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Support for Chairman Hua Kuo-feng Affirmed

World communists denounce ’gang of four’

First Published: The Call, Vol. 5, No. 34, December 27, 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The Marxist-Leninist movement internationally has taken a firm stand in support of Chairman Hua Kuo-feng and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The crushing of the “gang of four,” who tried to seize power after Chairman Mao died, has been hailed by communists all over the world as a momentous achievement.

On the occasion of Chairman Hua’s appointment, messages of congratulations were sent by prominent Marxist-Leninists like Enver Hoxha, First Secretary of the Party of Labor of Albania, and Kim II Sung, General Secretary of the Korean Workers Party. Party and state leaders of Vietnam, Laos and Romania have pledged their support for the Chinese party and continued militant friendship between their countries.

In a message from Khieu Samphan, President of Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia), the importance of smashing the “gang of four” was underlined. “We most warmly acclaim the victory of smashing the counter-revolutionary ’gang of four’ anti-party clique,” said Samphan. “To China and the whole world, and the third world in particular, this is a political event which is a great victory of historical significance.”

In Pyongyang, Korea, the Korean Workers Party reaffirmed its support for Chairman Hua at a recent banquet for a visiting delegation of the Chinese party. Hailing the smashing of the “gang’s” plots, Kang Hyon Su, a member of the Korean Workers Party Central Committee, said:

“The victory scored by the Chinese Communist Party is of great significance to the implementation of the CPC’s basic line and policies in the entire historical stage of socialism laid down by Comrade Mao Tsetung.”

E.F. Hill, Chairman of the Australian Communist Party (M-L), met with Chairman Hua in Peking last week. At a banquet in honor of the Australian delegation, Hill said that the defeat of the “gang of four” was a great victory for Chairman Mao’s revolutionary line.

Hill went on to comment on Chairman Mao’s analysis of the three worlds saying it “correctly identified the world domination strivings of the two superpowers, emphasized the grave danger of Soviet social-imperialism, (and) showed the decisive role of the third world.”

Hill added that any attempt to confuse Chairman Mao’s revolutionary analysis of the world situation “is to do a disservice to the people of the world and the international communist movement.”

Reporting on a December visit to China in the pages of Red Flag, newspaper of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD), Christian Semler, a member of the Party’s Political Bureau, refuted the theory that the “gang of four” represented an ultra-“left” tendency. Semler stated:

“The ’gang of four’ repeated again and again ’left’ rhetoric while actually attempting to overthrow the Party Central Committee and plotting to seize power. This shows they are in essence ultra-rightist and reactionary power-holders within the party.”

Among other Marxist-Leninist leaders sending messages of greetings and solidarity to Chairman Hua have been Kazimierj Mijal, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Poland; Pal Steigan, Chairman of the Norwegian Workers Communist Party (M-L); Roland Petersen, Chairman of the Swedish Communist Party, General Secretary Shosaku Itai of the Workers Party of Japan and leaders of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of France.

Communist parties and organizations in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and many other Latin American countries also congratulated the Chinese comrades and extended warm greetings to Chairman Hua.

“Linea Roja” of the Dominican June 14 Revolutionary Movement sent a letter to Comrade Hua Kuo-feng in which they stated firmly: “Your appointment conforms to the trust of Chairman Mao and the Communist Party in you.. .The Communist Party of China headed by you has put into practice the will of Chairman Mao expressed in the three principles–practice Marxism, and not revisionism; unite, and don’t split; by open and aboveboard, and don’t intrigue and conspire.”

This profound confidence in Chairman Hua and the opposition to the “gang” which is shared by revolutionaries all over the world is a vital force in developing the unity of the worldwide communist movement in the struggle against modern revisionism.