Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line


First Published: Bolshevik, Political Organ of the Revolutionary Wing, Vol. 6, No. 11, November-December 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Comrades, Bolshevik Party Cadre:

The intensity of the struggle in the international situation with all its complexities makes it that much more crucial than ever that we guard against subjectivism, haste, speculation and jumping to conclusions, which can only serve to feed into the hands of reaction.

The bourgeoisie has launched a vicious campaign to discredit and throw mud on the glorious and correct CPC and at the mighty stronghold of the international proletariat the PRC. Daily in the bourgeoisie press the superpowers report on how they analyze the situation in China. Of course their malicious aims are to sow dissension in the ranks of the international Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement. They aim at spreading pessimism and at splitting the international Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement from its advanced detachment, its vanguard Party the Communist Party of China. The superpowers with slander paint a gloomy picture like the Sham Wing who serve them turning the world upside down, twisting the situation to meet their interest, creating public opinion in their pursuit to intensify capitalist encirclement and aid the capitalist roaders who Chairman Mao said “are still on the capitalist road.”

There is no doubt in our minds that the inner Party struggle in the CPC is intense. Chairman Mac before he died personally led the struggle against Teng Hsiao Ping’s revisionist line and the Right Deviationist Wind in the Party. He stressed very clearly “the bourgeoisie is inside the Party” and that “class struggle is the key link”. Chairman Mao’s Proletarian revolutionary line, once again triumphed over Teng Hsiao Ping’s Revisionist counter revolutionary line and scheme to reverse correct verdicts. And today by standing and applying Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line and directives the CPC will continue to score victory upon victory against the bourgeoisie inside and outside the Party.

Our stands must be resolute we must not give reaction not one single inch, to trample on the mighty principle laid down in sweat and blood, by the glorious Chinese Revolution. We must act in accordance to principle. The only correct stand is a principled stands. We must be guided by the Leninist norms of struggle. We stand unswervingly that the struggle in the CPC, is inner Party struggle and that we will guard against and fight any attempt at interference by the marsh forces and educate the masses as to the interference of the superpowers who clearly are relying on their intelligence apparatus in the People’s Republic of China to report to them; the U.S. and U.S.S.R. must pull out all intelligence espionage activity in the PRC. For the U.S. and U.S.S.R. having to resort to espionage is their nature making trouble, failing, making more trouble till their doom, we’re confident that it is as the PLA has clearly layed down with determination, the enemy might come in but they will never leave alive.

Guard Against Haste, Speculation And Subjectivism

We stand firm as Chairman Mao taught us – ideological struggle, inner Party struggle is the lifeblood of the Party and is resolved thru the weapon of criticism and self-criticism; we are confident our comrades in the CPC are moving forward guided by Chairman Mao’s Proletarian Revolutionary Line. We must guard against haste and proceed with caution not jump to speculation or be fooled by the U.S. Imperialist and Soviet Social Imperialist, we must not play into their hands and must not cater to their wishful thinking, their hopes and dreams that capitalism be restored in the PRC. The bourgeoisie seems to forget that the PRC is led by the glorious and correct CPC, they seem to forget that the whole nation is under a democratic centralism as the Party leads the proletariat and the masses to consolidate the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, the bourgeoisie seems to forget that the whole nation is guided and actively studies the greatest weapon of the proletariat in achieving its emancipation and retaining it, M-L-MTT. And of course the bourgeoisie is incapable of understanding that China is the cradle of Marxism Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought. The bourgeoisie knows damn well that they would have to deal with 800 million strong a people’s liberation army who has been trained in the course of beating back and defeating enemy upon enemy of the Chinese socialist motherland. The bourgeoisie also wants to gloss over the fact that revolution is the main trend in the world today and that the worlds people will rally around and defend the dignity and glory of the Chinese socialist motherland.

But the bourgeoisie does not stand alone in its bad memory – pessimism in our ranks also forgets also denys, also raises doubt and hesitation on the bright future, that future that alone belongs to the proletariat who will emancipate mankind from exploitation and oppression forever.

