the blow against the right deviation causing some ideological confusion and therefore derailing temporarily our attention away from the main danger, Right Opportunism and all the forms that it takes.

The deviation from line, proved to be the theory of one point, a deviation which resorted in the “4 aspects” breaking the Unity of Opposites – subjectivism and isolating the line struggle into compartments, the propagation of the pure Bolsheviks which has been proven rotten idealism – and serving the Petti-bourgeoisie intellectual the theory of genius. In contrast fighting for the line, in fact the above quote from Stalin reassures us to the correctness of the line, for who can deny that in fact we have fought conciliation as an integral part of the fight against Menshevism, and the Right deviation it produced. Who can deny that the struggle has been a systematic fight, not paper proclamation not soothing of the mind, but insistence of the application of the Leninist Method, organizing ourselves to fight the Right as the great teachers of the proletariat have taught us to organize ourselves, struggling out every shade of difference, probing into these differences, pointing out and arming ourselves with clear orientation as to the philosophical, political and organizational manifestations of the Right while at every point earring out our ideological, political, and organizational task fighting for the strategic principle bolshevization, by grasping firmly the key link to Party Building, hammering out of the party’s basic line and program.

Who can deny that by fighting for the line we continue to remove obstacles in the way, overcome difficulties and move forward. Who can deny that by fighting for the line we have been and continue to demonstrate firmness endurance, and frank ideological conviction of the great cause we are fighting for and will have victory in Proletarian Revolution, establishing the DOP, constructing Socialism and finally the total abolision of classes – Communism. Only those who have deviated from the line, who display hesitancy and vacillation when confronted by difficulties, who in fact have at times wavered and at times denied the correctness of the line, who have put it up for question, only those comrades that have not been thoroughly and whole-heartedly engaged in the organized fight against the Right danger can so easily forget how the line has been tested in the practice of building our Party in relentless struggle against all forms of opportunism. No wonder comrades get pessimistic and demoralized, lack faith in our own forces, get into wondering will we ever build our Party. Some comrades have not rejected some views they brought into the movement, idealist romantic views of the Revolution and of themselves, seeing revolution in a straight line for example the elitist intellectual ist view that they are the most advanced, the real and only leaders and time will tell. It has been proven this is a rotten view, repulse it. Some comrades get numbers hungry and view only the purges of our ranks and not the quality of the new blood which has emerged firm and is ready to lay their lives down for the cause of the Proletariat, who in the course of the struggle in turn bring forward more of the same quality, New Tasks – New Forces!

We Must Never Allow the Freedom of criticism in the Ranks of the Bolshevik Party!

Swelling our ranks we are and have been historically bringing forward the most advanced class conscious elements, the best that the Proletariat itself bring to the fore. To put the line up for question is also to deny this truth and to deny this truth is to reject that the Proletariat is the class that is rising and coming into being to smash the State set up its rule and transform the whole of society in its own interest. It’s no wonder comrades get pessimistic and demoralized viewing the principle aspect of the contradiction the fact that the bourgeoisie is in power as the only aspect of the contradiction which then in turn manifests itself in the right deviation, such a thoroughly incorrect view such as that the Menshevik line influences the Bolshevik line that Menshevism is playing the principle aspect, unleashing the desire of the Petti-bourgeoisie towards the freedom of criticism of M-L-MTT, to raise up shades of differences with Lenin, can you believe it? shades with Lenin – shades with Comrade Mao Tse Tung, over what? over the undeniable truth that the bourgeoisie is inside the Party. Why are the teachers put up for question? Why the opposition to this undeniable truth, because there’s contradiction with the line, because in fact the view is that the revisionist and all opportunist are not objective bourgeois agents. This comrades is a blatant Right ...deviation from the line, we quote from the polemic in Vol 6 no.5 of PalanteExpose-Purge our Ranks:

Today all the Mensheviks have now finally admitted that they saw the Petti-bourgeoisie as the leading force of the Revolution. The form more crude (than in the first Period ed.) more hidden, the essence the same – right opportunism, the betrayal of the Proletariat an attack on its Vanguard Party, objectively agents of the bourgeoisie who have been the partners of the paid agents of the bourgeoisie within our midst pg-6.

Where is the enemy inside – within our midst – paid or unpaid all opportunists and revisionist are the bourgeoisie inside the Party.

So the desire of the Petti-bourgeoisie to criticize M-L-MTT, is not abstract just as the fight for its purity and authenticity is not abstract. Bolshevik Party cadre stand on principle and continue to defend with all our might the purity and authenticity of M-L-MTT, Lenin comrades is not up for question, Comrade Mao Tse Tung is not up for question, Comrade Stalin is not up for question. None of the teachers are up for question, the freedom of criticism is not to ever be tolerated in the ranks of the Leninist Core and we will carry forth unshakebly this stance into our Party, the Party’s decision will strike ruthlessly at any attempt to go against this cardinal principal of international bolshevism, we will not tolerate elements who propagate this highly dangerous view inside our ranks. People who insist on criticizing the teachers must go to their place the marsh, where together with the filth that has been cast aside from our ranks will be brought to the court of justice where they will answer for their treachery before the mighty earth shaking tribune of the Proletarian Revolution.

The freedom of criticism is surmountable with shooting the Party in the head at close range with a shotgun. Shove that shotgun down the bearers throat, Comrades, expose, isolate defeat with determination to win, the Menshevik line and the Right deviation it has produced. Combat that conciliationist trend towards the theory of one point which raises up that the Menshevik line “influences” the Bolshevik line, that rotten view which propagates that deviations flow from Marxism-Leninism that there’s a little bit of Menshevism inside Bolshevism, that view which tries to raise up that the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union was due to the degeneration of the Bolshevik line and the waverings of the Bolshevik Party cadres – that rotten view which says there were no Bolsheviks inside the ranks of the CPUSA, that view which propagates that there are no Bolsheviks today with a long history of struggle; Part and parcel, the fight against the conciliationist trend is a fight against the Right deviation.

Comrades resolutely we must vow never to relax our vigilance, the tendency to subordinate the interest of the Proletariat to that of the Petti-bourgeoisie in the same Party will be with us for the duration of the protracted struggle we will wage against it.

As long as there are classes and class struggle – Don’t be fooled by claims that the right inside our ranks is now manifested in the main by trying to unite the two wings this is a fallacy designed to divert attention away from the struggle against opportunism and opportunist internally.

A Party of Mansheviks and Bolsheviks is a line which is trying to find root and spread within our very ranks, inside the Leninist Core; there is a tendency to immediately go to treat this contradiction in the same old way, the blatant bankruptcy of the sham wing seems to all of us so naked, that there is a tendency not to take the propagation of this line seriously, treating this view lightly is a highly dangerous error which leads to strengthening the right deviation, as a reflection of empiricism the main philosophical deviation, remember comrades making empiricist errors leads to falling captive to political swindlers. How else does it get propagated? thru the view that two line struggle is too intense and “ultra left.” What does such a view propagate in relation to a Party of Mensheviks and Bolsheviks – as we have united thru struggle, it propagates – liberalism, unprincipled peace, philistine, decadent life style, which is corrosive, harmful to the class, the Party and the individual.

Again allow us to quote from Vol 6 #7 of our Organ–

Guard against self complacent optimism which Lenin called despicable. Intensify the struggle, never compromise that there is too much struggle. Be active, stand firm Bolsheviks rip off the mask of hidden traitors, oppose all attempts to subvert the line, and overthrow the leadership of the revolutionary wing. Stand on the line and flush out all enemies of the Party. This is our responsibility. pg 9.

And further

Communist are fearless. Only the Leninist Method is applicable. This is the only method by which we train the Party Cadres, the class, the masses. Criticism and self criticism is a most fundamental Bolshevik principle. No glossing over differences, mistakes, shades can be tolerated in the ranks of the Leninist Core.

