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The Revolutionary Wing

On Our Way Forward To the First Party Congress!

First Published: Bolshevik, Political Organ of the Revolutionary Wing, Vol. 7, No. 2, March 1977.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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A sheer mockery of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-tung Thought tinder the signboard of Marxism, has been layed bare. The total falsification of history, the blatant outright lies and slanderous attacks on our historical struggle for the Party, are further testimony by negative example of how a cheap band of unprincipled backstabbing snakes have come together with no other purpose in mind and deed than to spread confusion, pessimism, demoralization, wreck and split, in a futile attempt to try to halt the coming into being of the U.S. Bolshevik Party.

The closer we draw into our First Party Congress the more desperate these elements of pus become. Attacking us wildly, painting us “utterly black”, to cover up their treason to our class and our Party, “To be attacked by the enemy is a good thing!”, indeed we have achieved a great deal in our work.

By drawing the lines of demarcation sharply between Menshevism and Bolshevism we have succeeded in unmasking the sham forces in our movement, the falling out among thieves becomes more nakedly revealed, e.g. O.L. and M.L.O.C., A.T.M. and W.V.O., W.V.O. liquidators exposed, the sham making a call to “R.C.P.” to “come back” etc., the secret political police is being combated, in the course, the training of the Bolshevik Party cadre goes to a higher level, as we consolidate our ranks in line, purging the opportunist pollution which threatens us to “chronic infirmity” from within.

The latest of frenzied attacks on the Revolutionary Wing, comes in the form of the external provocation document, “The Degeneration of PRRWO” – which is a hysterical attempt by the Secret Political Police and the objective bourgeois agents to spread ideological preparation to isolate the Revolutionary Wing from the masses, and further their wrecking and splitting, trying to cause further waverings in our ranks; this they do by thoroughly falsifying history, slandering the line and leadership of the Revolutionary Wing, which we are clear, is an attack on all Party Cadre, the Proletariat and the masses of oppressed people. This tactic of theirs is as old as dirt.

By splitting us off, leaching on to the old forms of organization, e.g. PRRWO or RWL, etc., their aim is to confuse honest comrades who because of the sabotage of the line which these despicable elements have historically carried out, might not be familiar with the historical development in the struggle between the two lines especially in the first period of Party Building and in the early beginning of the second period of Party Building.

Trying to get over a Sherlock Holmes Mystery Story, which serves as further exposure, as we will again draw out, their falsification of history, denial of summations drawn out time and time again, which these very treacherous elements would pay lip service to, and “unite” as they protested, what they termed “rehashing the old” in an attempt to blunt the struggle between the two lines, actively opposing at every turn the application of the Method of Leninism, i.e. that we train the Party, the class, and the masses by learning from our mistakes; to come out now and raise their heads dripping in mud, with the outright lie that we don’t sum up the historical development on the struggle between two lines, two classes, two roads.

In unity all along with the rest of the marsh who have raised up that our presentations are “eclectic”, “unscientific” only – “brief notes” – yet borrowing from the line to cover themselves before the eyes of the Proletariat and oppressed masses.

Not once being able to refute our line on Party Building with a scientific analysis on periods, two wings, key link, fusion, tactical principles, strategic principles, main danger in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, chief form of activity, our organizational line on Party organizations and non-Party mass organizations, they must therefore resort to slanderous falsifications, renouncing the past to attack the present and paint a gloomy picture about our future.

Knowing perfectly well that the analysis of the Revolutionary Wing of the Anti-Revisionist Communist movement corresponds to reality – has been fought for and tested in the course of years of struggle through the twists and turns as we continue to test its correctness today in the heat of the class struggle, struggle between two lines and two roads; based on Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought. This struggle has never been the invention of any individual but in fact the hammering out of our Party’s basic line Program of Action in a tit for tat struggle against opportunism, and acting as the teachers of the proletariat have taught us, in the struggle against falsehood – retaining the good, discarding the dross, going from a lower to a higher level, removing obstacles out of our way, purging our ranks of opportunists, a principle which results in strengthening our Party, and through struggle strengthening our ideological and political conviction for the cause of our class committed to the end to guard our Party as the “apple of our eye”, as Comrade Lenin taught us.

We Draw Strength From The Struggle Of International Proletariat, On The Road To Our First Party Congress!

In the course of the struggle drawing from the strength of the international Proletariat and in interest we have indeed been building the mightiest of the weapons of the Proletariat in its struggle for conquest of political power in the struggle for the dictatorship of the proletariat which can never be left at mere recognition but indeed must be organized and fought for; mere recognition of the dictatorship of the proletariat is in fact what the Mensheviks propagate showing their actual opposition to the dictatorship of the proletariat as they stand against, attack and aim at destroying the coming into being of the U.S. Bolshevik Party. Comrades, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsetung, and Comrade Enver Hoxha, all the teachers have taught us there can not be the successful seizure of state power without the Party of the Proletariat making the class conscious of its historic mission, the total abolition of classes – communism. The bourgeoisie trembles before the coming into being of the Communist Revolution!

Ours Is The Fight For A Mighty Cause Which No Reaction In The World Can Stop!

But we will never capitulate no matter how much the agents of the bourgeoisie try, no matter what they do – ours is the fight for a mighty cause which no reaction in the world can stop. We are building and will build to completion the U.S. Bolshevik Party in course of making Proletarian Revolution. It can not be said that the bourgeoisie sits idle in its fear bombarding the masses in one and a million ways with anti-communist propaganda. Bourgeois decadence, religious sects, youth bourgeois culture, slandering the International Communist movement, spreading hysteria about “Terrorist threat at home” as they contend and collude with the Soviet Social Imperialists in their drive to re-divide the world amongst themselves preparing for a third world war – both superpowers – the source of war – viciously wounded enemy trembling before the main trend in the world today, revolution! As we prepare against the threat of war as we prepare to turn the imperialist war into a civil war as Lenin taught us – the revisionists calling for the treachery “save the fatherland” (see polemic in next issue Bolshevik). There cannot be any slackening up on building the Party, who will lead the masses in making revolution, to smash our own bourgeois state, over-throw our own bourgeoisie, our internationalist duty. The chauvinist propaganda as they rape, loot, plunder and viciously slaughter millions of people throughout the world intensifying the ideological basis of fascism, – Bi-Centennial’s and in so many ways propagating reactionary patriotism, national chauvinism, and superpower hegemonism through “fire-side” talks and through the passing of fascist laws, curfews on youth, brutal slayings, tyranny increasing. Conditions of life for the working class and oppressed masses at home worsening restlessness amongst the masses in the face of a deteriorating regime, all these in brief are the objective conditions in our country and internationally which we must never lose sight of as we continue to intensify the struggle against the social props of imperialism who serve their masters well and without whom the bourgeoisie could not remain in power. These spineless leeches which in fact have as their sole useless existence the prop up of the bourgeoisie, this is their treason!

Opportunism Serves As The Cover For The Work Of The Secret Political Police.

In the struggle against opportunism we have always linked it up to the role of the state, especially the role of the secret political police – showing how in fact the opportunist and opportunism serve as the cover for the secret political police to infiltrate our ranks and conduct their counter revolutionary operations from within.

The fact that it is impossible to build our party without a relentless struggle against opportunism, as Lenin taught us and in our deeds the fact that the Revolutionary Wing of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement applies the universal truths to our conditions, hammering out the Party’s basic line and program presents therefore a real threat to the bourgeoisie in what it fears most today, the coming into being of the U.S. Bolshevik Party. The intelligence community, specifically the secret political police have been therefore thru the use of propaganda and internal and external provocation intensifying its activities – we will note in a sequence some glaring examples of this fact – Operation Cointelpro – the code name of the F.B.I. operations to destroy the Panther Party – Operation Caos – C.I.A. operations to destroy the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement – as our movement went to a higher level so have their operations – note some of the activities – through the use of propaganda Shaft – a movie popularized throughout the U.S. and the world except of course in the socialist countries, – propagating that revolutionaries are a band of roving rebel bands which in the final analysis capitulate to the bourgeoisie by cooperating with the state; along this same line of treason Badge 373 starring the thoroughly bankrupt Felipe Luciano, who these despicable elements defend again portraying revolutionaries as drug addicts, prostitutes, and the rest of the scum of the earth, who are “exporting” the revolution to Puerto Rico.

In both these films of bourgeois ideological preparation the attack is on communism, the working class and especially against the Afro-American liberation movement, and the independence movement of Puerto Rico, and the struggle of the oppressed Puerto Rican national minority inside the U.S. This has been especially true when the movements have been on the ascendency.

Today along the same line of treason Carwash, which portrays the owners son as a “communist” a hippy who smokes reefer all day in the bathroom with a T-shirt which bears the picture of Comrade Mao as he talks down to the workers in the spirit of the sham wing which then makes a cultural nationalist anti-communist the hero, who throws the Red Book into a barrel of suds-filled water, as the workers capitulate to their boss for a few pennies raise. This total standing of the world on its head, to propagate pessimism, class collaboration, capitulation to the state through the total falsification of our history of struggle against the ruling class is again portrayed in the thoroughly bankrupt T.V. special Roots, (for a more in depth analysis of Roots check out polemic in next issue of our organ). The purpose of this barrage of anti-communist propaganda is what we must be clear on!

The purpose teaches us the Comintern –

Isolation of the revolutionary forces, through the use of propaganda is standard (our emp. Ed.) practice especially when the movement is on the ascendency. Reliance (our emp.) on the bourgeois media, newsprint and electronic, is resorted to in spreading lies, distortions, slander etc. against the Communist and Revolutionary leadership. (1932 Article of the Comintern, “The Struggle Against the Agent Provocateur”).

Another example of slander through the bourgeois media – Jose Torres column of treason New York Post April 1976, where relying on the Mensheviks he gave a totally distorted analysis of “whatever happened to the Young Lords” where he paints a picture of “degeneration” in the same way that those that provided him with the distortions continue doing it today – in the external provocation document “Degeneration of P.R.R.W.O.”

The very same treason that the revisionist, Pablo Yoruba Guzman runs on his “T.V. interviews” where he has the gall to uphold his one time membership in the P.R.R.W.O. to slander the Revolutionary Wing as is his customary practice. In 1972 he gave an interview to the New York Post where he ran where we were organized, how many members we had, raising himself as the “historian” to run his giant size mouth to the bourgeoisie which he later admitted having no contradictions with, of course all of these elements of pus who serve the bourgeoisie hand and glove can’t and won’t give the true facts of the struggle, they in fact cover up the state as we have shown in the polemics -and as they show thru their own exposures e.g. external provocation document. We on the other hand will draw it out again and again and again we are tireless, in serving our class and building our Party.

We Must Intensify The Training Of The Party, The Class, The Masses To Combat The Secret Political Police, Who Will Exist As Long As The Bourgeoisie Exists.

Bolshevism on the Rise! and the standard practice, the intensification of the attacks, slanders, distortions, and total falsification of history, so much so that to make the subject of this polemic an answer to the slander would be committing the mistake that Comrade Stalin warned us against and taught us – “Slander must be branded as such and not made the subject of discussion.”

