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Revolutionary Communist Party Founded!


First Published: Revolution, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1, 1975.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The founding Congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA, composed of delegates from all parts of the country, has concluded its work, adopted the Constitution and Programme of the Party, and elected its leading committees.

This is both an act of determined dedication and a historic moment. The Party of the working class has been born out of struggle and will not abide until the full power of the class has been mobilized against all oppression, until the monied rulers of this land are driven from power by the working class and its allies, and the roots of exploitation are ripped out once and for all.

There are those who would say that the above is mere assertion and boasting to keep from weeping. They see the wealth bludgeoned out of our labor and tormented out of colonial peoples in the hands of a most powerful and unscrupulous ruling class; they see the navies and the armies, the police and the courts, the weapons of mass destruction, the secret and open terror, even the leadership of our unions in the possession of servants of the rulers, and declare that there is no hope under heaven, that starvation, murder, disease and death in imperialist war for the preservation of capitalist profit cannot be overcome. They ask: How can the class be united when capitalist agents are everywhere declaring themselves “pro-labor” or even “communist,” polluting the ideological atmosphere, sidetracking the struggles, and, out of greed or fear, sabotaging every forward motion, acting the dagger in the back?

All this should be noted and taken full account of, but opposite conclusions should be drawn. These are not the characteristics of a ruling class secure in its infamy, but a class in crisis, a desperate class, a class marked for extinction. Of course, they will not simply pass away. They must be put away, and that will surely be; that is the true inevitability. Forced to struggle, the peoples of the world inflict defeat upon defeat. Forced to struggle, the working class and oppressed peoples in this country build their strength, through all difficulties and misdirections weld unity in the struggle and develop the necessary solidarity and leadership to prevail.

It is in this context that the founding of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA is responsibly undertaken. Created out of class struggle, it is determined to carry the struggle through to the end of exploitive capitalism to socialist victory and to the advance to communism. It will strengthen its ties to the working masses and learn from them by boldly entering every battle against exploitation and oppression, by fanning every spark of consciousness and in that process develop the triumph of the working class over the capitalist class. Aware of the many difficulties and historic pitfalls, the Revolutionary Communist Party will not slide into easy accommodation with imperialism nor chase the wisp of painless progress. The truth is forged in the struggle and perseverance in struggle is the guarantee of ultimate success.

The working class of this country has an inspiring history of struggle. We will surely learn to strip the smiling mask from every reactionary, expose every false friend, and unite with every real ally. We will surely win.