Bolshevik Criticism and Sell-Criticism is a Most Fundamental Bolshevik Principle

Going against these directives arrived at from standing on M-L-MTT, concretized in application thru the political line of the Bolshevik wing, spells a right deviation from the line; “Criticism and self criticism is a most fundamental Bolshevik principle.” Compromise on principle is conciliation, and conciliation is subordinating the interest of the Proletariat to that of the Petti-bourgeoisie in the same Party. This is what explains that rotten quick “unity” only to come up in deed that comrades have not been struggling out every shade of difference, that “there is a weakness in probing” no comrades it’s not about a weakness in probing, it is about deviating from the line going against the directives concealing views, safeguarding the individual interest while in fact undermining unities achieved in the course of struggle in defending, and fighting with all our might for the Bolshevik line.

What is safeguarding the individual? raising the individual above the class, the Party, the Collective it is subordinating the interest of the Proletariat to that of the Petti-bourgeoisie inside the same Party. How is this right deviation clearly flowing from the Menshevik line? Again we quote from Vol 6 #7:

The Bolshevik method is to train cadre in two line struggle – the Menshevik method is to train cadre in spontaneity, in reform, in peaceful debates. This training in two line struggle, taking the struggle between the two lines, two roads, two classes as the most fundamental starting point is a M-L principle of bolshevization.

We go on to point out the nakedly revealed revisionism of ATM on this question – We quote them and punish the Menshevik line and the Right deviationist wind it produced –

Comrades have been making the “left” error of calling all line struggle in ATM two line struggle. All line struggle is not two line struggle. (Our Emphasis ed.) In fact, two line struggle is and should be the exception.

Liquidators – theory of one point – Revisionist in Theory and Tactics.

The truth Comrades is revealed once again, the right deviation which we must defeat, is clearly flowing from Right Opportunism and Revisionism – specifically from the Menshevik line.

We must intensify the struggle against opportunism and Revisionism all that much more – Lenin made clear–

One of the indispensable conditions for the preparation of the proletariat for its victory, is the protracted resolute, and merciless struggle against opportunism, reformism, social chauvinism, and the influence of bourgeois trends of this kind, which are inevitable as long as the proletariat acts under conditions of Capitalism. Without this struggle, without first winning complete victory over opportunism within the labor movement, there can be no talk of a dictatorship of the Proletariat.

One cannot call oneself a Bolshevik, a Communist, a Marxist-Leninist, a Party Cadre, if one does not strictly adhere to the principles layed down by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Chairman Mao Tse Tung, and Comrade Enver Hoxha, by international Historical Bolshevism. And to strictly adhere means not words, declarations, or agreements but deeds application of the Universal Truths of M-L-MTT to our concrete conditions.

We must stand on and apply everyday of our lives the Method of Leninism the Revolutionary style of Leninism.

In Summary, harmony between theory and practice, words must be tested in deeds-The Party must be built along New Revolutionary lines.

Criticism and Self Criticism to train the Party, the class and the masses by learning thru our own mistakes.

The line of the Revolutionary Wing stands firmly by the Method of Leninism.

The Right deviation stands in opposition to the Method of Leninism.

Politically the Right deviation expresses itself in opposition to the line on Periods, Chief form of activity, Main danger, fusion and against the Leninist criteria of the advanced.

On periods, the falsification of history is clearly revealed. Switching-up dates and stages, time place and conditions is not merely a question of memory, of lapses of it but an attempt to change the analysis, to reverse the verdicts passed, to cover up the treacherous Revisionist betrayal, and Modern Revisionism as a whole.

The Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement grew out of a battle against Modern Revisionism. The eclecticism of the first stage of the first period was a direct result of Modern Revisionism, of a tremendous ideological confusion which swept internationally as a result of the Revisionist betrayal of the Krushevite Revisionist clique in the Soviet Union and the treacherous betrayal of the CPUSA (R).

That the struggle on the ideological front internationally intensified cannot be denied. The leadership, the glorious example of the CPC and PLA their most heroic and determined fight, fighting consistently for the M-L line internationally in the battle against modern Revisionism served as the impetus, as the Vanguard parties, and inspired revolutionaries thru-out the world.

The American working class did not stay behind the revolutionaries being tempered in struggle in the U.S. Proletarian Revolution stood up, erect, heads high, fist clenched, determined to carry on with the traditions of Bolsheviks before us. Those heroic men and women who fought, against the revisionist betrayal, who would not capitulate, who would not give up a single inch in the struggle against treason, who had to abandon a Party which they had built, which they had carried into the glorious Third Communist International.

The consolidation of Revisionism inside the CPUSA was not the doing of Bolsheviks, only the renegades from M-L are to blame; and are held accountable.

The working class suffered bitterly, the setbacks resulted in serious consequences, manifested in ideological confusion, Political disorientation and tremendous disorganization reigned, strengthening therefore Capitalism temporarily, although its general crisis was deepening.

True to its totally revolutionary insistence the Proletariat brought forth its sons and daughters to carry on in its interest and with determination took up the fight against both Revisionism and Trotskyism; who can deny that in fact modern Revisionism unleashed a wave of Trotskyism thru-out the world. The CPC and PLA clearly have analyzed this truth and the line of the Bolshevik Wing which has developed in a fight against all forms of opportunism resolutely stands that the PLP and POC were concrete manifestations of the rebirth of Trotskyism and anarchism in our country. In appearance these Counter-revolutionary and Anti-Marxist Trends would have seemed to have occupied the place of main danger. But no comrades, in the US pregnant with revisionism the main danger was and is Right Opportunism and Revisionism like it is thru-out the world. It has been the modern Revisionist who have made it possible for the ugly head of Trotskyism to rise up especially amongst the Petti-bourgeois stratum of the population. Amongst intellectual students of the elite campuses, amongst doctors, lawyers, technocrats, rejected by the Proletariat they influenced but could not entrench themselves, as did the Modern Revisionist who had established their bureaucratic apparatuses inside the Trade Unions, inside the mass workers organizations of every type. The Modern Revisionists had a base inside the working class, the bribed stratum, the labour aristocracy the 5th column inside the working class movement, the social basis of opportunism in the ranges of the working class. This stratum, the ideological mouth piece of imperialism, has been bought and has consciously accepted this bribe that comes to them from the super monopoly profits that the imperialist rip off from the worlds people.

New tasks new forces emerged. The struggle in the ideological front the fundamental question in Party building was also the key link. Triumphing over the eclectic stage, a victory scored for the Proletariat in sharp struggle against alien bourgeois ideas. Based on conviction to fight resolutely for Marxism-Leninism-Mao TseTung Thought born to the working class was the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement in 1969.

Fusion - A Historical Process, the Combination of Two Great Movements

From its inception, sharp struggle characteristic of who it had to serve. The Anti Revisionist Communist Movement was not called together by a few men, was not formed at an SDS convention, was not the making of heroes. The Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement has not been characterized by “leading circles” as the renegades of WVO insist, none of this, the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement has been a historical product of the fight of the Proletariat for its day of reckoning with the US bourgeoisie.

The US Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement has been the movement of Scientific Socialism, in the US, has been the M-L movement. These two great movements the working class movements and the movement of Scientific Socialism have been in struggle fusing. The working class movement gravitating towards Scientific Socialism, and Scientific Socialism being brought to the working class movement from without.

The highest level of this fusion will be the birth of the U.S. Bolshevik Party. It is as Lenin taught us, we quote the mighty Lenin–

Only the fusion of socialism with the working class movement has in all (our emphasis), countries created a durable basis for both. But in every country this combination of Socialism and the working class movement was evolved historically in unique ways, in accordance with prevaling conditions of time and place.

He continues–

In Russia the necessity for combining socialism and the working class movement was in theory long ago proclaimed, but it is only now being carried out into practice. It is a very difficult process and there is therefore, nothing surprising in the fact, that it is accompanied by vacillations and doubts. (The Urgent Tasks of Our Movement Vol. 4,pg. 369)

The combination of these two great movements is evolved historically and in unique ways, in accordance with prevailing time, conditions, and place, correctly stresses Lenin. Our line, the line of the Bolshevik Wing speaks to a profound understanding of the conditions, the time and place, of our movement.