Instead we will like in our history, expose this latest clear example of external provocation, so that all class conscious proletarians and all honest Marxists-Leninists may further our training in combatting the secret political police, exposing the state to the masses as we build our Party in the intensity of the two line struggle, striking yet more blows at opportunism and Revisionism in general and Right Opportunism in the form of the Menshevik line in particular; we must rip the mask off these hidden traitors still more never getting self complacent, fighting pessimism and demoralization exposing the source – opportunism, imbuing the masses with the Party spirit by fighting consistently for the Method of Leninism - further proving the correctness of our line in the fight for it, as we prove in deed without the shadow of a doubt, that the Mensheviks are objective agents of the bourgeoisie, working hand in hand with the political police.

We quote from our polemic of historic importance “Mensheviks are Objective Agents of the Bourgeoisie” Vol. 6, #6 Palante, 1976:

The Revolutionary Wing of the Communist Movement stands on Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought and in the interest of the Proletarian and Proletariat Revolution indicts Menshevism and all Mensheviks as objective bourgeois agents.

We go on to clearly state –

...the Mensheviks have long ago sold out the interest of the proletariat by aiding the state in their operations within the movement – who are preparing an attempt to repress the rising trend of Bolshevism in our country, part of the world wide revolutionary storm against capitalism, trying to delay, to setback, the formation of a genuine vanguard communist Party, the Party of Lenin, the Party of a new type and proletarian revolution which the Party will lead.

Furthermore we made clear –

By ripping off the mask of Menshevism we have been applying the indispensable quality of Bolsheviks, with developing ability to recognize the enemies of the Party.

Comrades this was not, nor is, anyone’s figment of the imagination. This reflected and reflects the intensity of the struggle between two lines, the struggle for our Party, the enemies of the Party at every turn trying to divert us, raising up sham unities, to bide time and go around wrecking and splitting, propagating their Menshevlk line. Cowards, thorough going philistines, deeds which flow from line.

On their own admission we get the following blatant demonstration of double talking, slipping and sliding bourgeois maneuvering – very revealing as we drag it out to the light of day. We quote from the external provocation document “Degeneration of PRRWO” pg. 6. “Yes we were guilty of Menshevism” their outright admission – the secret political police to cover up their real do – will cop to being Mensheviks, opportunist etc. Now we get the theoretical justification and the raising up of covers already ripped off.

But not for the reasons the ultra-leftist bloc laid out; we were guilty of never mounting a concentrated struggle against their maneuvers (Sic!) which would have meant some serious repudiation.

Leaving it at recognition of their treason “some serious repudiation” note comrades they are speaking of being “guilty of Menshevism” but want to keep it at some of its manifestations never once take it to line, in fact, keep it covered up by saying –

Instead we want out the back door and became so utterly demoralized, that we did not immediately take up the task of summing up and seeking out other comrades...

They mean other MensheViks like LPR“ML” and ATM-IWK, MLOC and concilliators the wavering elements and anyone else who might be swept by this tide, but this is to cover up their historical intriguing and conspiring with the sham wing, and other purged elements from the Revolutionary Wing, who were not only seeking each other out as was the case when Pablo Yuruba Guzman met secretly with the revisionist Label Bergman to get RU’s “view” of the split – after we had already summed it up – undermining our unities, in fact writing each other letters attacking the line and our leadership, we will document this fact throughout, by drawing it out in their own words – this will be their punishment.

Secret Political Police Makes Maximum Use Of Anti-Party Blocs.

They go on with some more of this empty talk – by saying “we played right in the hands of the bourgeoisie standing on the sidelines while M-L and advanced forces throughout the country were left without the internal view of why the PRRWO degenerated.”

This call for the “internal view” is straight up the work of the secret political police who comes into the ranks precisely to get an “internal view” of our struggle for the Party. But what do we get here? Mensheviks proclaiming their Menshevism as mere errors, and phenomenas – admittingly not struggling which speaks to the fact that they were and are in fact conspiring and intrigues justifying wrecking and splitting now under the guise of the “internal view” and speaking of their consistency in cowardice philistines, which reflects the social basis of this unprincipled anti-Party bloc, who the secret political police is utilizing to the max. Petty-bourgeois bad intellectuals, thoroughly isolated from the masses, incapable of applying Dialectical and Historical Materialism so busy worshipping spontaneity, that the laws of development of our movement are totally incomprehensible to them the so called great “theoreticians”. In speaking of the “objective conditions which gave rise to our development as communist” what do we get –

...our understanding of MLMTTT was shaped by the organization we had the most contact with (pg. 2, ibid.)

Propagating first, a total distortion of what are the objective conditions the spontaneous process independent of our will – secondly straight up empiricists, propagating causuality – taking it away from essence, propagating direct experience -and going against that in fact most of our experience is indirect and that the theory of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought is the summed up experience of the international proletariat taken in its general aspects. That in fact the relation between objective and subjective factors of the revolution our teachers state very clearly that in the struggle to change the objective world we live in is how we in fact transform our subjective world outlook, this is elementary, but these fools totally negate this universal principle – and talk about their “understanding of MLMTTT shaped by the organization they had most contact with”! This same philosophical bankruptcy manifests itself thru-out.

That’s why after intense historical struggle we purged our ranks of this rotten trash, who is now trying to peddle that they sneaked out the back door. None of the attacks surprise us their slander will go on and on, it speaks to their historic practice, in a one and million ways these sewer rats would sneak in their attacks historically.

Every time we would call it out they wiggled like the greasy snakes that they are, covering up their tracks by playing at “repudiation” while all the time proving themselves incapable and unwilling to do so.

Many of them to blunt the struggle would raise up that they had to get their “heads together” in the spirit of the hippy commune. Others raising up that they wanted to be “little people” what utter bankruptcy revealing their total disdain for the masses which they view as beneath them.

“Yes we were guilty of Menshevism” – that’s only part of the truth, they try this blatant maneuver to put it off in the past to cover the secret political police and the present state of affairs which is only a reflection of the marsh providing the fertile soil for the state operations.

No mercy for Mensheviks! As to their state of demoralization, of the opportunist forces this was our aim, standing firmly and fighting for our line, through the intensity of the polemics drawing it to line clearly, we were able to demoralize a section of the Menshevik leadership, weed out the paid agents, draw out the conciliators and caused waverings in their ranks. By intensifying the struggle we were able to draw out their rotten Menshevik line which they peddle today openly – “Build the Party from below” – the treacherous outcry of Menshevism. A consistent belittlement of the subjective factor, a disdain for theory!

Check it out:

since it is true that Marxism must be introduced from outside the workers and other social movements there is always the possibility of its incorrect interpretation and application when beginning the process of becoming a Communist.

Why is this muddle being raised up? 1) To distort the meaning of interjecting scientific socialism into the spontaneous movement and therefore attack the process of fusion that has historically been taking place between the movement of scientific socialism and the workers movement, under the guise of the process of development of individuals raising that the petty-bourgeoisie is the vanguard, going against winning the vanguard to the side of communism – standing against propaganda as the chief form of activity to conceal their Menshevik line of consciousness comes from within, to cover up the slavish worship of spontaneity – the ideological root of all opportunism with the theoretical justification of “there is always the possibility of its incorrect interpretation and application when beginning the process of becoming a Communist.” What a clear example of sophistry to get to this – disdainful line on theory –

M-L principles, such as attitude of a communist towards the masses and their struggles, the attitude of a Communist towards making errors in the course of that struggle, which include methods of thinking and work, as well as the MLMTTT principles of organization -democratic centralism, were introduced to us in a live way in the course of our participation (our emp., ed.) in the revolutionary struggle.

Talking out of two sides of their mouth, the introduction of MLMTTT into the spontaneous struggle of the masses is a “dead dogma” according to our critics, while they were introduced to the principles of MLMTTT in a “live way” through their “participation” in the revolutionary struggle. In another part of this treacherous document they raise that RU introduced the movement to MLMTTT wiggling snakes denying the undeniable fact that without revolutionary theory there is no revolutionary movement as Lenin taught us. Our “historians” view the study of Marxism-Leninism which is our guide to action, they view the classics which are live and rich with the polemics against opportunism and revisionism the lessons drawn from the struggle of the international proletariat – our science of making revolution, our teachers – Marx,, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tsetung and Enver Hoxha they see as “lifeless” – we must apply the universal principles in a living way – study and application two aspects of an integral whole which if isolated out, lead to either the overestimation of the objective factors which our “historians” do consistently, which leads to Right Opportunism or the overestimation of the subjective factor which leads to Left Opportunism which our “historians” have also been guilty of, in their consistent departure from Dialectical and Historical Materialism.

From their thoroughly metaphysical and idealist world view they go on falsifying history – turning everything upside down – in unison with the rest of the marsh. Taking as their fundamental starting point an already bankrupt conclusion, which to try to prove they must distort, slander, and lie which leads to further self-exposure, what a fatal predicament. As to their claim that “honest” Marxist-Leninist didn’t get the “benefit” of the “internal view”.

This is sheer hypocrisy, first as to who they claim are “honest” Marxist-Leninists, ATM and LPR“ML” and IWK, Mensheviks to their rotten bones; ATM who propagates two line struggle is the “exception” – that the study of Marxism-Leninism is “optional” and their ragsheet Revolutionary Cause is “mandatory”, unity on line is what binds the Mensheviks together and not some “intentions” to give the “benefit” of the “internal view”.

This unity on line manifests itself throughout. The Mensheviks of ATM, are propagating defeatism and pessimism – “no one is Party Building” to justify their incapabilities to build the Party of Lenin and Stalin propagating their bankrupt line that “Party Building is Protracted” to sneak in their totally reformist program, hegemones to their heart, they see strength in terms of dollars and cents, and size of an organization this is why they propagate –

The CPUSA, PSP, CASA, RCP, and the OL undoubtedly have more influence than do Marxist-Leninists. They are also much bigger, much stronger financially and organizationally than “our side” – (quotes in original, ed.)

The “our side” in quotes is to demonstrate how they are all on the same side – the side show in a circus, no lines of demarcation drawn, so it boils down to building up their organization - ATM to compete with the other sham forces for crumbs from the bourgeoisie, in return they sell out the interest of the working class and oppressed masses of the people especially by aiding the bourgeoisie today in its attacks on the ever strongly developing U.S. Bolshevik Party, specifically aiding the secret political police. Flowing from the Menshevik line, is why ATM propagates such utter spinelessness, while LPR“ML” wages a peaceful debate (“comradely polemics” is the cover) raising up that ATM is making “right errors”. Late as usual, trying to jump on the bandwagon in the same way that after years of struggle against RU’s revisionism Resistencia LPR“ML” “the voice of the Puerto Rican National Minority” raises up that RU was making “right deviations” on Party building.

