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Look Who’s Backing Soviet ’Peace’ Proposal!

First Published: The Call, Vol. 3, No. 11, August 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The July 1 issue of the People’s Tribune, the organ of the so-called “Communist Labor Party” carries the front page headline: “Support Soviet Peace Proposal.”

The call on the part of CLP to support the phony “detente” schemes of the Soviet social-imperialists comes as no surprise to the October League. For three years we have warned people against the influence of these “super-revolutionaries” pointing out that beneath all their rhetoric lay policies and a political line that was in essence the same as the revisionists of the Communist Party USA.

When these revisionists-in-disguise called for the building of a new party last year, the forces of the genuine anti-revisionist communist movement opposed the formation and the line around which CLP based itself. This “party” was founded on the basis of a political line which among other things, attacked the growing movement of the Third World countries in their struggle against imperialism; spread the opportunist line of the “genius theory” of history, in opposition to the line that the masses are the makers of history, and called the genuine communist left “agents” of the CIA.


But these worms who have nestled in the dark crevices of the movement for many years have now exposed themselves for the peddlers of revisionism that they are. Their call for support for the sham “peace proposal” of the Soviet Union shows clearly that the CLP is working actively to cover up the real war schemes of the two superpowers.

The U.S. and Soviet social-imperialists have stepped up their contention for spheres of influence and are rapidly expanding their arms stockpiles in preparation for a new world war. This stepped up aggression and expansionism leading to war is a basic feature of imperialist-countries such as the two superpowers.

The so-called “peace proposal” which the CLP is spreading around the country starts out by denigrating the heroic struggle of the Soviet people against Hitler fascism which took place thirty years ago. It calls the glorious struggle” against fascism “the most destructive war in world history.” The proposal further goes on to cover up the leadership of J.V. Stalin in the struggle against the invading fascists. The purpose of this distortion of history is to push the view that resistance to aggression and fascism, that resistance to imperialism will only lead to “destruction.” It is an attempt to denigrate the memory of Stalin and to support Breshnev and the new tsars of the one-time cradle of socialism.

It goes on to push the view that world peace depends on the kind wishes of the superpowers, especially the Soviet Union who they claim has “saved humanity from war.” The Soviet revisionists then state that the threat of war can be ended while imperialism still exists. This, they claim can be done by “the profound reshaping of the system of international relations on the basis of the principles of peaceful co-existence.”

The truth behind these pretty words about “peace” is that the two superpowers have increased their arms race with each word of “detente” and with each new agreement. Their naval vessels have turned the strategic shipping lanes of the world into their private bases and they are both stepping up their aggression and subversion of the smaller countries of the world. With their heaviest weaponry aimed at Europe, the superpowers are also escalating their contention in the Middle East and Persian Gulf areas as well as in the Indian Ocean and the North and Mediterranean Seas. Nowhere is there a country or region that is free from the threats of these big powers. They are being denounced at every international conference of the developing countries and genuine Marxist-Leninists have been in the lead in exposing the real character of these imperialists and especially the social-imperialists.

This is why the imperialists have dragged up this sad excuse for a party, the CLP, to white-wash their crimes and sow illusions about “an epoch of peace” under imperialism. They hope that what the CPUSA revisionists have been unable to accomplish from the right, these phony “leftists” will do for them.

Those who have had experience with the CLP won’t be taken in by its phony talk of “world peace.” Their open support for the Soviet revisionists’ peace scheme will only serve to further expose these and all other wolves in sheep’s clothing.