The conditions the isolation of Scientific Socialist thought from the working class movement. In fact Engels long ago analyzed that the American working class had to break with its historic tide of belittling theory. In the face of Modern Revisionism, in the face of the betrayal by the CPUSA (R), in the face of this condition emerged the task the central task that the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement had to fulfill. To bring Scientific Socialism to the working class, to imbue the masses of the Proletariat with the ideas of socialism, to raise the political consciousness of the working class – to organize the Party of Lenin and Stalin, the Party of a new type along new Revolutionary lines.

Lenin taught us “without such organization the Proletariat will never rise to the class conscious struggle; without such organization the working class movement is doomed to impotency.” Ibid.

The U.S. multi-national Proletariat has produced its leaders, its prominent representatives, its Marxist theoreticians from the ranks of the advanced class conscious Proletariat, organizing the movement leading the struggle for the Party!

The Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement has been engaged in a fierce struggle over this question, it is over this central question that the genuine and sham have departed on views.

The insistence of the economists in our movement in the second stage of the first period, to worship the inertness and indifference of the spontaneous movement, the hopelessly retrograde line of RU and CL and all the sham alike to build up their own organizations, any organization but the Party. Impotent, riddled with the Petti-bourgeois spirit, competition for recognition from the bourgeoisie, their refusal to fight in the interest of the Proletariat and for its Party, their constant belittlement of the subjective factor which they could not understand, and would not even stop to analyze time, place and conditions, their hopeless worship of spontaneity and over emphasis of the objective factor, their pursuit of personal, organizational gains, their desire for immediate palpable results, for reforms. Their total disdain for the masses, under the guise of fighting for the masses, as they tailed, and as they .made theoretical justifications for their total failures, their total belittlement of the advanced class conscious workers who they feared would and have indeed replaced them.

Rather than understand the conditions, and therefore move to change them the Right Opportunists and hidden Revisionists inside the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, paid lip service to Party Building while at every turn tried to widen the gap that existed between the Communist and Working Class Movements. They tried to widen the gap with their line, building the unity and consciousness of the working class as the central task. They gave lip service to unity while undermining all real struggle for genuine unity, achieved in the fight for our Party.

They adored and still adore today the amateurishness and primitiveness of our movement, they hoped to build their empires and swallow everyone into their ivory towers. But they could not and have not been able to stop the revolutionary commitment and enthusiasm of the class conscious workers, the advanced workers, who came forward towards political consciousness, towards political struggle, in the fight for the Party. Those political leaders were being born. The Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement reached a stage of development where a qualitative leap, a fundamental change had assumed all its characteristics. Two lines, two classes two roads. Two lines on Party Building clearly demarcated. We had to move to a. higher level of development, we had to make a rupture or suffer from chronic impotence, suffocating under the influence of the principle aspect of the Contradiction, the Menshevik line.

History comrades speaks to which road to choose. By 1972 the Partyist elements, the “Leninist Rams”, were assembling, Bolshevism came to the fore to play the principle aspect of the contradiction. The hammering out of the Party’s basic line and program was on the order of the day, the key link crystalizing our ideological and organizational task, Bolshevization the strategic principal was being carried out in practice at a higher level, we could not have anymore delays the tasks were clear, we had to carry them into affect, it has been in the hands of the Bolsheviks. The fusion of the two great movements went to a higher level, as we further committed our entire lives to fight for the organization and education of the working class. Party building became the central and only task, the forces of reaction, the Anti-Party elements had to be fought to bring our Party into being.

Drawing Lines of Demarcation a Necessary Condition for Genuine Unity

Still one Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement – Two wings – the unity and struggle between the two aspects of the contradiction is what has moved everything forward.

The intensity of the Polemics is a good thing. Our insistence on principle that we will not build a party of Mensheviks and Bolsheviks confirmed by revolutionary practice as correct, we’re on the Marxian path.

The first stage of the second period 1972-1975 therefore was marked by further intensification of the struggle internally in the wing itself the purging of elements Mensheviks, conciliators, and opportunists of all hues who insisted on departing from the key link to Party building, who openly propagated a Party of Mensheviks and Bolsheviks those elements, those unrepented renegades who tried to drag us back to the old period, who at every turn would reverse correct verdicts. The Party cadres had to rid ourselves of the Menshevik and conciliators of leadership in the wing which composed 3/4 of the entire leadership on all levels. It was this struggle which enabled us to move to a new stage to the second stage where in fact we were mustering the Partyist elements – hammering out the line and program of the Party at a higher level, so proven correct, the line on Party Building, we moved to hammer out more resolutely the line and program of the Party itself. Overlapping one into the other, the line on Party building and the fight for the Party’s line itself, it is crucial to draw out these distinctive features of the line, to grasp the whole significance of the struggle for the Party’s basic line, and program of action and the deviation from it.

We must frankly admit that there has been a Right deviation, wavering and vacillation, and not stop at admitting but most importantly move to defeat, to root out, to criticize resolutely the Right deviation, in order that we may enhance the fighting capacity of our ranks to fight for the line, in order that we may be worthy of that mighty title of Bolsheviks and move as Lenin taught us to found the Party from above, starting at the Party Congress.

Our struggle, the struggle for the 1ine and its correctness is revealed in the application. Lenin taught us, membership into the Party, must meet these requirements, that we support the Party Program, Pay dues, and belong to a Party organization.

The fight for the Party’s line and program has a long history, whoever tries to go against this truth is doomed, is an enemy of the Party, a social democrat, propagating looseness so typical of the Petti-bourgeoisie.

But because we are building the Party of Lenin and Stalin we are building a tightly knit, ironed disciplined Party, who can at all times play the role of Vanguard.

Strengthen the Party Committees, Organize the Party Branch, Build the Factory Nuclei

Only a Party which is founded on Dialectical and Historical Materialism, only a Party which is led by its M-L line, and only a Party which is built on the organizational principles of Democratic Centralism and criticism and self criticism can enjoy the confidence and respect of the masses, only such a Party can turn influence into authority, only such a Party can be the true political leader of the working class. This is why our fight to weld the Party organizations, the leading center, the Party Committee, the Party branch, the basic illegal unit, the factory nuclei, must be resolute.

Membership in a Party organization is a requirement for membership into the Party.

We have scored successes in the organizational work of the Party. I will touch lightly on the question of the Right deviation in this sphere, in the near future we will elaborate on our organizational tasks in full detail. The historical struggle in the organizational sphere, culminated into the welding of the Leninist Core. This is a fact of course which cannot be denied but which must be examined. This brings us to the second stage of the second period. The splitting up into two wings, sharpened the struggle thru out the movement, and intensified it in the wing, a reflection of the sharpening of the contradictions internationally as well.

The complexity that accompanied our new level of development has been great. True to what makes the genuine wing, genuine, is the question of criticism and self criticism as a weapon to learn from our mistakes, as the method by which we train the Party cadre, the class and the masses in the Party spirit, in the spirit of revolution.

By firmly adhering to this principle we have indeed weeded out opportunists of all hues, and have unmasked the secret political police operations, agent provacataurs in our ranks, purging, cleansing our ranks of such undesirable elements making it more difficult for the paid and unpaid bourgeois agents to function in our ranks; the Right deviation leaving a loophole for them to sneak back in, covering those inside our ranks, at the present moment and in the future-we must put an end to the social democracy that enables the state to saturate us internally – the ideological struggle as a form of the class struggle is the means by which to consolidate our ranks, is the only way to achieve class conscious discipline. Just recently this plenum was announced, the time it was going to be held, the Right opens us up for attack, it’s very dangerous.

Ideological and political conviction of the cause of our class dictates our line of conduct. In the fight against the enemies of the Party we have firmly welded our ranks, mustered the Partyist elements, trained a leading center, and leading bodies, we have been purifying our ranks, strengthening the social base, it is a fact that the overwhelming majority of comrades in this plenum are of working class origin, a concrete reflection of the correctness of the line, a concrete reflection of our social base, and a testimony of our roots of struggle. The training of oppressed nationalities and women comrades is an achievement we will always hold in pride. The training of comrades from the ranks of the youth is an advance we must hold in honour. Complacency would do harm, however, let’s not ever forget the strengthening of our social basis is a long term strategic task a principle of M-L, a condition for Bolshevizing our ranks.