All under the guise of “contemporary realities” renouncing the historical struggle for our Party, incapable and unwilling to draw lessons from our movement historically – with the disdainful views towards the masses and the fight for our Party, twist reality in deed to try to erase their attacks on the Party, the class and the masses. Along this same line I.W.K. takes its unprincipled stands and with all consistency propagates this revision of M-L-MTT:

The revolutionary forces fought for the principle (sic!) that the national movements in the U.S. were profoundly revolutionary and objectively at the vanguard of the class struggle in the 60’s. (Getting Together, Special Supplement, Feb. 1977)

Comrade Mao Tsetung in his famous work On Contradiction teaches us:

There are many contradictions in the process of development of a complex thing, and one of them is necessarily the principle contradiction whose existence and development determines or influences the existence and development of the other contradictions. (Four Essays, pg. 51)

The process of development of Proletarian Revolution in our country is indeed a complex thing, with many contradictions to resolve but one of them necessarily says Chairman Mao is the principle contradiction, that one which determines or influences the existence and development of the other contradictions. IWK, ATM and all Mensheviks who in keeping with their traditions of Revisionism, say that the principle contradiction in the 60’s – was “between the national liberation movements and imperialism” which explains how they have no contradiction with the RU–“RCP” program of treachery the “United Front Against Imperialism as the Strategy for Proletarian Revolution”. The Revisionist line that any other class or movement is the vanguard.

But Chairman Mao implicitly teaches us:

For instance, in capitalist society the two forces in contradiction the proletariat and the bourgeoisie form the principle contradiction. (Ibid.)

Further more – Chairman Mao teaches us –

But whatever happens, there is no doubt at all that at every stage in the development of a process, there is only one principle contradiction which plays the leading role. (Ibid.)

To change, to revise the principle contradiction and at the same time to call oneself a Marxist-Leninist is sheer hypocrisy and a propagation of two stage revolution in a capitalist society such as ours – highly developed capitalist society one of the two superpowers, where the principle contradiction indeed is between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie, one stage Revolution, the strategic objectives being the dictatorship of the proletariat the very thing the Mensheviks oppose and fight against, as they collaborate fully with the bourgeoisie. To cover up their line they try to sneak it in in a barrage of slander and distortions of history. IWK, who stayed in the last period never made it to the second period, and as everyone knows came to a “position” on Party Building in 1975, now they crawl out again from their coffin buried under the ground to put its stamp of approval on the external provocation document aiding by more slanderous lies their bourgeois masters. IWK has had its say – all you slimmy snakes belong together, Getting together! Come out of your holes; the light of day will burn you to a crisp.

These grouplets who must have “their say” is at the basis of all this intrigue and conspiracy against our Party.

Incapable of justifying their treason, these elements want to associate and disassociate themselves at the same time, unable to stand on principle they do what Comrade Lenin taught they do –

Now that people cannot justify their close association with this or that grouplet on principle they are compelled to resort to a policy of petty lies, petty flattery, nods, winks, i.e. to what in its totality forms the concept of intrigue. (Selected Works, Vol.4 “The New Faction of Concilliators.” pg. 107)

One of the ways they do this is by covering up their historical association and intrigue. All the time giving the impression that they want to apologize for something – they want to appear to be nice “guys”, and sweet “ladies”,

“Yes we were guilty of Menshevism” “Instead we went out the back door and became so utterly demoralized”, etc. etc.

These are the words of shameful unprincipled bloc of backstabbers which reflects their deeds, their total cowardice, hiding behind “cheap shouts about their virtue” as Comrade Lenin taught us, proclaiming their “non-factionalism” their “non-sectarianism” their lack of “mounting a concentrated struggle”. All to cover the line which they hid propagating it in the slimmiest of ways – smiling in our faces – pretending to be “united” with the line of the Revolutionary Wing as they sabotaged it every inch of the way. Our fight for the line has unmasked such treachery as:

Our political exposures strive for simple clarity, we try to include facts, dates, names, who said what at such and such a meeting, etc. Only (our emp. ed.) in this manner will we be listened to by the masses of workers. (Rag sheet Revolutionary Cause, Vol I, #3)

No gentlemen of the marsh, it is not “simple clarity” which our political exposures must “strive for” – in fact as Lenin taught us political exposures must unmask the state, preparing the masses who led by its Party will smash it, if this is not done they cannot be called political exposures. Once again the truth is revealed Mensheviks are objective agents of the bourgeoisie. Revealing also their disdain for the. masses a characteristic of Menshevism, “only, in this manner will we be listened to by the masses of workers” – Incapable of winning the vanguard to the side of communism they want to blame the masses for their failures so in deed not raising the consciousness of the working class “from a class of itself – to a class for itself” but in fact lowering the vigilance, and lowering the politics to the backward strata, recording events, covering up the bourgeois state and attacking the dictatorship of the proletariat – which is as the teachers have taught us, “the working class organized as the ruling class”. Instead ATM propagates “workers political power” in the same way as the Titoites Revisionist do.

These are the “honest” Marxist-Leninists that have this desperate need to get the “internal view” – and who provide the state with covers.

With the brain of a snake crawling in the desert, hiding from the light of day, an empty assessment a thorough bankrupt analysis of the development of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement is nakedly revealed.

“Falsification Of History Is A Terrible Mistake” Correctly Taught Us Comrade Stalin.

Incapable of understanding the laws of development of our movement, the “historians” get caught up in a web of lies and falsifications of history that is revealed throughout in a mess of contradictory statements which is only natural, and the reflection of a terrible mistake.

Revisionists in theory propagating the theory of one point, they flood us with a host of phenomenas, slanders, and lies which they have with all presumptous gall termed the “internal view”. Unable to refute our line on Party Building they attempt flimsy demagoguery – paying lip service to our analysis on periods, the fact undeniable by anyone, (except IWK, who stayed in the eclectic stage) that we had to in the face of the revisionist betrayal of the “CP”USA fight the eclectism which obstructed the way forward in the first stage of the first period of Party Building. What is categorically denied is the struggle against eclecticism waged by advanced workers and honest Marxist-Leninists turning themselves into Communists and giving character to the developing Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, and HRUM, who they now attack as a “faction” a “dual union” going against that in fact they were organized examples of this Leninist truth, “Every working class movement brings to the fore its advanced workers” – Lenin Retrograde Trend in Social Democracy. These forces cannot bring up from their rotten insides even the words advanced workers – they must remain general “advanced forces” “advanced elements” their attack on the social basis of our Party is also consistent.

It is no accident that these forces try to borrow from the line to attack it, raising one side yes that we had to fight eclectism but never raise the struggle against it, this they do to build up their unfounded case against the Revolutionary Wing through the particular concentrated attacks on PRRWO all to try to divert the struggle over line, to sow dissension, spread confusion, and sway honest comrades who might not be familiar with the developments of our movement historically. Of particular significance is how these elements thoroughly falsify the struggle against Menshevism and the Menshevik line in general, and against the line of RU in particular. The specific importance of this thorough falsification of the struggle between the two lines, is to attack the key link to Party Building which runs throughout. In order to cover the Menshevik line that they have been propagating or covering themselves behind, for example the Revisionist Pablo Yoruba Guzman who was the main proponent of the Menshevik line “a party of Mensheviks and Bolsheviks” – making a call to the concilliators to “come forward” rallying around himself the other Mensheviks and paid bourgeois agents and wavering elements, who notwithstanding the polemics against this utter bankruptcy hid. While Guzman, continued his propagation of revisionism, “Strategy is the sum total of tactics” revising the science which teaches us that in fact tactics serve our strategy and are subordinated to strategy. By propagating tactics as a process, this revisionist traitor in unison with the rest of the marsh propagated Bernstein’s catchwords the “movement everything the final aim nothing”. Boldly and despicably putting, forward that he “believed in evolution and not revolution” peaceful transition to socialism straight up, with all his display of arrogance – propagating that he “was comfortable under capitalism” the treachery of the productive forces theory and that “the non-monopoly capitalists were not a part of the bourgeoisie”, attempting to sneak in “anti-monopoly coalition” the revisionist line of the “CP”USA United Front Against Imperialism as the strategy for Proletarian Revolution a new form of the same old dirt theoretically justified by RU – from cover to over Red Papers I, II, III, and further documented in all subsequent RU-RCP publications.

The polemics against this treachery was leaving very little room for the political police and the Mensheviks to maneuver, all of them quickly “uniting” when we drew definite lines of demarcation with RU’s bankrupt line. All bidding time to further their wrecking and splitting, sabotaging the line preparing for today. One way they did it was by undermining cadre training – through the “devils advocate” theory. What this was when we unmasked it, was a maneuver which Pablo Yoruba Guzman aiding Richie Perez who we will deal with more directly in the latter part of this article they would take everything to hypothetical situations and “role play” propagating peaceful debates, class peace and philisinism, in this way they could propagate under covers their Menshevik line, and later claim they were being the “devil’s advocate”. Of course they underestimated the Bolshevik Party Cadre – as they consistently undermined cadre training this they id by pigeonholing the struggle – never arming comrades with what had been the struggle against this lunacy, presenting a “united front on leadership” bureaucrats to the bone, rejecting criticisms from below, to come up today in the only way that they can, desperately sticking both feet into their lying mouths and picking up this mountain to drop on their own two feet.

“On the other hand, for these cadre, whose training had been historically belittled”. These are the words of lying cheats – to further draw out double talk and treason – take note of this –

The RU period was a break with a line or sets of lines (theory of one point, there are only two lines in struggle, ed.) which had already proven to be utterly bankrupt. It was an introduction to Marxism, regardless of the fact that those introducing it were sham. (Ibid.)

We fought them inside when they propagated this spinelessness and we’ll fight them wherever they raise this voice of treason.

Those “introducing” it were sham precisely because they were revising M-L-MTT; RU spread their anti-Marxist line through the sophistry and demogoguery which the Red Papers were riddled with. They took advantage of the fact that we had entered a new period with the strength of repulsing the opportunism of the old period, standing on the correct verdicts reached in struggle Bolshevism coming to play the principle aspect – moving forward more determinedly but manifesting the weakness and vacillations that accompany sharp turns. Most notably the belittlement of theory, the belittlement of the role of the conscious element, the worship of spontaneity, an overemphasis of the objective conditions, a reflection of the main danger right opportunism and modern revisionism, amateurishness and primitiveness, low level of organization which reflected the scatteredness of the Leninist Core, developing, in the course of the struggle which was not confined within any one organization, the low level of development of all the Party organizations, as well as the non-Party mass organizations. All problems speaking to the fact that we were moving forward building the general staff – but had to draw sharp and definite lines of demarcation, to a higher level, the new period signified an intensification of the struggle which did not and never develops in a straight line. We formed the National Liaison Committee and attempted to organize a leading center – The National Liaison Committee reflected within it the two lines in struggle, in fundamental contradiction within the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement. Two wings in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement not yet clearly demarcated in line.

The two lines from the onset the Menshevik line and the Bolshevik line, - the Bolshevik line playing the principle aspect of the contradiction while the Menshevik line plays the secondary aspect of the contradiction a manifestation of the principle contradiction in our society that between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. As Chairman Mao teaches us in capitalist society the bourgeoisie is playing the principle aspect and the proletariat who is on the rise plays the secondary aspect. In the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement a qualitative leap took place as we entered the second period, 1972, where there was a transformation of the principle and secondary aspects of the contradiction, new tasks new forces coming forward to build on firm foundation the U.S. Bolshevik Party.