Never Relax Our Vigilance – We Stand On Proletarian Revolutionary Optimism

Pessimism in our ranks is clearly a reflection of the secondary aspect in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement. The Menshevik line which propagates that the Bourgeoisie is strong, the proletariat weak. How doomed a view, what bankrupt a line which derives its strength from reaction from what’s going out of being. We on the other hand must stand on proletarian revolutionary optimism, we must always stand with the proletariat, the class that is raising which is gaining strength day by day which led by the Party will rise up and smash the bourgeoisie state , set up its rule the DOP and proceed to construct socialism until we reach our final aim, the complete abolition of Classes.

The revolution has many twists and turns, we must not confuse proletarian revolutionary optimism which is M-L in character with self-complacent optimism which is despicable and serves the bourgeoisie. Self complacent optimism is also a reflection of the secondary aspect a reflection of the influence of the Menshevik line inside our ranks, the ranks of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, self-complacent optimism serves to relax our vigilance. In the present situation self-complacent optimism raises up that all which is going on is bourgeois slander everything is cool, liquidating the fact that there is two lines, two roads, two classes, that classes exist under socialism and as Chairman Mao has clearly pointed out the bourgeoisie is inside the Party, though a sign of their weakness, Chairman Mao’s directive is that class struggle is the key ling and the threat of capitalist restoration exists as long as the bourgeoisie exists. To quote Chairman Mao, “Socialist society, he wrote, “covers a considerably long historic period. In the historic period of socialism there are still classes, class contradictions and class struggle, there is the struggle between the socialist road and the capitalist road and there is the danger of capitalist restoration, he said, we must recognize the protracted and complex nature of this struggle. We must ..heighten our vigilance.”

Chairman Mao points out to us the protracted nature of this struggle and the danger in our ranks to forget this, to want to act on emotion and subjectivist analysis to want to jump to conclusions and rely on bourgeois analysis must be combatted. We must remember the struggle is complex and only M-L-MTTT can answer the complex questions posed by the proletarian revolution, the consolidation of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and on to the complete abolition of classes.

Both pessimism and despicable self-complacent optimism run counter to M-L-MTTT it stems from the worship of spontaneity the ideological root of all opportunism and its social basis is the petty-bourgeoisie with its waverings from being elated to being demoralized at the twists and turns of the revolution.

These are class ideas which are alien to the proletariat and must be thoroughly rejected from the ranks of its Party, we must repulse it, we emphasize, these dangerous trends are a reflection of the secondary aspect of the contradiction the Menshevik line.

Both pessimism and self-complacent optimism serve to disarm the Party cadres the class and the masses. We must actively strike it blows as we aim the direction of the main blow at right opportunism and revisionism the main danger in the world and clearly the U.S. Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement is no exception, in fact its concrete manifestation is the Menshevik line and its main exponents is the sham wing. We must stand on the line of the International Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement as laid down in a proposal concerning the general line, we must learn from the glorious example of the CPC and the Party of Labor of Albania in the battle against modern revisionism – This must be our stands – we quote Enver Hoxha,

The Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania proceeds from the Marxist Leninist principle that, in order to express its opinion about the ideological and political mistakes of another Marxist Party, first it must be convinced with facts about the existence of these mistake and this conviction must be created in analyzing in the Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party, without passion and on the basis of the Marxist Leninist method, all the relevant arguments concerning this question, that is, both the arguments presented by the side making the criticisms and the arguments presented by the side which is criticized, After this Marxist Leninist analysis has been made by the Plenum of the Central Committee of our Party, then and only then, shall we be in a position to express our opinion objectively about the mistakes of another Party.

Firmly Adhere To The Leninist Norms of Discipline And Organization

This must be our line of conduct, we must firmly adhere to the Leninist norms of discipline and organization, we must act according to principle and never relax our vigilance we must not give up a single inch, of our struggle and our victories against opportunism and revisionism, we must combat political carelessness which amounts to putting a dagger in the heart of the Party. We must adhere to principle, stand on the correctness of the line of the Revolutionary Wing, the Bolshevik line and in the spirit of internationalism we must be convinced with facts about the mistakes of any other M-L Party for not to do so would amount to putting a dagger in the heart of the international proletariat and the oppressed masses the world over. We must remind ourselves of this every year, every month and every day, and act according to principle for this is the only conduct for Bolshevik Party Cadres.