The percentage of comrades from working class origin in our central leading body must increase, we must train more advanced workers to occupy leading posts in the Party. This task has been carried out historically, but we must admit to our errors in this regard a tendency to stress skills, bureaucratism and therefore not politics in command. The Mensheviks, conciliators and the Right deviationists have caused great harm to the training of advanced workers and cadre training as a whole, in fact the alienation from the masses is a direct outgrowth of the bourgeoisie line and bourgeois influences in our ranks.

The welding of the Leninist Core we stand, has proceeded along the Leninist principles and norms of Party building – Cadre training, winning the advanced to the side of Communism, working out the Program – Strategy and Tactics of the Revolution – propaganda as the chief form of activity.

In keeping with and flowing from M-L in Nov. 1975 we proceeded forward to struggle inside the wing, for a plan to weld our scattered forces, struggle out the differences in the wing, (at that time that included WVO, RB, and ATM) weld a leading center who would function as the Party Building Commission. The tasks of the PBC were clearly elaborated – although at a lower level of development, in accordance to fulfilling the Central and Only Task, that the commission would hammer out differences towards the objective of further hammering out the Party’s basic line and program, arrive at a centralized P.E. curriculum “focusing on the crucial questions faced by the entire Communist and workers movement.”, draw further the line of demarcation with all forms of opportunism-specifically with Right opportunism and Revisionism and particularly with the sham wing, set up an illegal party press to centrally disseminate M-L literature, translations of the works, and whenever possible, set up bookstores wherever possible, and convene the first Party Congress.

Again the key link, application demarcated the sham from the genuine; ATM and WVO representing 1iquadationism inside the wing, opposed, sabotaged, and attempted to wreck the PBC from its beginning. ATM came at that we “unite” that we had sufficient unity on line, therefore opposing straight up the key link, blatantly proposing the revisionist thesis that two line struggle is the exception – unity is the rule. ATM in accordance with its bankrupt Menshevik to the bone line, proposed that cadre training be seen as an organizational question, bureaucratism straight up no cover. The Bolshevik leading Party cadre acting in accordance to the desires and interest of the Party Cadre and the Proletariat did not capitulate, our practice is testimony to this fact.

The ATM leadership entrenched on dragging the ATM cadre into the marsh, their treachery, good comrades, comrades who fought for and stood for the fight for the Party, were derailed, and are suffering now from tremendous ideological illness or total degeneration, those comrades still fighting – fight to the end, go against the tide – we stand united.

The ATM leadership were conciliating to the sham wing, intent on destroying the Party wrecking the wing, went so far as to try to sneak MLOC into the P.B.C. We scored a victory and pursued the line to the end unmasking the MLOC’s “PBP” of reconstituting the Communist Party as a thoroughly bankrupt plan.

Striking a left posture MLOC’s rightist essence came to the fore, their outright unity on line with OL Menshevik liberals, their attacks on the line of the wing, their upfront defense of the bourgeois state, and the intelligence community; their rag sheet is self exposure without a doubt.

The ATM picked up a rock threw it on its own foot swelled its toes, and stepped on the road of capitalism, to serve the bourgeoisie and consolidate its bourgeois line.

RWL-PRRWO Unite, in the Fight for the Line, Fighting for the Party Building Commission – Moving Forward to 1st Party Congress

As for the liquidators of WVO comrades know for a fact that WVO from the beginning tried to liquidate the PBC by setting themselves up in all fantasy as the leading circle. Conspiring and intriquing which flows from their total bankrupt Anti Theoretical Revisionist premises. In an attempt to wreck us from within these liquidators proceeded to break every principle guiding the PBC. In another way they also picked up a rock to throw on their own foot. They pretended to use the Bolsheviks in RWL as pawns. Underestimating the Bolsheviks, what a terrible mistake. In struggling against the liquidators plan to submerge RWL into their “leading Circle” RWL and PRRWO came forward staunchly fighting for the line, the PBC and against the line of WV and ATM, therefore welding a center of leadership tested in the years of struggle against opportunist externally and internally to the wing. We acted in the interest of the proletariat, in the interest of the Party, in the interest of the masses and therein lies the genuine unity of the present leadership of the wing.

Based on this unity we proceeded to struggle out shades of differences, hammering out the Party’s basic line and Program at a higher level, we struggled out our differences on periods, which at the heart of the matter layed further struggle on the key link, we struggled out our differences as to how we saw propaganda as the chief form of activity the struggle further welded our unity, that propaganda as, the chief form of activity must be seen in connection to training the Party cadres including winning the advanced to Communism, drafting the Party Program, welding the Leninist Core, as opposed to what the Right deviation proposed propaganda to the advanced; we struck yet another blow at the right deviation and further unmasked the bureaucrats which view cadre training as an organizational question, a question of blind submission, a view which stifles initiative, a view which pretends to bring the cadres into “line” thru rules, mandates, obedience. We clearly can see what this view has led to in the sham wing, ATM, OL clearly function on the basis of bureaucratic centralism, which places the leadership above the rank and file, the class and the masses.

The individual, the bureaucrat becomes the “Supreme Commander”, the hero, standing above the collective the discipline of the Party, clearly a call to subordinate the interest of the Proletariat to that of the Petti-bourgeoisie inside the same Party.

We resolved that we had to strengthen Democratic Centralism – that the fusion of both these aspects had to be assured and that DC, and adherence to it flowed from unity on line, unity of will and unity of action, resulting from ideological and political conviction of the righteousness of the mighty cause of the Proletariat.

We resolved that the conditions we find ourselves in with the Mensheviks, conciliators, all the objective bourgeois agents and the secret political police trying to blow the Party from within; and the fact that Party Building is the Central and Only Task, and everything that flows from it make centralism the principle aspect, the correct handling of which strengthens Democratic Centralism, unleashes the cadres initiative on all levels, centrally guiding the struggle, giving full play to discussion, struggle, criticism from below, not to be confused with line from below, or freedom of criticism, in fact the guidance given by the PBC, the central leading body, is what has enabled us to weld our ranks tightly, closing ranks, and going against the tide, we are coming out of the unity crisis; a time of wavering on the line and hesitation to move forward produced by the Right deviation encouraged and fostered by the Menshevik line on Party Building, calling for unity was not going to, could not weld our unity which is only built thru struggle, and in fact the intensification of the struggle is what moves us closer and closer to our first Party Congress, as the way out of the crisis, the Right desperately trying to derail us from our goal.

The intensification of the struggle brought forward those erroneous views which had to be struggle against on the Tactical Principles, a clear reflection of the right deviation was the question of treating the tactical principles as tactical tasks, which propagated tactics as a process, opening the way for and covering up the real view Marxist-Leninist unite as primary, the right deviation flowing from the Menshevik line – the “unity trend”.

In struggle we resolved that the two tactical principles M-L unite and win the advanced to Communism simultaneously carried out, flowed from and served the strategic principle of Party Building Bolshevization. In this struggle, we clearly drew out the hostility towards Bolshevization and attempts to subvert the line, John Spearman pushing his bankrupt line that the strategic principle to Party Building was “the masses make revolution the Party makes them conscious” the strategic principle of Revolution with the aim of diffusing and liquidating both principles.

In the course of this struggle we drew out the deviationist wind which this line produced, a view which propagated that the strategic principles were M-L unite and win the advanced to Communism, Larry Mann the conciliator went so far as to say that the Party would have two wings in it, propagating his factionalist position.