The dialectical method looks at life in its development in its motion.

Comrade Stalin teaches us –

Movement is evolutionary when the progressive elements spontaneously continue their daily activities and introduce minor, quantitative changes into the old order.

Movement is revolutionary when the same elements combine, become imbued with a single idea and sweep down upon the enemy camp with the object of uprooting the old order and of introducing qualitative changes in life, of establishing a new order. (Stalin, Selected Works, “Anarchism or Socialism”, pg. 5)

The first period was a period of quantitative accumulations in the struggle for the Party which resulted in a qualitative leap – a single idea imbuing our movement, – the seizure of power, the fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat – the fight for a new order and in order to accomplish it the immediate task – Party Building. Our critics look at only one form of our movement the revolutionary form – negate totally the revolutionary form of our movement, and prove themselves incapable of standing with the class that is growing day by day – the Proletariat.

Comrade Stalin teaches us –

life must not be regarded as something immutable and static; it never remains at one level, it is in eternal motion, in an eternal process of destruction and creation. Therefore, life always contains the new and the old, the growing and the dying, the revolutionary and counter-revolutionary. (Ibid.)

We must therefore look at our historical struggle for the Party and ask what was going out of being and what was coming into being, and once again in the fight for our line prove its correctness; coming into being the Bolshevik line – Bolshevism on the rise, going out of being the Henshevik line, Menshevism on the decline! Life always contains the new and the old, points out Comrade Stalin, in applying this irrefutable universal truth, and from this context is how we can, speaking of life the way it is – and not the way our “critics” would like it to be, point out clearly – two lines, two wings – the new and the old in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement.

Forces Of Treason Pick Up A Mountain To Drop On Their Own Two Feet, Defending RU – A Sign Of Utter Failure.

Standing with the old, with what’s going out of being – our “critics” and our “historians” must raise – “the RU period as an introduction to M-L – “although those introducing it were sham” – the old forces, relying totally on the old forces, these forces never made it out of the old period, never understood the change that had taken place, and so reacting to the new, have chosen a path of counter-revolution, which is further documented in the external provocation document. Application of the science, the fight to hammer out the Party’s basic line and program and these fools are awed by what? – the old, what seemed strong but what in fact was going out of being, here it is in their own words.

For PRRWO, the RU period meant broadening of the scope of the organization, getting involved in areas of work that before were belittled. For example. 1. Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee (UWOC) was an attempt to deal with an issue that we knew very little about. (Ibid, pg. 23)

Speak for yourselves you petty-bourgeois bad intellectuals – let go of our hands – you who know nothing of the sufferings of the masses of people, ours is the responsibility to change the world, mere recognition, or understanding is not Marxism. Comrade Lenin taught us that before Marx and Engels the bourgeoisie recognized the class struggle but Marx and Engels elaborated scientific socialism, the arsenal in the hands of the proletariat the foundation of its Party, to lead the struggle for the dictatorship of the Proletariat the cornerstone of Marxism, its living essence which the reactionary classes cannot recognize; our “critics” leave everything at what is agreeable to the bourgeoisie in their own treacherous words – they continue

From this work PRRWO did learn some basic things about the problems of the unemployed made contacts with some advanced and intermediate elements (which was never followed up on due to the anarchy of PRRWO) and drew some general lessons about how to organize the unemployed. (Ibid.)

How correct, Comrade Lenin was when he taught us that demagoguery was the worst enemy of the working class. The line that guided UWOC is totally covered up – no different, but in fact the Menshevik line on Party Building which was summed up in the slogan – “Jobs or Income Now” – no winning of the advanced to the side of communism – who RU professed could be anyone even if they were anti-communist. So what advanced elements are these rotten stinking corpses talking about. They totally want to erase from their hollow heads, the fact that we polemicize with all our might against RU’s revisionist line, “Riches belong to us all” which reflected that the struggle between the two lines was intensifying, the struggle against RU’s revisionism. In the fight to hammer out our Party’s line – standing on Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought we unmasked the treachery of this Revisionism, which clearly reflected the social basis of revisionism, reformism, opportunism within the working class movement the labor aristocracy the bought off stratum within the working class. We fought and never capitulated to this utter bankruptcy which justifies the superprofits of imperialism, which come as the result of barbarous plunder and rape of the worlds people. Today the RCP upfront calling for the treacherous “save the fatherland” in the traditions of the Second International, (see polemic next issue of Bolshevik) What else could such treason as “the riches belong to us all” lead to? This is the line that was fought for in UWOC by RU cadre from top-down, and fought against by the Bolshevik Party Cadre, on all levels of responsibility.

The RU, squashing the struggle, coming in with prepared agendas, always two equally treacherous agendas, scheming and intriguing to get over, bureaucratism and not anarchism idiots, is what was stifling the struggle, which flowed from line. Here RU’s treachery was put at “good intentions.” Comrade Lenin taught us the way to hell is paved by the best intentions.

RU knew nothing about the problems of the working class much less how to lead the revolution were in fact as they continue to do today revising all the fundamental principles and these despicable, elements raise up that RU taught us something about the problems of the unemployed, if this ain’t a clear example of external provocation and slanderous lies you’ve got to be standing on your head not to see it – the writing is on the wall!

They continue with their two feet in their mouth – when they provoke this avalanche –

Trade union work – aside from the work of HRUM, which was dual unionist, and sparse activity in other trade union struggles, PRRWO was totally unprepared to go about accomplishing, on even a small scale, the tasks of communists in the trade unions. The work in RU period did result in making some inroads in various locals, getting a better understanding of the structure (Bureaucrats! ed.) and other particulars about trade union work, i.e. rank and file Caucasus. Valuable experience was gained in many struggles we participated in.

RU revisionist in theory and tactics liquidators of the Party organizations, intermediate forms of organizations, all RU paper organizations, attacking the Party’s basic illegal unit the factory nuclei, spreading confusion as they represented the “CP”USA’s manual which raises up the street nuclei above the factory nuclei; RU’s revision of the criteria for advanced workers “even if they profess to be anti-communist”, spoke to the fact that thru the “intermediate forms” of workers associations, they were bringing in the petty-bourgeoisie who is the social basis for opportunism inside the Party appealing to the labor aristocracy which is the social basis of opportunism, reformism, revisionism inside the working class movement.

Workers Committees to throw the bum out, intermediate Hospital Workers Associations, Final Warning, Outlaw, Farah Workers Support Committees, here RU to cover up its leeching off the righteous struggle of the Farah workers on strike to unionize, propagated that this spontaneous struggle of the workers was in the vanguard of the class struggle, just like IWK’s treachery of the national movements were the vanguard. RU’s leeches straight up never raising the level of consciousness of the working class but in fact, lulling the masses to sleep, tightening the grip of bourgeois ideology over the working class, by their strict cooperation with the labor hacks, never introducing scientific socialism to the working class movement, but in fact introducing the third ideology bankruptcy of “Anti-Imperialist Consciousness” tightening the grip of bourgeois ideology – masking the revisionist line “Anti-Monopoly Coalition” “United Front against Imperialism” as the strategy for Proletarian Revolution – this treason which brings in the labor aristocracy, the Fifth Column, the agents, the social props of the bourgeoisie inside the working class movement. No!, slimmy gentlemen of the marsh, far from being “inroads” and “better understanding” in fact this stage of the second period was a tactical setback in the fight for our Party, although a strategic gain, RU’s line served as negative example, and the fight against their line was strengthening the hammering out of the Party’s basic Line and programme bringing forth granite Bolsheviks, fighting to found our Party on solid ground.

As to your claim about “understanding structures” for all you Menshevik bureaucrats this is important because your line is to take over the union bureaucracy your ambitions of becoming union bureaucrats, to negotiate with the bourgeoisie for the better sale of labor power. As for the secret political police the structures that they are interested in is the structure of the Party! Your treason to keep the class in servitude, under bourgeois exploitation and oppression, you pride yourself for the experience you gained learning well from the Revisionists on how to pave the way for fascism, Leading the Proletariat to slaughter, this is why you must stand opposed to the development of the U.S. Bolshevik Party, who trains the masses, who makes the masses conscious of its final aim, who unmasked all of its enemies, who leads the direction of the main blow against the social props of Imperialism.

The Party’s basic line and Programme speaks to leading the Socialist Revolution for the final aim of communism, and as Lenin taught us we cannot fight imperialism without the tit for tat struggle against opportunism. Standing with what’s going out of being is your doom, defending RU’s treachery speaks to your utter failure, revising correct verdicts goes against the will of the people, and the masses are the makers of history and will sweep you aside – dump you like RU has been dumped into the museum of antiquities, where you will serve by negative example today; for instance in Detroit on the unemployment lines where they continue to propagate the treachery of “Jobs or Income Now” – and the masses of unemployed workers repulsed their bankruptcy, rejected their spinelessness, and where the Bolshevik Party cadre continue to arm the workers to deal even more death blows by unmasking in our every day work of building our Party – the treachery of Revisionism and Right Opportunism. You defend a dead corpse and that makes you as rotten stinky as the corpse you defend.

You continue with this line of treason this road of counter-revolution which you have embarked on and which for you there’s no turning back from, it’s too late! Your deeds spell treason outright treason!

Economism And Adventurism Work Hand In Hand.

You gave credit to RU for the work amongst students, what you keep covered up again is the Revisionist line, which was propagated then which you propagate now. RU with your aid refused to introduce scientific socialism into the youth and student movement, Attica Brigade was founded on some of the most elite campuses in the U.S. S.D.S. revisited, Attica Brigade the student arm of RU, was riddled by its economism and adventurism e.g. the taking over of the Statue of Liberty, the spraying of paint on Farah Pants, deliberately causing a situation to get busted to get bourgeois media coverage knowing their Mommies and Daddies would run to their aid, while leeching off the revolutionary zeal and enthusiasm of the comrades of Puerto Rican Student Union (who very differently than Attica Brigades base which is middle and upper petty-bourgeois) came from the working class; Puerto Rican Student Union was welded in struggle against class and national oppression. Attica Brigade reflected a petty-bourgeois social basis stood for unprincipled peace and swelling of its ranks with every bad petty-bourgeois intellectual or hippy freak it could get its hands on, while Puerto Rican Student Union on the other hand was characterized by intense struggle and the purging of its ranks of opportunists like Diego Pabon Revisionist, Carmelo Cassanova a thorough opportunist, Hildamar Ortiz, a spineless philistine petty-bourgeois intellectual, Joe Cruz, Menshevik liquidator, and that handful of trash from Brooklyn College that was snuck into our ranks by the Renegade Richie Perez the so-called “student leader”, who today runs classes on campus on counter-revolution utilizing his position to have his students write term papers against our Party, against the line of the Revolutionary Wing.

Repulse The Out And Out Treason Of The External Provocation Document. We Must Thoroughly Expose This Maneuver Of The Secret Political Police.

