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Communist Labor Party of the United States of North America

Long Live the Angolan People

First Published: The People’s Tribune, Vol. 2, No. 23, December 1 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The struggle for Angola with its huge material and human resources is fast becoming a focal point of world contradictions. Coached by USNA imperialism, the Portuguese pulled out of Angola in such a manner that the question of who and what would control the state apparatus could only be resolved by arms. The subsequent invasion by regular and mercenary troops from Rhodesia, South Africa, Zaire and the United States shows that these forces, despite denials, are the most callous butchers in the naked service of world imperialism.

Angola is splitting the Portuguese revolution, and is the basis of the impending civil war. Angola is splitting Africa. Gone forever is the trash about the all class unity of the African nations. Most importantly, the Angolan situation is laying bare the direction of the historic split within the Communist movement.

During the tragedy of betrayal in the Congo, the counterrevolutionary features of Khruschev became clear. During that horrible slaughter it was shown that the theoretical deviations from Marxism that we refer to as revisionism become open counterrevolution when put into practice. That horror and tragedy is being repeated. The betrayal today is on a higher level. The Khruschev gang could do little more than to create the conditions for the murder of Lumumba and consequently for the invasion of the mercenaries. The gang led by Teng Hsiao Peng, Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Vice-Premier of the State Council, has gone a step further by actually arming and training the butchers whom U.S. imperialism has hurled against the Angolan revolution. Lest anyone misunderstand our intent, we make it clear, it is not the Chinese revolution that is in danger. No one can turn back the wheel of history. Teng and his gang of nationalists are fully exposed by their treachery in Angola. They and all like them are in danger.

The CLP takes its stand with the overwhelming majority of Communists – revolutionaries who support revolution – in pledging our all out support to the Angolan people.

In expressing its views, the CLP has sent the following telegram to Dr. A. Neto, head of the People’s Republic of Angola.

President Agostinho Neto
Peoples Republic of Angola
Luanda, Angola

The Political Bureau of the Communist Labor Party wishes to extend to you, to the Movimento Popular de Libertacao de Angola, and to the heroic Angolan people our sincere congratulations on the formation of the state of the Peoples Republic of Angola and its government.

Our Party struggles to win the progressive American people away from the criminal intervention policies of our government. We demand that all interventionists keep hands off Angola. Our Party is confident that the battle-tested Angolan people will overcome the present difficulties.

Nelson Peery
General Secretary
Communist Labor Party USNA