In struggle we resolved that after the Party Congress the key link would not change that in fact we had to struggle for Party unity, staunchly fighting for and defending the Party’s line and Program against all attacks, against all its enemies. flowing from and serving the strategic principle Bolshevization the struggle to continue to carry out the ideological, political and organizational task of Party Building and the question of PB will be with us as long as there are classes, the complexity of this question enriches, grows to higher levels, at each stage of the revolution, this the mightiest of the Proletariats weapons, is also the focus of attack by the enemies of the Proletariat, we must as Lenin taught us “guard the Party as the apple of our eyes”, The Right deviation on this question opposes PB most blatantly by attacking Bolshevization, today it comes forward in many ways, one way it clearly expresses itself is by raising up that organization will become the key link after the Party Congress. Guard against this deviation Party cadre, fight it wherever and however it tries to raise its ugly head. In fact we have been and will fight right here in this plenum, as part and parcel to fighting the Right deviation as a basis to leave here more welded more steeled, more determined than ever to call our first Party Congress and move forward to still greater victories, thru the twist and turns serving the masses with wholehearted devotion, to bring down this bastion of reaction the fight to smash the bourgeois state and on its ruins set up the DOP is our task of immediacy. Only the Party of Lenin and Stalin, only the Party of a new type can lead this terrible battle for power.

The P.B.C. as comrades are quite, aware, and as this summation, clearly indicates has been built in the heat of the class struggle the struggle between the two lines and two roads in a struggle against all attempts to liquidate it. The Bolshevik line winning out against all attempts to subvert it in the course of the fight we flushed out WVO, ATM, Sandra Johnson, Ed Whitfield, Carmen Cruz, Larry Mann, John Spearman, as we have stood consistently getting rid of these bankrupt philistine opportunist elements was a good thing, but not the end. No, just the clearing of the path, the Anti-Party Bloc went beyond these fools.

The Ali Round Struggle Against Right Opportunism and Modern Revisionism Flushed Out Anti-Party Bloc

This plenum in keeping with its purpose and goal intensified the strugqle against the Right deviation, striking yet more blows at Right opportunism and modern Revisionism, combatting the concilitionist attitude towards it, and flushing out the treacherous liquidationist trend and the bloc of hidden scabs and traitors, the liquidators in our midst, on our way forward to the first Congress of the U.S. Bolshevik Party.

This bloc of wreckers and splitters have been spreading pessimism and demoralization in our ranks with the aim of liquidating the illegal institutions, the Party organizations at all levels, renegacy straight and outright renegacy renunciation of our past of the victories gained, of the uphill fight for our Party spreading corruption in the ranks of the Proletariat, covering up their renunciation, and rupture with the working class.

The Great Lenin taught us this about Liquidationism:

Liquidationism is a deep seated phenomena, indissolubly connected with the counter-revolutionary mood of the liberal bourgeoisie, with disintegration and break-up in the democratic Petti-bourgeoisie. The liberals and Petti-bourgeois democrats are trying in a thousand ways to demoralize the revolutionary Social Democratic Party, to undermine and overthrow it, to clear the way for legal workers’ associations in which they might achieve success. And in a time like this the liquidators are ideologically and organizationally fighting against the most important remainder of revolution of yesterday, against the most important bulwark of revolution of tomorrow. (Against Liquidationism, “Methods of the Liquidators and the Task of The Bolsheviks” Lenin)

The universal truths most applicable to our conditions, the authenticity and purity of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse Tung Thought, defended and fought for as we continue to hammer out our Party’s basic line and Program of action, flushing out these hidden scabs.

Only a blind man can deny seeing the outright disintegration and breakup of the radicalized Petti-Bourgeoisie, the general crisis of Imperialism, the intensification of the contradictions the world over. Revolution is the main trend in the world today, with the factors of Imperialist war growing, and leached upon by the counterrevolutionary mood of the liberal bourgeoisie and disintegrating Petti–bourgeoisie, leached upon and propagated as the main trend in the world today. Two contending trends is nothing more than a camouflage to throw panic and hysteria into the ranks of the Revolutionary Proletariat, to spread pessimism and demoralization on an international scale to liquidate the main trend, and propose capitulation and propagate a defensive posture to the proletariat who is on a worldwide offensive against the superpowers, the bourgeoisie and reaction internationally, a camouflage to push that war, not revolution is the main trend in the world today. A push to facilitate and aid the bourgeoisie in its slaughter against the Proletariat and the oppressed masses the world over. “Fighting against the most important remainder of revolution of yesterday, against the most important bulwark of revolution of tomorrow.” Ibid.

A most concrete example of this outright treason is the aim of the liquidators, to destroy the Bolshevik Party, to create “a legal open Party” to liquidate the factory nuclei and replace it with the workers associations, the “Budget Cut Coalitions”, the united front from above with the union bureaucrats who WVO liquidators to the bone profess with bring the workers to them. The citywide coalitions which miserably failed have been the liquidators attempts to form the workers associations, legal workers associations, they have failed because the fight for the Party has not been liquidated, and so the liquidators have stepped up their attacks, undermining the Party and the fight for it, sowing dissention, “trying in a thousand” and more ways to demoralize its ranks, “to clear the way for legal workers associations”.

WVO – The “Leading Circle” for Liquidationism!

This is why today the straight up propagation of the “Budget Cut Coalitions” has taken a back seat, while they covertly organize these legal workers associations saturating the plants, with the liquidationist Anti-Party elements, they intensify their attacks against the Revolutionary Wing by raising up Ostovism that we “were Liquidating legal open work” was a maneuver to get waverings in our ranks – towards the assistance to the liquidators to liquidate the illegal apparatus. All the abuses hurdled by the liquidators about how the Bolsheviks were liquidating legal open work was nothing more than a camouflage, a straight up renunciation of the illegal apparatus a move to destroy it. What was all the charges of “ultra-leftism” geared to, to liquidate the righteous fight for the factory nuclei, to get waverings in the ranks to slacken up on building the factory nuclei the basic unit of the Party, to corrode the Party organizations, to change the social basis, to bring in more Petti-bourgeois intellectuals and Petti-bourgeois vacillating elements the social basis of opportunism.

WVO the leading center for liquidationism the rallying point for all these sewer rats, made a call to all the liquidators in the ranks to “open the flood gates of opportunism” WVO hid as the “Asian study group”, and proceeded to systematically rally all these bankrupt forces thru-out the country and in Hawaii, came out as the “Workers Viewpoint” with their “Anti-Revisionist Theoretical Premises” the theoretical renegade foundation of liquidationism, liquidating from the inception the ideological foundation of the Bolshevik Party – Dialectical and Historical Materialism – M-L-MTTT, replacing it with the thoroughly Anti-Marxist-Anti theoretical Revisionist Premises – check out the liquidators –

without taking an indispensible task of establishing the ideological foundation of the Party, its Anti-Revisionist Premises. Lacking this ideological foundation the Party will degenerate as historically happened to the CPUSA, POC and PLP and will become a real roadblock to the working class movement. WV Journal, Vol.2 #l.

Not the fight for the purity and authenticity of M-L-MTTT, applied to concrete conditions of the US Proletarian Revolution, concretized in the fight for the Party’s basic line and programme, which at its foundation is the M-L line of cognition, oh no, our liquidators propose that the Party will degenerate if we don’t “weed out revisionist tendencies within the Communist Movement, to draw lines of demarcation and at the same time to develop Anti-Revisionist Premises.” Ibid.

Only a bad Petti-bourgeois intellectual of the Jerry Tung and Co. type can dare to try and erase our years of struggle against Right Opportunism and Modern Revisionism, our struggle for the Party. You do not scare us slimy sewer rats, to cover up your own degenerate, renegade state of affairs, your own demoralization you raise up the CPUSA, POC and PLP, to raise up that there’s been no forward motion, this is a loophole gentlemen of the marsh a terrible mistake.

“For the first time”? “weed out revisionist tendencies”? “to draw lines of demarcation and at the same time develop Anti-Revisionist Premises”? “Start from Scratch”? Liquidationism renunciation of the old – Lenin, the great Lenin, taught us how to fight the liquidators how to flush them out and drive them out into the light of day where their ugly faces will be revealed to everyone – we quote our great teacher and leader,

And if it be said that such an opportunity to apply consciously etc., the method of international social democracy, these words will lead inevitably to a liquidationist interpretation, a purely liberal exaltation of the Third Duma period, an allegedly peaceful and lawful period, over a period of storm and stress, the period of revolution, when the struggle of the proletariat took direct revolutionary forms and the liberals decreed it as “spontaneous folly.” (Notes of a Publicist, Lenin)

And how do our liquidators liquidate the past, a period of intense struggle where the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement was born drawing the lines of demarcation with Right Opportunism and Modern Revisionism as part of the international struggle of the Proletariat, against modern Revisionism spearheaded by the Soviet Revisionist clique. Two lines, two roads, two classes our most fundamental starting point – the theory of two points. The liquidators liquidate two lines, two roads, two classes – They propagate the theory of one point-Here’s your punishment – we quote them –

And in the Communist Movement today, there are always present many positions and various formulations of positions.