Again far from RU representing “a broadening of the scope” it meant narrowing the scope of activity, the Menshevik line on Party Building which was reflected in youth and student work, resulted in serious setbacks, the Mensheviks wrecking and splitting demoralizing comrades, isolating the Bolshevik Party Cadre who fighting for the Bolshevik line, struggling on principle to bring Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought into the youth and student movement and imbue the masses with the Party spirit while Richie Perez and his lackies were fighting for – “Anti-Imperialist consciousness” a cover for revisionist works Felix Greene on imperialism, Huberman and Sweezy, like Man’s Wordly Goods which propagates the treacherous revisionist thesis of productive forces theory a thorough revision of Dialectical and Historical Materialism. The main object of these treacherous elements of course was no study, but in fact the worship of spontaneity, and whatever study they introduced flowing from their line and work of the secret political police was not Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought but anything which could set down a theoretical justification for the Menshevik line on Party Building, these revisionist in theory and tactics, are afraid of the proletariat and so must wear long coats, keep the class disarmed which is further documented by the out and out treason in the external provocation document, as it is directly the work of the political police. Crediting the thoroughly national chauvinist RU – with this treason – we quote them –

Most importantly, it was during this period that the understanding of Puerto Ricans as an oppressed national minority inside the U.S. was developed to a higher level, as was witnessed by the series in Palante.

Slimmy gentlemen and ladles of the marsh, do you think for a moment that the Party cadre have forgotten how when in a PSP-PRRWO forum in N.Y.C. in 1973, we fought against the divided nation theory PSP’s totally metaphysical revisionist thesis of the Air Bridge – which we ripped to shreds, and RU what was their “position”? Ordered the RU cadres not to speak, because in fact there was no contradiction between RU revisionist and PSP revisionists in line unity – RU was seeking numbers thoroughly unprincipled hegemones who did not raise a word to later seek out PSP’s base. We raised an intense polemic against this bankruptcy, RU taking a thoroughly philistine national chauvinist stand, that this struggle was amongst “Puerto Ricans” we struggled and stood as we stand today the National Question is a class question and it is the responsibility of Marxists-Leninists and advanced workers to raise the consciousness of the multi-national Proletariat, as we build our Party, as to the class essence of the National Question.

The two line struggle in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement on this as with all class questions which the Proletariat faces in making Proletarian Revolution has been intense. In deed the hammering out of the Party’s basic line and Programme of action fought for in the light of revisionist betrayal, unmasked PSP revisionism, RU revisionism as they propagated that we not strictly adhere to Comrade Stalin’s criteria of what constitutes a nation. Revising the fundamental principles of nations in limbo, thru Air Bridges, Nations of a New Type, standing opposed to the right of nations to self determination up to and including political succession. The rise of Bolshevism in our country, standing opposed to this treason, study and application of M-L-MTT, and by following the Marxian path drawing closer and closer to objective truth as Comrade Lenin taught us, we repudiated, repulsed rooted out from our ranks the revisionist line of Nation of a New Type – the divided nation theory and the main proponents of this treachery.

Who are still propagating it under covers such as in the external provocation document; moving forward as we continued to based on M-L-MTT applied to our concrete conditions hammer out the Party’s basic line and program and not a line for “each organization” – the small circle hegemonic spirit – or the “line for each movement” the Menshevik line of build the Party from below, which is how all the Mensheviks view “political line” as key link, for each movement, for each organization – which has nothing in common with the Bolshevik line on Party Building. And in fact its one way the Political Police tries to influence, to divert the Party’s line.

The Mensheviks standing squarely on their heads kept RU’s dirty water, with its “Red diaper babies” because they never stood opposed to RU’s revisionist treachery.

These ostriches who view everything from the theory of one point, never drew the line of demarcation and this is why they can apologize for RU – and pretend to sound profound when they say this gem of self exposure –

what we must view is that part of the effect (emp. ed.) of RU’s influence the introduction of many advanced elements to M-L, is the very thing that enabled us to so clearly to call them revisionist today.

This thoroughly undialectical foaming at the mouth “part of the effect” is to propagate the two into one – “Revisionism combined into Marxism-Leninism”. This is out and out Revisionism, no wonder there is no contradiction instead to justify their cleaning of tracks, and cover of revisionist betrayal, they go on to propagate the very thing that they would raise as a justification while in our ranks, as they propagated and continue to propagate the same line today – we quote our charlatan “historians”

we must not, however throw out the baby with the bath water, and forget that the advance of today are based on the experience summed up from yesterday.

RU’s line was and is a thoroughly bankrupt revisionist line. Absolutely in no way served the interest of the proletariat, which further proved themselves as old forces by standing against the building of the Party, which comrades will note these elements of pus skirted around totally, took us all around the worship of spontaneity treated the question thoroughly from an idealist metaphysical standpoint. Could not even touch the heart of the matter, tried to isolate RU’s words from RU’s deed, RU’s intentions from RU’s treacherous essence which stands fundamentally opposed to the Method of Leninism, which teaches us that declarations cannot be trusted, words must be tested in deeds.

RU rather than introduce the science of Marxism-Leninism revising the science of Marxism-Leninism, their revisionism of today did not suddenly pop up as our “critics” would have us believe. No, you slimmy Gentlemen and Ladies of the marsh and Political Police which you serve, – our fundamental starting point is two lines, two roads, two classes.

The utter bankruptcy of the propagation that although “RU’s intentions was to serve the bourgeoisie”, (pg. 24 external provocation document) – yet according to our “historians” the “effect” was to win ”advanced elements” to Marxism-Leninism? This lunacy belongs in a specimen jar with all unknown rare diseases, kept with a tight lid, for it is Infectious, and highly dangerous. Of course they must admit that those being won over were them, “the very thing that enabled us” they say, not to “throw out the baby with the bathwater”. They mean take the same old dirt and give it a new cover. These very elements who because of their unity with RU’s line – were unable to polemicize against it excuse it off today by saying:

Coming face to face with the RU in daily practice showed better than any polemic the national chauvinism and opportunism of the RU. (Ibid., pg. 25)

What a blatant propagation of empiricism straight up – renouncing of M-L-MTT the summed up experience of the proletariat taken in its general aspects – the polemics against opportunism and revisionism whether face to face or not defend, uphold, stand on. M-L-MTTT, and through application unmasked RU’s revisionism in theory, in tactics, liquidators of the Party organizations and enabled us to intensify the polemics with the sham wing who kept crawling in RU’s trail – The polemics in the international communist movement against the Soviet Social Imperialists, led by the Communist Party of China and the Party of Labor of Albania armed the international proletariat, in the fight against modern Revisionism an international phenomena, and although we didn’t come at it “face to face” our responsibility to apply those lessons in fighting revisionism at home as we continue to do today, internationalism applied.

RU’s practice was nothing more than a reflection of their line, treacherous in words and deeds.

These elements of pus appealing to backward narrow nationalist sentiments of their petty-bourgeois social base. As they defend RU and attack the Bolshevik line this has been their consistent deeds which spell treason! “Falsification of history what a terrible mistake”, correctly taught us Comrade Stalin. Comrades, who anyway may be wavering before this tide of reaction – stand on principle Go against the tide, be brave and rip those masks off these thoroughly treacherous bandits. Don’t be fooled by their proclamations of innocence pretending to be Virgin Mary while prostituting Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tsetung Thought. Their lies that they saw as “essential” communist propaganda is to cover up how in deed they stand on the Menshevik line consistently opposed to propaganda as the chief form of activity. Their consistent attacks on the Proletariat, revising the Leninist criteria of the advanced workers, in unity with RU and now with the rest of the marsh, their constant attacks on cadre training, by falsifying the historical struggle between the two lines, while pretending they were “hard working” “principled” “upfront, aboveboard” never initiated struggle, never did Bolshevik criticism and self criticism, instead would get furious when they were criticized from below, always as true bourgeois agents squashing the struggle and stifling cadres initiative.

We Will Never Allow Our Party To Be A Refuge For Cowards, Provocateurs, Charlatans, Careerist, All That Which Comprises The Element Of PUS!

Opposed to hammering out the Party’s basic line and program from where we derive our strategy and tactics, opposed to the welding of the Leninist Core, (instead intensifying their wrecking and splitting most especially when we founded the Party Building Commission) all these very reasons which make propaganda the chief form of activity in this period these slimmy greasy snakes oppose tooth and nail standing opposed to building the Party of Lenin and Stalin, the Party of a New Type, we would not permit and will never permit our Party to be a refuge of cowardly elements, careerists, gangsters, provocatuers, charlatans, the very elements who want to turn our Party into a Party of the Second International type. No we did not capitulate and will never capitulate, it is as Comrade Enver Hoxha calls on us to do – and we rally around this call committed to carry it on always and pass it on to our comrades rising in struggle – Comrade Enver Hoxha fills our heart with courage and determination – we stand

Resolute Party comrades, comrades who are ready at any moment to shed your blood as true soldiers of Stalin, close your ranks, protect the Party and your comrades, be vigilant towards the enemies and traitors and show them no mercy, maintain the tightest security, because our work and struggle are not a subject for prattle and bragging but a terrible battle against a savage enemy; show no mercy to provocateurs, loafers, cowards, careerists and other opportunist elements who try in a thousand and one ways to hinder and damage the work within the Party. (Enver Hoxha, Selected Works, Vol. I, pg. 68)

Our critics would have had us treat them with kid gloves, our “critics” instead of protecting our Party and comrades, damaged and hindered our work from within, this is history. Our “critics” were never soldiers of Stalin in fact attacked Stalin every chance, as they attack all our teachers, our “critics” who propagate the freedom of criticism, are the very loafers, cowards, provocatuers, opportunist elements, careerists, all of these reasons is what makes our “critics” – the prime material for the work of the secret political police.

Since we would not allow them, and must never allow them to hinder our work, to damage our work of building our Party, purging them from our ranks as they demonstrated thru their every action that they stood against every principle of M-L-MTT, today they manifest themselves a wounded beast. We have fought for and we have ideological and political conviction which enabled us to – weld the Leninist core on firm principle and unity on line, in spite of all their wrecking and splitting. The timely purges of these elements, which introduce the spirit of cowardice, waverings and hesitation, has enabled us to weld further unities, has enabled us to close ranks and prepare for more battle on our way forward to our First Party Congress! Not ever relaxing vigilance we continue to intensify the struggle against the Right deviation and the conciliatory attitude towards it, produced by the Menshevik line.

We continue to purge our ranks of anyone who proves unworthy of the mighty title of Bolshevik, unworthy of being a member of the Bolshevik Party, the Party of Lenin, the Party of Proletarian Revolution; we continue to hammer out our Party’s basic line and programme of action, showing no mercy to opportunist elements who have hid in our ranks with the sole purpose of trying to derail us from the road we have chosen.

We Are Convinced More So Than Ever In The Correctness Of Our Line, And Will Continue To Defend It Against All Attacks.

We on the other hand continue stronger than ever convinced of the correctness of our line, convinced stronger than ever of the Bolshevik quality of our leadership, who’s integrity is not up for question convinced more than ever in the firmness in conviction of all the Bolshevik Party comrades, we continue more strongly than ever to have complete faith in the masses complete faith in our Party – and we stand united evermore so with the international Proletariat and in its interest will smash our own bourgeois state – overthrow our own bourgeoisie, and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat.