The sham wing of course will say nothing of the situation, they like the bourgeoisie have the diehard belief that socialism cannot triumph, so to them the bourgeois analysis is correct and they will act upon it, as they do today spreading pessimism in their frenzied petty-bourgeois belief that war and not revolution is the main trend in the world today, they pursue this bankruptcy propagating the theory of equilibrium two contending trends. The doom of the Menshevik line is nearing in, we must consciously and actively beat it back and defeat it till the wind blows away the dust that remains. We must never relax our vigilance, we must apply our internationalist duty by proceeding resolutely towards our first Party Congress. Grasp firm hold of the key link. Party Cadres, struggle out every shade of difference, combat liberalism which stands for unprincipled peace go against the tide, this is a Marxist Leninist principle by actively engaging in ideological and political struggle, the life blood of our Party rising and growing strong in the struggle against opportunism and revisionism.

It is as the great Lenin taught us – he said: “...the Party tasks of the bolsheviks which in 1906-1907 consisted in overthrowing the Menshevik Central Committee, as a body which lacked the support of the majority of the Party (not only the Poles and lelts, but even the bundists) were against the central committee which was purely Menshevik at the time - and which now consists in patiently training up partyist elements and knitting them together, in building up a really united and strong proletarian Party.” (Lenin, “On the Road”) We stand with Lenin, no amount of slander and demagoguery of sophistry by anyone will derail us, we will continue to act according to the principles laid down, and assemble, gather, unite all the partyist elements and knitting them together build up a truly united and strongly disciplined proletarian Party, the Party of Lenin and Stalin, the Party of a new type which will gain authority and respect, and constantly bolshevize its ranks, bringing forward, nurturing itself with the most advanced class conscious proletarian elements, purging itself of opportunism we act according to this principle layed down by Bolshevism historically, the bourgeoisie and its social props tremble at the coming into being of the U.S. Bolshevik Party. Truly comrades its bolshevism that is on the rise in the U.S. and the world over. Lenin said –

Now the Bolsheviks must build the Party, build the Party out of their wing, build up the Party by utilizing the vantage ground gained in the inner Party struggle.

And it is out of our wing comrades, that we too will build our Party, utilizing as Lenin taught us the vantage ground gained m the inner struggle in the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement. With a long history of struggle between the two lines two roads, two classes, comrades, we must defeat the start from scratch view which flows from metaphysics and idealism. The road has been chosen, we Bolshevik Party cadres, must build our Party and build it we will.

Fight For The Correctness Of The Bolshevik Line Imbue The Masses With The Party Spirit

To sum up in this presentation, we draw out four specific directives, they are to be carried out to the letter no hesitation can be allowed in the ranks of the Leninist Core. It is in your hands Bolshevik Party cadres to carry them out under centralized leadership to imbue the masses with the Party spirit by fighting for the line by acting according to the principles laid down.

These directives are:

1. That the CPC which is guided by Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line is a glorious and correct Party and that the struggle is inner Party struggle which we know that guided by Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line will be resolved thru the mighty weapon of criticism and self criticism, and the Proletariat will achieve still greater victory. The principles of International Bolshevism will undoubtedly win out. Practice Marxism not Revisionism, unite and don’t split, be open and above board, don’t intrigue and conspire!

2. We stand firmly that we will not allow mud to be thrown on the glorious stronghold of the International Proletariat the People’s Republic of China, to counteract it we will accelerate the education of the masses as to the nature of the slander by the bourgeoisie, its aims and its actions. We must not give reaction not one single weapon to pursue its total reactionary pursuit of capitalist encirclement. In accordance:

3. That we guard against and fight subjectivism, haste and jumping to conclusions. Act according to principle – No investigation, No right to speak. Scientific all sided analysis, the stance, viewpoint and method of M-L-MTT is the only way to proceed. We stand on M-L-MTTT on the line of the International Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement led by the CPC and the PLA, we stand on Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line.

4. We stand on the correctness of our line and we move forward resolutely to our first Party Congress!

To conclude we quote from our great leader and great teacher Chairman Mao: “It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.”