So far sophistry – demogogery – but let’s go on further–

However, according to the law of principle contradiction, there is only one that’s principle; the resolution of that principle contradiction leads to the development of the movement as a whole.

So what do we have here? Not the struggle and unity of opposites the law of dia1ectics which is what moves everything forward, but on the contrary – the theory of one point – revealed – nakedly–

According to the law of principle contradiction there is only one that’s principle – the resolution of which leads to the development of the movement as a whole.

Comrade Chairman Mao Tse Tung taught us–

The law of the unity of opposites is the fundamental law of the universe. This law operates universally, whether in the natural world, in human society, or in mans thinking. Between the opposites in a contradiction there is at once unity and struggle, and it is this that impels things to move and change. (On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People).

This is the heart of Materialist Dialectics

But the liquidators of WVO in propagating the theory of one point propose that

For that reason (speaking of this outright revisionism ed.) there is always the dominance of a line (Get this ed.!) whether visible or not, and there is always struggle against the dominant line whether its relatively correct or not.

What utter Spinelessness,

whether its visible or not whether its relatively correct or not

liquidating thoroughly the struggle between the two lines, liquidating the dialectical materialist theory of knowledge, from perceptual knowledge to rational knowledge, to revolutionary practice from lower to higher, from the simple to the complex,

not whether “its visible or not”

Revisionism is not only visible but outright treacherous, and the struggle against it is righteous and correct! WVO propagating – Empiricism – what is seen touched, visible exactly what Lenin polemicized against in Materialism and Empirio Criticism – WVO fostering the main philosophical deviation in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, to come up with what?

A renunciation of the old – the theory of one point–

We punish you – we must quote you again–

Periods in the Communist Movement are characterized by either unity or disunity. Unity – generally characterizes the domination of a line. In a period of general unity practice is generally stressed. And in a period of disunity, when there is visible and sharp struggle against the dominant line theory is generally stressed. Ibid.

WVO-ATM – “Line struggle the exception”

Let’s try to picture this utter bankruptcy

According to the liquidators unity is absolute while struggle is relative, if this is not a clear example of turning the world on its head! Only a fool can argue that it isn’t

whether it’s relatively correct or not

The dominance of this line which they present as a concept spells unity according to the liquidators while struggle against it spells disunity!

This “dominant line” then developed “peacefully” – and only when it becomes “visible” and “sharp struggle” against it was there “disunity”. No unity of opposites, no Materialist Dialectics clearly the theory of one point – naked, what treason, what falsification of history – what a picture of stagnation – what Anti-Marxism – In one period, according to the liquidators practice played the principal role – in another, theory played the principle role–

What did Lenin teach us, what do we resolutely stand on and fight for?

Without Revolutionary theory there is no revolutionary movement

An attempt at reversal of correct verdicts. Theory is and has been playing the principle aspect. Do you think you can coward anyone into submission?, into relaxing the struggle? Fools you are dreaming – Wake-Up! The history of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement is marked by intense two line struggle – and its getting more intense the struggle between the two lines, two classes, two roads – the most fundamental starting point, – the line of cognition- universally applicable–

Application Hammering out the Party’s basic line and program. The hostility of all the Mensheviks – (the unity trend and the liquidationism which it covers) to the Party’s basic line and Program of action continues to demonstrate in the struggle for our Party the correctness of the line, we will not give up an inch of ground gained in the struggle. Spreading pessimism and demoralization as all the Mensheviks have consistently done and will continue doing, reaching the Petti-Bourgeois intellectuals and Petti-Bourgeois unstable vacillating elements, influencing their already wavering character, the liquidators make this call to them.

“Having a correct position is relative, while making mistakes is absolute!” Ibid p 33 what a theoretical justification for inability and bankruptcy

Application Hammering out the Party’s basic line and program. The hostility of all the Mensheviks – (the unity trend and the liquidationism which it covers) to the Party’s basic line and Program of action continues to demonstrate in the struggle for our Party the correctness of the line, we will not give up an inch of ground gained in the struggle. Spreading pessimism and demoralization as all the Mensheviks have consistently done and will continue doing, reaching the Petti-Bourgeois intellectuals and Petti-Bourgeois unstable vacillating elements, influencing their already wavering character, the liquidators make this call to them – what sophistry! “The correctness of the ideological and political line decides everything” – correctly stressed Chairman Mao “By following the Marxian path we draw closer and closer to objective truth without ever exhausting” Lenin – two cardinal principles – “Have faith in the Party, have faith in the masses.”

The liquidators trampling on both these cardinal principles with the aim of spreading demoralization and pessimism, what despicable enemies what outright scabs! While they raise that unity is absolute and struggle relative it follows their attempts to reverse correct verdicts “having correct positions is relative while mistakes is absolute”

Repulse this treason Party cadre, fight for the correctness of the Bolshevik line tempered and tested in the Revolutionary practice of building our Party by waging an all around fight against the Right deviation, and the concialiatory attitude towards it, striking yet more blows at the main danger Right Opportunism and Revisionism.

The liquidators are mustering up all the rightest elements, all opportunist elements, in unprincipled Party bloc has been formed – the Anti-Party elements, are making their upfront appearance, the conditions – we are drawing in nearer to our first Party Congress!

Of this there is no doubt. There is no turning back! A wounded beast has come out of his hidden corner, the fight against the conciliationist trend and the conciliators, left this avowed enemy of the Party with very little room to maneuver, desperate, and pessimistic it struck a self complacent despicable posture, the intensity of the polemics as we have seen striking yet more blows at Right Opportunism and Revisionism demoralization in the ranks of the Anti-Party elements set in, while not for one moment did they stop their wrecking and splitting activities in fact they accelerated them.

Comrade lenin Taught us–

Of course Liquidationism is ideologically connected with, renegacy, with the renunciation of the programme and tactics, with opportunism. This is exactly what is indicated in the concluding part of the above quoted decision. But liquidationism is not only opportunism. The opportunists are leading the Party on to a wrong, bourgeois path, the path of Liberal Labour policy, but they do not renounce the Party itself, they do not liquidate it! Liquidationism is that brand of opportunism which goes to the length of renouncing the Party. It is self evident that the Party ca not exist if its members include those who do not recognize its existence. With the exposure and purge of WVO from the ranks of the Revolutionary Wing, the Liquidators internally hid, phrasemongering the line, sneaking in the 1iquidationist line into the Party Press – “2 and a half Bolsheviks left” was such an example of this bankruptcy, intensification of the struggle against reducing WVO to fruitflies was another example of this bankruptcy, while the struggle against it and the conciliatory attitude towards it served to isolate out the main proponents of liquidationism inside our very ranks.

Fear of polemics, philistines to the bone, capitulators, sophists, demagogues, petty bourgeois carrerists, bureaucrats who spelled scabs hidden traitors, who had to be driven out of our midst.

All Class Conscious Proletarians Must Delve Deeply into the History of Liquidationism and its treason by continuing to take party building into your own hands.

Their cover, sham humility – while all the time shameful arrogant petty-bourgeois intellectuals who despise the working class intelligencia proletarian intellectuals who exhibit the most blatant contempt for the proletariat and the oppressed masses of the people, who fear the masses and are the social props of imperialism thru-and-thru – will lick the floor for the bourgeoisie, will run to the state for assistance, have aimed their fire at the Party elements at Bolshevism, and are out to destroy the U.S. Bolshevik Party!

The very lines which WVO has propagated – the theory of one point – the bankruptcy of “aspect by aspect” “point by point” – claiming that getting to the essence is “reductionism.”