We stand more firmly convinced than ever guided by the vanguard parties of the international proletariat the correct and glorious Communist Party of China and Party of Labor of Albania; and more convinced than ever we stand with all our beloved teachers Comrade Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Comrade Mao Tsetung and Comrade Enver Hoxha.

Our ideological and political conviction is un-shakeable, no reaction in the world can stop the coming into being of the U.S. Bolshevik Party and the mighty Proletarian Revolution it will lead.

All the lies and slanderous attacks, the distortions of our history serve as further proof that the Mensheviks aid directly the secret political police.

Even More Dangerous Than External Provocation Is Internal Provocation The Internal Infiltration By The Secret Political Police.

In the beginning of this polemic we summed up some of the more glaring examples of external provocation. We will also note that along with all the ones already mentioned the political police as external provocation has also been known historically to provoke “Terroristic Acts” and blame it on the Communist Party. As the Comintern taught us:

One of the favorite methods of the secret police, one of the most effective means of inciting the wide masses against the Communist Party is for the political police to organize some terroristic act, some “attempt at assassination” so as to ascribe these acts to the Communists. This is an old weapon, but it is used today to an extreme and unprecedent extent. (1932 “Resolution on the Agent Provocateur”)

We are aware that the bourgeoisie and its political police will stop at nothing to try and divert us from the road we have chosen, that they may try to ascribe some terroristic act which they have organized against the Revolutionary Wing, they have done it historically against International Bolshevism, and they are not about to stop. In fact they have been doing ideological preparation for some time, for some kind of fabrication, aided by the purged elements in unison with the sham wing, who accuses the Revolutionary Wing, of “social fascism” an outright lie and slander, and an act of provocation.

External provocation is highly dangerous its aim is to isolate the Revolutionary Wing from the masses, to discredit the leadership which is being given and which will be continued to be given in the fight for our Party, to found it and consolidate it to lead the masses in making Proletarian Revolution, establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat to build a new order – a socialist society and on to the complete abolition of classes.

But even more dangerous than the external provocation is the internal provocation which goes on hand in hand. Lenin taught us the internal enemy is the worst kind of enemy. Because as they smile in our faces they are exploiting weaknesses, studying the internal situation, demoralizing our ranks, gathering information on how we are carrying out our tasks as we are building our Party, especially assignments of Party organizations most especially the basic illegal unit, the factory nuclei and specifically assigned units, information on individual members, including information about relatives, history of development, and habits. The secret political police are good at provoking situations from within, and then analyzing the strengths and weaknesses as we deal with whatever situation it may be. They specifically pop up when the struggle intensifies to provoke comrades into fights giving the appearance that we have adopted a putchist method of struggle. In fact in this recent period the intensification of the internal provocation has caused tremendous setbacks , we have summed up great lessons learning from our own mistakes the most serious being the relaxing of our vigilance in relation to internal provocation leaving the door wide open to the secret political police and their activities. They aim at disorganizing us, and at undermining our discipline; as we entered the second period of Party Building, there was an even greater penetration of enemy forces into the ranks of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement especially aimed at penetrating the Revolutionary Wing. From the onset they analyzed precisely our level of unity welded in the years of struggle against opportunism realized that indeed we have a revolutionary spirit, the Party spirit which reflects the love that we have for our class and the masses of oppressed people and In turn is reflected in the love that we have for our Party, a genuine love for all our comrades. They in turn immediately moved to systematically drain our Party spirit, Isolate and undermine the Bolshevik leadership, in an attempt to thoroughly demoralize our ranks. With the complete aid of the Mensheviks and all the opportunists who for years have been wrecking and splitting and who in fact make the work of the secret political police easier, they succeeded in demoralizing some comrades of less ideological and political conviction and turn comrades against the line, and caused damages in our work of Party building. But they have not been able to derail us, they have not broken our spirit, they have not overthrown our line, they are good only at distorting it. But our line is the Marxist-Leninist line on Party Building which indeed is the line of Proletarian Revolution in the U.S. They could not get us to compromise on the principles, of going against the tide, the principles of criticism and self-criticism and democratic centralism which these very elements could not even give lip service to.

Expose The Tactic Of The Secret Political Police – Spreading The View That We Are “impotent”, e.g.– Raising This Absurdity That We Have A Shallow, Understanding Of Democratic Centralism

After years of struggle for the strictest adherence and application of the principles of democratic centralism, in order to cause wavering on this question of fundamental principle for the Party, in an attempt to further their wrecking and splitting activities and to keep their covers, these elements of pus raise this absurdity.

This raises the important question of democratic centralism. Within the communist movement, there is a very shallow understanding of this, and in fact, led to many errors in the training of professional revolutionaries. (Ibid., pg. 28)

First of all within the “communist movement” there’s two wings and two lines on all questions of principle. The sham wing stands on Bureaucratic Centralism and fosters ultra-democracy, which gets reflected thru-out, never sum up errors, pride themselves for not purging their ranks, are loose knit organizations of the petty-bourgeoisie, propagating the freedom of factionalism, the freedom of the individual – have never armed the cadre in the science of Marxism-Leninism flowing from their line, which is a Menshevik line; Irrefutably democratic centralism flows from unity on the correct ideological and political line. It is not a matter of a “very shallow understanding” for these forces of treason it is a matter of opposition historically to the principles of democratic centralism, which they cannot even pay lip service to adherence to democratic centralism makes difficult the work of the secret political police. Note comrades they treat the matter as an “important organizational question”. They treat it as if it were a matter of the distribution of a leaflet. When in fact our internal unity and discipline depends on the adherence of the principles of Democratic Centralism. This internal unity which we weld through struggle is what our enemies fear like the plague and must try to come up against.

The First Party Congress Will Mean That The Birth Of Our Party Will Go Down in History!

They must try to come up against it because as we weld further unity in the fight for the correctness of our line, we draw closer and closer to the first Party Congress, when indeed the General Staff of the Proletariat its highest level of organization, with the internationalist responsibility to lead the masses to smash the bourgeois state. Our First Party Congress will mean that the birth of our Party will go down in history, as the fight to build it is already a chapter in the history of Proletarian Revolution in the U.S. The fact that we stand, genuinely united in the struggle to continue hammering out the Party’s basic line and Program, as opposed to the Menshevik line which gets propagated, first diffusively – OL’s line, ATM’s line, the leading circle with the “overall correct line” WVO – RU before they totally degenerated into thoroughgoing revisionist even had a song – “the R.U. line”. The line for each movement, the Menshevik line.

A Common Thread Binds All Mensheviks – Opposition To Hammering Out The Party’s Basic Line And Program – Opposition To Building The Party From Above.

The common thread that binds them all is that they attack and stand fundamentally opposed to the hammering out of the Party’s basic line and Program because it represents building the Party from above at the first Party Congress! Where the Mensheviks propagate that anyone, strikers, professors, lawyers anyone could be a member of the Party, they are incapable of even understanding what It means to build the Party organizations they are all out to build their own circle whether big or small. Flowing therefore from their Menshevik line they aide in every way the secret political police especially in its acts of provocation from within that’s why they all cheaply shout for the “benefit” of the “internal view”.

In the Comintern resolution against the agent provocateur, 1932, It makes crystal clear –

Acts of provocation from within, penetration of the enemy into the very ranks of the Party itself, are even a greater danger than the acts of provocation from without... the secret police at the present time are not only trying to discover what the internal situation of the Party is, (“the internal view” ed. note) but also to demoralize it, they are trying to influence its political line and to divert it on the wrong track.... the political police take advantage of ALL FACTIONAL fights against the general line of the Party and of the Comintern, and sometimes themselves organize such fights, in order to disrupt the Party, to paralyze its activities, to discredit its leadership. (emp. in original)

This has been exactly the activities of the secret political police in our ranks. Taking full advantage of the fight against the Menshevik line and for the hammering out of the Party’s basic line and program of action, the secret political police manuevers its way into the ranks of the Revolutionary Wing, before and after the split with the R.U. most specifically as we have drawn the lesson since we entered the second period of Party Building in 1972.

As Comrades remember in the old period both the Panther Party and the Young Lords Party were exemplary in identifying agent provocateurs mobilizing the masses against the State and the individual Provocateurs such as the struggle against the agent provacateur Carlos Aponte.

In 1973 there was an attempt to reverse this correct verdict, who led this? the secret political police, some of them were direct partners of Carlos Aponte such as the agent provocateur Richie Perez. The tactic of this provocateur was to squirm himself into our ranks, pretend to be a “nice guy” with technical skills, typing, shorthand, “self-sacrificing” never saying much playing at being a comedian, with a history of factionalism dating back to the days of the Y.L.P. He utilized his skills of stenography to work his way into our leadership where he became the “note” taker. Interestingly enough in minutes of Central Committee meetings everyone’s initials are recorded except his own. Always presenting “quick” unities, while all the time undermining unities, very good at distorting our line as is further documented, in the external provocation document. Whether directly or indirectly involved, in the actual writing of the External Provocation Document in studying how this agent provocateur has worked for a number of years, his particular style which is no different in essence than all of them, is reflected throughout the External Provocation Document. The lies and slanderous accusations launched at the Revolutionary Wing, about “Social fascism” have indeed been the fabrications of this agent provocateur, to cover up his Criminal Aims, while working with the rest of the apparatus set up by the intelligence community who then have utilized the Menshevik organizations especially ATM and Resistencia who are utilized by the political police to further their reactionary activities. The call initiated by LPR“ML” for the “Internal view” is definitely the work of the political police.

Richie Perez consistently provoked incidents in rallies, organizing the students particularly at Brooklyn College, in “take overs” of the administrators offices, where 44 students got arrested but not Richie Perez. Consistently provoking situations with the Trots (who long ago became bourgeois spies as Comrade Stalin taught us) to create the conditions for arrests. Internally the agent Richie Perez would provoke situations in social activities such as parties, weddings of cadres, getting into fist fights with other shaky elements and then calling the leadership on the phone to do a “self-criticism” for his behavior. With all of his supposed “Revolutionary” activity at Brooklyn College – Richie Perez still has his job. Coincidental? No! We quote from “On the Struggle Against the activities of the agent provocateurs” written by the Communist Party of Greece M-L. Which illustrates exactly which kind of agent Provocateur is Richie Perez.

The Second type of Police Agent is the informer, the paid agent provocateur, who works in a more permanent manner, and who, in time, becomes a factor in the intelligence service. This type of police agent is recruited from all professions and from all organizations. This kind of Police agent systematically informs the secret police on individuals and on the situation of the area where they are doing political work. They sometimes stay out of sight, shadowing – (Richie Perez was just that, on the C.C., a shadow ed.), the comrades from the G.C.P. continue –

and are even at times, the most “active” cadres or members, and are noted for their “capabilities” and for certain “achievements”. They are the most dangerous type of agent provocateur. The secret police, for its part, take great care in obtaining them through various means; that is by giving them an ordinary job, etc. In order for them not be discovered in their Milieu, they lead a more or less ordinary life, pay attention to their behaviour, are very active members and “faithful”, primarily during “risky” missions, and at times they undergo privation and hardship in the same manner as the real Comrades do.” Pg. 37

All comrades must take up the study of this pamphlet of international significance which the Comrades of the G.C.P. have written and which aides us in understanding the universal principles applicable in combatting the secret political police.

