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Programme and Constitution of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA


The Programme and Constitution published here were adopted by the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA (RCP) at its founding Congress in 1975. As the Constitution states, ”The Revolutionary Communist Party is the political Party of the working class, the vanguard of the working class of the USA, and stands with the working class world-wide.”

The Programme of the RCP summarizes the present situation facing the working class in its struggle and points the road forward. It is a concentration of the Party’s basic aims, strategy and tasks as the Party of the working class. It sets forth to the working class the goal of its struggle – revolution, socialism and ultimately communism – and the means to achieve this historic goal. It is a guide to action.

The Constitution of the RCP summarizes the basic Programme of the Party and sets down its basic organizational principles which enable it to carry out its tasks and responsibilities as the Party of the working class.

These documents are not only guidelines for the work and actions of Party members, but are published together as a statement to the U.S. working class from its Party. In the course of carrying out its work, based on the principles set down in the Programme and Constitution, the Party will deepen its understanding of the situation and the road forward, especially as it continually deepens its ties with the masses of workers in struggle and learns from them. We welcome and invite any ideas and suggestions that will enrich our understanding and advance the movement of the working class to emancipate itself and all humanity, and we urge workers and others involved in the revolutionary struggle to contact us in this spirit.