“Reductionism?” NO – Liquidationism of the class struggle, liquidation of the struggle between two lines and two roads, but of course they must yell out in all desperation “reductionism”, of course they must disguise themselves and propagate such bankruptcy as the “Menshevik line influences the Bolshevik line,” combining two into one, to propagate that the “struggle against modern Revisionism causes degeneration.” This is why they have been propagating that the sham wing degenerated in the “course of the struggle against modern Revisionism.” Revisionism in theory and tactics, “that Bolshevism causes the Mensheviks to degenerate,” Propagating that the CPSU(B) degenerated because of “the Bolshevik line and Comrade Stalin.” The attacks and slander on Comrade Stalin is a thread that runs thru-out the opportunists of every hue.

It was the liquidators internally which have propagated the four aspects of the contradiction – “first and secondary aspects of the Bolshevik wing” – “first and secondary aspects of the Menshevik wing.” The theory of one point again breaking the unity of opposites Bolshevism – the Bolshevik line clearly speaks to two wings – one anti-Revisionist communist movement two aspects of the contradiction Bolshevism playing the principal aspect Menshevism playing the secondary aspect a qualitative leap in 1972 – a rupture, and resolutely drawing firmer lines of demarcation, hammering out the Party’s basic line and program of action in a tit for tat struggle against opportunism and Revisionism.

The historical development of Liquidationism is one which concerns all class conscious proletarians to the utmost. Its a history of intrigue and conspiracy, a history which leaves the blood stained hands of the liquidators, their shameful despicable disgraceful actions and plots of treason towards the working class and its Party nakedly exposed.

PLP an attempt to liquidate the struggle for the Party, POC an attempt to liquidate the struggle: for the, Party! As one leading bureaucrat liquidator put it, proudly speaking of his traditions – “the history of PLP and POC is part of the history of liquidationism in our country.”

The very same history which the Mensheviks and conciliators have continuously covered up by propagating such lunacy ad PLP and POC were the Anti-Revisionist communist movement – and the consistent falsification of history that the Anti-Revisionist communist movement was born in 1957 without struggle peacefully evolved – Why? to cover up the treason of modern Revision and all the anti-Marxist trends which it cleared the road for.

In 1944 the CPUSA was liquidated, Browder and Co. formed the “Political association” and the conciliators Right Opportunist with Poster at the head, rather than fight to form the Party along new revolutionary lines, the Party of Lenin and Stalin capitulated and “reconstituted” the same Party on an already rotten foundation which latched on to a past of opportunism betraying the international proletariat, the oppressed masses and the Bolshevik Party cadre who gave their entire lives to serve the class and its Party, who served the Third International disciples of Lenin and Stalin sons and daughters of the working class the forefathers of Bolshevism in our country today. It is to them that we owe the revolutionary traditions fought for in sweat and blood, comrades we vow never to submit, never to capitulate, we know that you fought against the liquidation of the Party, and against modern Revisionism against Foster, and the Gus Hall clique of swindlers who carried on in the traditions of Browder. We vow it to our class and its Party in word and deed as we fought the eclecticism which reigned in the first stage of the first period, victoriously bringing into the world the U.S. Anti-Revisionist communist movement and onward to more struggle more victories fighting economism in the first period of Party building, waging an uncompromising struggle for the authenticity and purity of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse Tung Thought, laying down in struggle the universal truths applied to our conditions, fusion of two great movements the movement of scientific socialism and the working class movement, the working class movement bringing to the fore its advanced class conscious elements resolutely standing with the line of the International communist movement, led by. the glorious and correct Communist Party of China, and the Party of Labor of Albania, Chairman Mao and comrade Enver Hoxha teaching us all Bolsheviks thru-out the world, not only how to fight but how never to capitulate instilling in us a love for our class and its Party unmasking the treason of modern Revisionism internationally and educating us in the spirit of proletarian revolution in the spirit of internationalism.

The Struggle Against Right Opportunism and Modern Revisionism Continues to Bring Forth Granite Bolsheviks

Ours has been the responsibility to apply to fight our own bourgeoisie to build our Party who makes the masses conscious of its historic mission. In order to fight our own bourgeoisie we have waged and continue to wage an uncomprimising resolute and relentless struggle against opportunists and Revisionism. We have and must always start from Lenin’s teachings “without a struggle against opportunism the struggle against Imperialism is a sham and a humbug” we must remember this every single day – the attempts of PL and POC failed but liquidationism did not disappear, PL and POC treachery caused setback to our class in its fight for the Party, but our struggle against Revisionism and Trotskyism brought forward granite Bolsheviks who continue to lead the struggle today. RU and OL aided the liquidators who hid in the marsh, with their line unity – intermediate workers organization or Fight Back Coalitions liquidating the basic illegal unity the factory nuclei. Building up their hegemones Big Bureaucratic Corporations with the Bureaucrats Bob Avakian and Michael Klonsky at their heads, a tit for tat struggle exposed, isolated and purged the RU-RCP from the Anti-Revisionist communist movement, the RCP program a clear manifesto of modern Revisionism, in the interest of the bourgeoisie based on the labor aristocracy as the social basis of opportunism inside the workers movement. Thru-and-thru this program of modern Revisionism and capitualation, explains clearly today the RCP as Junior partner of the CPUSA – old Revisionist and new revisionists alike stand shoulder to shoulder lulling the masses to sleep “Get the Rich Off Our Back” – “bi-centennial May Days” and the countless of treacherous acts, which spell Social fascism, defending each other, well versed in the tactics of renegacy, bourgeois maneuvers and competition over who is going to serve their bourgeois masters better.

RU-RCP standing shoulder to shoulder outside the Anti-Revisionist communist movement OL and the rest of the marsh standing shoulder to shoulder inside the Anti-Revisionist communist movement. Old and new revisionists betraying the cause of the proletariat, attacking and aiming at undermining and to subvert its Party.

On the uphill battle forces not as clearly exposed as RU and OL, such as ATM and WVO, was together with the hidden Mensheviks and Opportunist trash inside the wing plotted against the line and the leadership of the Revolutionary Wing, who together working in partnership hand and glove, presented a posture of “genuine”, shaming, all the way down the line speaking in their bankrupt line, Anti-Party maneuvers, shaming unity, while all the time, concealing their real views, amongst them one would propagate, “build the Party on ideological plane, grasp political line as key link”. The other Marxist-Leninist unite as primary – their unity an outright attack on the key link the hammering out of the Party’s basic line and program – in an attempt to liquidate the Party. ATM stands firm on its treason “Building the Party is P-R-O-T-R-A-C-T-E-D.” WVO propagating that they are the Party, covered up behind the “leading circle overall correct line.”

We have more than once in the course of the historical polemics proved beyond doubt that this “overall correct line” is an Anti-theoretical Revisionist Premises Revisionism in theory and tactics – Liquidationism in organizational matters. How do they propagate their liquidationism? In the call for the “liquidation of the “’Small circle’ spirit” what sophistry to come up with the “leading circle.”

WVO Picks Up All the Opportunist Trash That Promotes Them as the “Leading Circle”

They will pick up all the liquidationist trash that promotes them as the “leading circle”, who are vaccinating themselves with the swine flu one of the symptoms is to roll around in the mud of the marsh.

The Union of Emancipation for working class unity who “formed itself with the high hopes of destroying itself” and no wonder they are doomed – propagate the theory of one point, the freedom of criticism, have not left the eclectic stage – in their own treachery – we quote them

The good thing however, about our introduction to Pan Africanism through YOBU, was that there was contained within it the influence of the more developed forms of revolutionary movement aspects of M-L-MTTT.

What outright treason. Pan Africanism is Trotskyism, the export of Revolution, the rotten line of one Party for a whole continent; Straight up Trotskyism which stands against the consolidation of socialism in one country, which negates the New Democratic Revolution and the revolutionary alliance of the Proletariat and the Peasantry, which negates the leading role of the Proletariat in each country which liquidates the leading vanguard role of the Bolshevik Parties in each country, which opposes Proletarian Internationalism. There is absolutely nothing in common between Pan Africanism a form of Trotskyism and M-L-MTTT.

Trotskyism serves the bourgeoisie and stands in hostility to M-L-MTTT which serves the Proletariat and no other class.