As a reflection of relaxing vigilance in relationship to internal provocation is why we had not exposed this agent provocateur to the masses before now, which indeed has left it open for him to continue his agent activities, and now be upheld by all the marsh forces as their “hero”. In fact we fell for his cover story, that he was a “Menshevik” – But not totally because with the weapon of Scientific Socialism we were able to correct our mistake probe more ’ deeply into his history and his activities throughout the 6 years that he had been conducting operations within our very midst; Priding himself for “achievments” in “organizing” the student “movement” pretending to be the most “active” with the most “capabilities” for the work in our organ Palante, where he rose as our paper’s editor. Richie Perez was ingenious in pretending that he was undergoing privation and hardship, got himself hospitalized at a time he had to stay out of sight, and worked with the experts which is another Type of political policeman in analyzing the political situation precisely in the time of extreme difficulty as was the year 1974, when the movement was going through tremendous changes, the lines of demarcation drawn even more sharply, and rapid development in the fight for the Party’s basic line and program, taking place. From his hospital bed he propagated CL’s line, which now he and his partners want to pretend it never happened, they did this to try and influence the political line, in an attempt to derail us from our tract. To turn around today and accuse us of the very things that the political police engineered through various tactics and through the work of the different types of agent provocateurs. Some of them took the posture of propagators of CL’s line and others took the posture of fighting against it, all types however attacked the Bolshevik line this was part of their self exposure. They could not all come at it in the same way because it would have been too obvious, but one thing they all undertook was internal provocation to create confusion and “chaos” to come up later with “the Revolutionary Wing in shambles” “the PRRWO degenerating” and the rest of the cheap slander that they hurled against us. All the vilifying of our Political line and our leadership, today, was consistently and consciously prepared for historically, and most specifically during 1974, where the struggle for the key link to Party Building was reaching a clearer and more precise definition. Throughout the External Provocation Document, there is the work of the secret political police, mocking our line, claiming that we were “unable” “knew very little about the problems of the unemployed” the outright lie that “we historically belittled cadre training” or that we were “totally unprepared to go about accomplishing even on a small scale” etc., etc. again we quote from the article against the Activities of the Agent Provocateur, written by the G.C.P.

While trying to undermine the authority of the leading cadres, they, at the same time, develop the view that the organization as a whole, does not have in its possession, comrades with authority and leadership abilities vilification is not restricted just to leading cadres, but in general embraces the whole of the organization as an organism, presenting it as unable in dealing with “the importance of historical necesities”, as impotent and that its concrete political line will not bring about any successes. Finally, the agent provacateurs complete their work by trying to destroy any possibility of adopting a correct political line. Such agent provocateur spring up when the organization is in the process of adopting its political line, the maintenance of which they foresee will lead to successes. IBID, pg. 22.

Herein lies all the present attacks on the key link to Party building, as we draw closer to our first Party Congress like springs in an old mattress popping up all over, trying to destroy all possibilities as we continue to hammer out our Party’s basic line, because they clearly foresee that it will surely lead to successes.

The External Provocation Document is precisely the springing up of the Secret Political Police to try and destroy our years of struggle for the Party’s line. Of course knowing that we will not capitulate, that indeed the road has been chosen, and rather than a weakening the reality is that we are welding more unities, determination and endurance, the secret political police is creating an atmosphere of hysteria aimed at discrediting the Revolutionary Wing, and place all blame on the Revolutionary Movement, for the decadence of this decaying bourgeois regime. All along they are preparing for arrests, falsifications of our history, slander of the leadership, attempts at demoralizing the ranks spreading hysteria are all part of the preparation to start arrests.

At this very moment the Grand Jury is convened under the pretext of trying to prosecute the terrorist group FALN, and under this guise will begin prosecuting the Bolshevik Party Cadres and terrorize the masses. In fact FALN has been of great help to the secret political police, these terrorists anarchists who attempt to excuse their political backwardness petti-bourgeois inadequacies, by the use of individual terrorism under the guise of being “leftist” and supposedly in the name of the Puerto Rico Independence Movement. What utter bankruptcy which in fact creates divisions in the international proletariat as was the terrorist act of the Fraunces Tavern Bombing, on Jan. 1975.

It is mostly anarchists, along with right-wing opportunists that are found doing this type of agent provocateur activity thus exhibiting and satisfying their own petti-bourgeois weaknesses. (In the Struggles Against the Activities of the Agent Provocatuers, pg. 28)

Bolsheviks stand in fundamental opposition to individual acts of terrorism, as this line stands in fundamental opposition to all Bolshevik principles most especially to the principle the masses make revolution the Party makes them conscious most specifically these recent acts of terrorism are directed against the developing U.S. Bolshevik Party, create a dangerous situation and aid the secret political police directly in repressing the revolutionary movement and aimed at destroying the Party. The international experience of the Proletariat teaches us that the acts of individual terrorism is a weapon that the bourgeoisie utilizes in striking blows at the Communist Parties, especially when they are young and still manifest the weaknesses in their process of maturing.

We Must Observe Meticulously Our Rules Of Security, As One Of The Protective Measures, ln The Struggle Against Agent Provocateurs.

Comrades tighten up, observe the strictest rules of security, fight for our line, imbue the masses with the Party spirit with all our might, on our way forward to the First Party Congress! Comrades, ours is a bitter battle against a vicious terrible enemy, who will stop at nothing to destroy our Party. We live in a society where the facade of bourgeois legality fosters social democracy and social pacifism, and a lax attitude towards our illegal work. Where the Revisionists and most specifically Right Opportunism as the main danger we face, propagates the view that this “legal” society will have a long duration. Suffice to mention the treachery of the liquidators who aim their treason at liquidating the Party organizations, most specifically the basic illegal unit the factory nuclei; It is of course opportune for the secret political’ police to raise up the RU – and promote the view that what we needed was a “broadening of our scope” of course the Mensheviks facilitate the penetration of the agent provocatuer into our very ranks in our very midst under the guise that We had to “broaden our scope”. Coupled with all the slanderous accusations and lies in general, they make a particular slanderous accusation directed at our leadership most specifically comrade Gloria Fontanez making the thoroughly unfounded slanderous accusation that the Leninist Core is being led by the police. It’s no surprise again historically the experience of International Bolshevism teaches us that the secret political police utilizes this tactic, to undermine the confidence of its members, liquidate the rank and file, and to cover their own agent activities. The escalation of the attacks on our line and our leadership pointed to the fact that these elements of pus would stoop this low. Of course, since what does not exist in reality cannot be proven, they have to distort reality in a million and one ways and then raise it up as “facts” what an exhibition of utter failure and weakness, on the part of our enemies.

As a dying class the bourgeoisie is utterly uncreative, must pull out the same old tactics with all the fungus that it has accumulated thru the years, of being an absolute burden on society. Again we quote from the article written by the comrades of the Greek Communist Party.

3. The defamation of comrades – for this, the method mainly used (our emp.) is that of spreading slanders of the type that such and such comrade has connections with the security police, or even that the organization as a whole is being led by police or by some espionage service. By this tactic of theirs, the agent-provocateurs aim at the Party’s rank and file, on the one hand to liquidate it, by undermining the confidence of its members, and on the other to cover up their own police agent activity. (Ibid., p. 24)

Throughout the pages of slanderous lies, falsifications and distortions of the External Provocation Document the reader if not swayed by this utter bankruptcy, will surely see this tactic of counter-revolution that is displayed from cover to cover.

An Indispensible Quality Of All Truly Bolshevik Parties Is Its Ability To Expose Before The Eyes Of The Masses The Work Of The Secret Political Police.

In an Internal Communique on August 1975, we intensified the struggle to arm comrades to combat the secret political police as part of the exposure of the bourgeois plan, we clearly stated:

The ultimate aim of all this related activity is to stop the motion towards Party building and consolidation. In this period, the bourgeoisie has two alternatives – smash the motion to build the Party before It develops any further and therefore cause another temporary, painful setback; or wait in hiding, wither the newly formed Party and destroy it before its consolidation, either by usurping its leadership through the revisionists or terroristic elimination or a combination of both.

We stand more convinced than ever of the correctness of our line, tested in practice, hammered out through struggle and flowing from it correct analysis such as the one above.

It is now becoming a matter of great potentiality, the intensification of the attacks on the line of the Revolutionary Wing, are an active attempt on the part of the bourgeoisie to smash the motion to build our Party as they prepare to attempt to destroy it as we move towards the Congress and forward towards the consolidation of our Party. This means that it is absolutely imperative that we intensify the struggle against the agent provocateurs and expose before the masses the work of the secret political police which is a protracted struggle, for as long as the bourgeoisie exists so will the secret political police.

To intensify the struggle for our Party we must strengthen the ties with the masses; combining the legal and illegal work on the basis of a strict division, develop the fractions inside the mass organizations in keeping with our organization directive, strengthen the Party Committees, organize the Party Branch, and build the Factory Nuclei which must be carried out as an integral whole – in relation to the building of the non-Party mass organizations, resolutely move forward to build the Young Bolshevik League, and the National Liberation Support Committee; carry out the work of propaganda as the chief form of activity; some Party Branches are exemplary in this work while others still manifest a laxity and a lack of boldness in putting out propaganda and a hesitency in fighting for the line. Throughout we must strike the Menshevik line yet more blows in order that we may correct the right deviation, which is an opportunist deviation and the concilliatory attitude towards it which is frankly opportunism.

The right deviation is at the root cause for the lateness, and the laxity in all our propaganda and agitational work, most especially the work of carrying out timely political exposures, e.g. the brutal assassination of Randolf Evans – and recently the explosion at one of the plants where comrade workers were very seriously injured due to the criminal working conditions under this barbaric decadent capitalist system. The right deviation is at the root cause for the laxity in the ideological struggle, producing waverings, making a call for peaceful debates, which threatens us comrades because it degenerates to peaceful transition to socialism – out and out Revisionism. “Without ideological struggle the Party’s life would come to an end” – correctly taught us our great leader and great teacher Mao Tsetung, Never capitulate comrades to the treachery that we are having too much struggle. Unity is indeed relative while struggle is absolute. Without struggle we cannot weld genuine unities, and our fighting capacity is therefore undermined, leaving us thoroughly open for enemy attacks; and enemy infiltration. We must combat the bureaucratism which is how the Right deviation manifests Itself organizationally, strengthen democratic centralism, stand and fight for our line, and stand and rally behind the correct leadership given by the Acting Central Committee. Strengthen criticism and self criticism, and unleash the criticism from below, submit all our work to the supervision of the masses, and seek criticism from them, as we win the advanced to the side of communism, win the confidence of the broad masses winning them to the side of the vanguard. Turn Party influence into Party authority, apply in everything we do the Method of Leninism no other method is applicable, imbue the masses with the Party spirit!

