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CLP Past the Mark

First Published: People’s Tribune, Vol. 3, No. 20, September 15, 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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As it stands now, the Communist Labor Party, its friends and sympathizers, have gathered 2700, 700 more than the necessary 2,000 signatures to put the Communist Labor Party on the ballot in New York. With only one week to go before the petition deadline, we will continue to gather signatures and have set a goal of 5,000. Our experience, and the experience of the international communist movement, has shown that the government will do anything to blunt the efforts of Communists to put forth the ideas of socialism and rally the people to this cause. As we saw in Michigan, with the enactment of Public Law 94, the government tried to keep the Communist Labor Party off the ballot. They failed however, and they shall fail in New York.

The working class wants to hear about socialism. They want representatives in the government apparatus who will speak out against the injustices of capitalism, and in their interests. When the petition campaign is over in New York, the CLP is running Arthur Goldberg for state senator in the 23rd senatorial district. Art will be able to use the legislature as a forum from which he can raise the burning questions for the people in New York. He can point his fingers at the gigantic banks and expose how it is they who have brought default to New York. He can expose the utter disregard that the banks have for the people, as daily day care centers, hospitals, schools and other social services are closed down. He can fight for jobs, quality, integrated education, and for free and universal medical care.

Not for 30 years have the people of New York had a communist to represent them in government. The people in New York City, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and the entire state have a real opportunity to make their voices heard. Sign the Communist Labor Party’s petitions. Vote for Art Goldberg on November 2..