It is the Theory of One Point and straight up revisionism to say that “Contained within it” the influence of M-L-MTTT.

Two lines fundamentally opposed, two classes in antagonism, two roads diametrically excluding each other, and these lunatic liquidators raise up in Nov. 1976 after all the struggle to repulse these Anti-Marxist lines, this utter bankruptcy, this freedom of criticism - Repulse this, anyone who is in the least familiar with M-L-MTTT anyone who has even a single honest bone in their body must stand up against this attack on M-L-MTTT and where is this blatant attack on M-L-MTTT most clearly and outrightly propagated – in the pages of the “leading circle” the center the rallying point of liquidationism, WVO.

And what else do these fools propagate–

we received Pan Africanism with the philosophical basis of Communism i.e., Dialectical Materialism. Ibid.

Who can deny that this is out – and out revisionism combining two into one – only Liu Shao Chi, Breshnev, Kosygin, Jerry Tung, Michael Klonsky, Gus Hall, Bob Avakian, Robert Johnson (Murphy) and the author of this thoroughly bankrupt line can even dare deny it, thru sophistry and demogogery.

They can only get more blatantly treacherous. They go on with their revising of Fundamental principles–

Internally the theories of Pan Africanism were overwhelmed by the development of M-L-MTTT. Ibid.

“overwhelmed,?” slimmy philistines – Oh No, definitely not Pan Africanism suffered defeat, ideologically and politically, in bitter battle, your propagation of peaceful transition of peaceful debate serve to expose how now you are trying to revive old ghost and

You were not suffering from “low level of clarity” you were and are thoroughly opportunists and renegades from M-L-MTT.

You are Petti-bourgeois intellectuals and rotten elements who have been thrown out of orbit declasized, the social basis of Trotskyism, and all forms of opportunism.

You treat Party building as a concept to play with, to bastardize, and sneak in your hostility toward M-L-MTTT and Bolshevization. More of the same bankruptcy is revealed “within the process of fusion as a whole resides definite periods, specific junctures upon which the process of fusion as a whole depends. This dialectical composition of concrete instances, of historical moments is the content of fusion.” Ibid.

The fusion of two great movements the working class movement and the movement of Scientific Socialism, which provides a durable basis for both as Lenin taught us – is treated as “concrete instances of historical moments” – episodes and events, decrease and increase, metaphysics and idealism, rotten to the core.

The fusion of the two great movements has been struggled for in a tit for tat struggle against all attempts, to widen the gap by opportunism and revisionism but you are incapable and unwilling to learn about the real significance of what this means – Crawl back into your university cubby holes and stop playing with the lives of the masses. You useless Bad Petti-Bourgeois intellectuals – Sophists of the worst type. You are hollow and it’s why you turn immediately to the bankrupt line of WVO on periods and fusion.

Go play with the professors and get out of the way the advanced workers are building their Party casting you aside; you fear the masses and you try to horde over them your years of bourgeois schooling which amounts to 0, you are a bunch of punks and you are spineless floating hot air balloons who will go down with your “Leading Circle”.

Main Exponent of Liquidationism Inside the Revolutionary Wing Unmasked

You will be remembered only in the polemics waged against you. The trash can of history is the proper place for all this garbage you will find there Robert Johnson (Murphy) the avowed liquidator who hid in our ranks, who would not submit to the collective decisions of the Plenum. Who refused to recognize his proper place a Petti-bourgeois intellectual careerist bureaucrat, who openly admitted that he did not go with WVO because there were too many hegemones, the competition was too stiff. Who snuck out the line in the Party’s Press- “2 and a half Bolshevik’s left”, “in the traditions of Gerald Ford and Bugs Bunny” another Charlie Brown who ridiculed our fight for the Party. Who at every turn ran away from the Polemics against the Mensheviks particularly the liquidators.

It was this liquidator who ran out of an O.L. forum yelling out “dying screams” propagating WVO’s line, and hiding out by capitulating, drawing out of struggle the Bolshevik Party Cadre who have been tempered in polemics and never cut out. Covering his pessimism behind self complacent despicable optimism while all along building up an Anti Party bloc which he dreamed would raise him on their shoulders Chairman of the “legal open Party” His activities of the last few months were full of intrigue and conspiracy, moving to isolate Bolsheviks, manuevering and using sophistry, splitting and wrecking behind the sham face of humility, propagating the theory of one point, spreading pessimism, and demoralization, much of this polemic sums up the polemics waged against the line and this main proponent of the line on our highest leadership body.

He dragged some comrades of less ideological and political conviction down into the marsh with him this is always a concrete manifestation of their treason, he fostered the right deviation and covered himself behind the conciliatory attitude towards it. But he could not withstand the fight for the correctness of the line, and his treachery was thoroughly and resolutely revealed. Driven out from our ranks, he and his followers, will continue to make trouble, fail make more trouble till their doom, this is their nature. He stated clearly he will for the rest of his life devote it, to serve the bourgeoisie hand and foot in attempts at destroying the Party, and lead the proletariat to slaughter.

Such is his treachery, but he cannot escape , nor can any traitor escape the decisions of the Party the decisions will strike ruthlessly at you, you shall never enter the US Bolshevik Party your “legal workers associations” will fail, the working class will reject you, WVO, ATM and all the liquidators and the rest of the Mensheviks. “Schemers can never win.” You cannot hide the truth from the workers.

The point is that the present situation is characterized, as we have already pointed out by a certain number of party workers leaving the Party, especially intellectuals, but also some proletarians. The 1iquidationist trend raises the question as to whether it is the best elements that are abandoning the Party and choosing the legal organizations as their field of activity or whether it is the “Vacillating intellectualist Petti-bourgeois elements” that are leaving the Party. Needless to say by emphatically rejecting and condemning liquidationism, the conference replied that it was the latter elements. (Against Liquidationism, Lenin)

We emphatically reject and condemn liquidationism, and will assist all Anti Party elements to go to their proper place. We stand determined.

But Murphy the liquidator was not alone, along side him sat the x-body guard of the notorious Ron Karenga Gangster and paid bourgeois agent the x-body guard of thoroughly bankrupt Amiri Baraka, a staunch organizer for the WVO-RWL merger, a splitter-wrecker and provacateur, Paul Sanders Nakawa (Walter). The ugly face that sat behind that sham smiling face, is too ugly to describe. His actions spell treason, sabotaged the plenum which he was responsible for organizing, thru out the plenum openly and before that covertly, served to blunt the struggle, to intimidate and tried to bully comrades into submission. Tried to throw panic and hysteria into the plenum. Reversed correct verdicts, calling for a democratic vote on the question of our decision on liquidationism long ago set down in principle by Lenin, Stalin and the Bolsheviks applied by Bolsheviks everywhere.

Phrasemongered the line, and at the last minute moved to split and wreck the center, tried to overthrow the line, and attempted a last ditch at rallying the Anti-Party elements, This element whether Paid or not is well versed in the bourgeois tactics of provocation. His history is certainly flaky at a minimum, his present activities make him without a doubt an enemy of the Proletariat and its Party.

The Road Has Been Chosen

All bourgeois agents in our midst paid or unpaid serve to weaken us, demoralize our ranks and spread pessimism they must be driven out of the Party and the working class movement. We are steeled in the struggle against them we are determined to wage the all round fight against Right opportunism and Revisionism striking it yet more blows, and celebrating our victory at the first congress of the U.S. Bolshevik Party, moving forward more struggle more victories.

We sum up with this quote from Lenin which most accurately describes the present situation and our task–

The Ranks have been reformed for a New Struggle. The changed conditions have been taken into account. The road has been chosen. Lets us go forward along it, and the revolutionary Social Democratic Labour Party of Russia will begin rapidly to build up into a force which no reaction will shake and which will stand at the head of all the fighting classes of the people in the next round of our revolution. (The Liquidation of Liquidationism)

The U.S. Bolshevik Party will begin rapidly to build up into a force which no reaction will shake.

The Road has been chosen.


Gloria Fontanez
Chairwoman for the Acting Central Committee of the Leninist Core for the Revolutionary Wing