Put To Rout The Right Deviation And The Conciliatory Attitude Towards It Which Is Hampering Our Work To Call Into Being The First Party Congress

Hampering our work greatly is the conciliatory attitude towards the Right deviation which brings the opportunists under its wing. The conciliatory attitude is highly dangerous, and manifests itself in the thoroughly opportunist nature of consistently putting the line up for question. Negating the historical struggle for our line the conciliatory attitude fosters the Right deviation, directly attacks the Bolshevik line, propagating that the line is arrived at “aspect by aspect” and that therefore “some parts are correct and others are still up for question” clearly this thoroughly metaphysical and idealist viewpoint, winds up propagating “peaceful debate” and is manifested thru the phrasemongering of the line; while at the first sign of difference or challenge against the Bolshevik line, a conciliatory attitude, in the form of “what do comrades think?” “How do comrades view it?”; “Come forward” and the spreading of ideological confusion immediately comes to the fore. Due to this conciliatory, attitude there has been a manifestation of waverings on the line, and especially in these times of difficulty, of intense attack by the enemy, these waverings present a particularly dangerous situation in the fight against the Right deviation and the conciliatory attitude towards it as we go forward to our First Party Congress.

A spirit of rebellion against centralized leadership is being unleashed, and introduced by the Right deviation and the conciliatory attitude towards it which directly aids the work of the secret political police. The call for ultra-democracy to cover the bureaucratism and the bureaucrats is manifesting itself, all in an attempt to overthrow the line, by undermining our unities which most definitely include the rallying behind the elected Acting Central Committee. Yet when comrades get attacked, slandered, and the leadership of the Acting Central Committee is undermined, the conciliatory attitude comes to buffer to soften the blow against the Right deviation. When a call to raise the vigilance and rally comrades to fight against the conciliatory attitude is made by the centralized leadership given in the fight for our line, the conciliatory attitude manifests itself in “its not necessary to make the rallying call”, “let’s phrasemonger the line”, because “we are all equally fighting for it”. If this were a fact our problems would be of a different nature. In addition to the fact that we do not escape the laws of uneven development, and the fact that the conciliatory attitude towards the Right deviation is manifested in our highest level of leadership, and most definitely the conciliatory attitude stands opposed to the organized fight against the Right deviation and therefore attacks the centralized leadership given to the organized fight, which is concretely a manifestation of the attack on the Bolshevik line, an attack on our Party and on our class which it serves. Rather than help comrades in these times of difficulty when the responsibility of giving leadership, standing consistently on ideological and political conviction, withstanding attack upon attack, and some comrades who yet don’t understand what it means to hold high the banner of International Bolshevism, at times manifest a stubborness in learning from comrades who have thru the years of struggle acquired the skill of specialist in the fight for our line, but even worse comrades who manifest a conciliatory attitude and under the guise of “we are all equally fighting for the line” really mean that they are the sole proprietor of the line. This manifestation of careerist tendencies like in all our history must be actively combatted, it fosters the Right deviation, the bureaucratic tendencies, it stifles initiative and creativity, on all levels and it stifles criticism from below, this is indeed a manifestation of the highly dangerous conciliatory , attitude towards the Right frankly opportunism deviation. The conciliatory attitude propagates that the Right deviations are errors, and that it is “ultra-leftism” to treat it as an opportunist deviation, which indeed fosters the Right deviation, justifying such treachery as “take over the union bureaucracy” as a mere error, where indeed it’s the Menshevik line of move the trade unions to the left, the right opportunism of militant trade unionism, the propagation of subservience to the spontaneous movement. On the organizational directive – which the Right deviation thoroughly rejects and instead propagates the building of the rank and file caucuses, as the main form of work for the Party, which attacks the basic illegal unit the factory nuclei, in effect propagating liquidationism of the basic illegal unit. We must thoroughly grasp that indeed the Right deviation produced by the Menshevik line will manifest both the unity trend and the liquidationist trend – as they are both trends within Menshevism. To reduce the Right deviation which is a deviation away from the Bolshevik line to mere errors, is to raise up a paper fight against the deviation and therefore oppose the organized fight against it. To reduce the right deviation to errors is to allow the open propagation of the treacherous Menshevik line of Party from below, line from below, to spread like wild fire thru our ranks; is to allow and cover up the bourgeois manuevers, factionalist activities, such as “there’s more struggle on the PC than on the DPC”. Propagated by a charlatan deviator, who refused to get off the Right deviation instead actively propagated it, and in fact was purged, from our ranks as his consistent bourgeois manuevers, and his wrecking and splitting called for a resolute removal from our ranks of this one time member of the Acting Central Committee. The conciliatory attitude allowed for the propagation of the deviation and the bourgeois manuevers, which was intended to isolate comrades from the ACC to later turn around and raise the voice of betrayal that comrades giving exemplary Bolshevik leadership are “not standing on the Bolshevik line”. It stands to reason the reason that our leadership is able to lead the fight for the line it’s because we stand resolutely for its correctness.

We have indeed as throughout our years of struggle for the Party drawn many lessons, particularly important to sum up the lessons drawn since our historic First Plenary of the Leninist Core of the Revolutionary Wing. We entered the Plenary determined to strike Right Opportunism and Modern Revisionism the main danger we face yet more blows, in the fight for our line we came out of the Plenary, with the victory of exposing the anti-Party bloc of liquidators, welding further unities as to the correctness of our line, determined more resolutely than ever to strike yet more blows at the Mensehvik line, the Right deviation it has produced and the conciliatory attitude towards it (We refer comrades to the Political Report, Vol. 6, #11) we elected the ACC and the Acting Standing Committee and proceeded to assure that the work of drafting the Party Programme was proceeding forward under centralized leadership, as with all our work of Party Building. The ACC was elected to lead forward all our work moving steadily towards the First Party Congress. Assuring that indeed we strengthen all the Party organizations, most especially strengthen the Party Committees, organize the Party Branch and build the Factory Nuclei, particularly important is Letter to A Comrade, by Comrade Lenin as our guide, and the application to our concrete conditions, which reflected the scatteredness of our forces, the going out of being of old forms of-organization i.e. PRRWO-RWL, the coming into being of Party organizations, our Party organized along new revolutionary lines.

We Are Building The Iron Fist Which Will Lead The Masses In Striking The Fatal Blow At U.S. Imperialism

The strength and development of the Party’s basic line and Programme, that which is essential for the welding of our forces of bringing together of our forces, bringing together the best that the Proletariat has brought to the fore and assemble under one roof ready to fight as one man, as Comrade Lenin taught us, with the stability of an iron fist, preparing the masses who will be ready at any moment to strike the death blow at U.S. imperialism. With the coming Into being of our Party, the going out oi being the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement. The Party ready to carry on more battles against all the petty-bourgeois parties, prepared to engage in still more struggle against modern day Revisionism, outside and inside the Party. Ever more so prepared to lead the Proletariat and the masses on to the onslaught against one of the headquarters of world reaction, U.S. imperialism, in the interest of proletarian internationalism. Fighting self complacent optimism which tries to deny that indeed we are fighting a vicious enemy, a paper tiger which must be taken tactically seriously. That despicable self complacent optimism which serves to cover the activities of the Secret Political Police. Or the other side of the same coin, pessimism, which raises, that the bourgeoisie is stronger than the proletariat negating therefore the dialectical and historical materialism, the bourgeoisie in deed is what’s going out of being along with it all its social props – pessimism also has the effect of covering up the activities of the Secret Political Police. Coming into being is the Proletariat, who as the ruling class organized in the form of the dictatorship of the proletariat will lead the fight to transform all of society build socialism and abolish classes forever. We counterpose both these bourgeois views with Proletarian Revolutionary Optimism, which stands with our bright future while never losing sight of the fact that indeed the road is tortuous as Comrade Mao taught us.

The Party Is Propelled Forward By The Struggle Of The Proletariat And Oppressed Masses Themselves To Fight In Their Interest!

The Party has many enemies, the bourgeoisie tries in a million and one ways to avoid its unavoidable doom, and downfall. It therefore infiltrates our ranks, and sets its political police to zealously work at counter-revolution trying at every turn to stop the inevitable formation and consolidation of the U.S. Bolshevik Party. Although it is impossible for the bourgeoisie to keep the Party from coming into being we must not loose sight of the fact that there have been very serious setbacks, 20 years our class has been without its general staff, without its Political Party, due directly to the treacherous betrayal of the Revisionist “CP”USA and those who followed on this path of treason the New Revisionists, the Mensheviks, and all other opportunists who stand as Anti-Party forces.

In those 20 years the wrecking and splitting, the sabotage by paid and unpaid bourgeois agents, has meant a lot of suffering for the masses. On the other hand the development of our Party propelled forward by the millions of deprived, and humiliated, working men and women, and the masses of semi-proletarians, oppressed nationalities, youth, all the masses of the people. From a lower to a higher level, thru the twist and turns, we have arisen from the exploited and oppressed, and in turn we have committed our lives to serve the people. We have made many mistakes, learning from them, correct those, though we will make others. But it is as Comrade Lenin wrote and taught us –

Let the corrupt bourgeois press shout to the whole world about every mistake our revolution makes. We are not daunted by our mistakes. People have not become saints because the revolution has begun. The toiling classes who for centuries have been oppressed, downtrodden and forcibly held in the vice of poverty, brutality, and ignorance cannot avoid mistakes when making a revolution. And, as I pointed out once before, the corpse of the bourgeoisie cannot be nailed in a coffin and buried. The corpse of capitalism is decaying and disintegrating in our midst, polluting the air and poisoning our lives, enmeshing that which is new, fresh, young and virile in thousands of threads and bonds of that which is old, moribound, and decaying.

Comrade Lenin continues –

For every hundred mistakes we commit, and which the bourgeoisie and their lackies (including our own Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries) shout about to the whole world, 10,000 great and heroic deeds are performed, greater and more heroic because they are simple and inconspicuous amidst the everyday life of a factory district or a remote village, performed by people who are not accustomed (and have no opportunity) to shout to the whole world about their successes. (Letter to American Workers, pg. 14)

Vultures cannot understand this and so they try to exploit any weakness, they try to leach on to past mistakes, already rectified, they would like for us not to deal with the new problems we face. But we shall not give up an inch of the ground gained in the struggle against opportunism, we shall build our Party to completion, and we shall continue to mobilize the millions of exploited and oppressed masses against that greedy minority, this handful of bloodsucking multi-millionaires whose hands are dripping with the blood of millions of people killed, and tortured thru-out the world and here at home.

The Party, comrades, is that mightiest of the weapons in the hands of the Proletariat, which thru the fight for its line and programme will lead the masses and overturn U.S. imperialism.

American Working Class Carries On With Comrade Lenin’s Behest!

We stand Comrade Lenin and with honor we will carry out his behest.

The American workers will not follow the bourgeoisie. They will be with us, for Civil War against the bourgeoisie. The whole history of the world and of the American labor movement strengthens my conviction that this is so. (Ibid., pg. 11)

And so it is. Standing on the revolutionary traditions of our class, fighting against all who carry on in the traditions of the Second International, we march forward with more determination than ever to score complete victory over the bourgeoisie.

It is as Comrade Lenin taught us “the Party must take the lead in everything.”

On our way forward to the First Party Congress

–Bolshevism on the Rise–

the Acting Central Committee