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First Published: Palante, Political Organ of the Revolutionary Wing, Vol. 6, No. 11, November-December 1976.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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In keeping with moving resolutely towards the First Congress of the U.S. Bolshevik Party, the Leninist Core of the Revolutionary Wing of the Anti-Revisionist Communist Movement, just recently held a most succesful plenum which served to further the consolidation and welding the unity of the Leninist Core in an all round fight against the Right deviation and the conciliationist attitude toward it, as we strike yet more blows at Right opportunism and Modern Revisionism. In the course of the struggle we applied what comrade Chou En Lai taught us, ”By perservering in the struggle for the correct line we shall win.” It has been in fact in the struggle for the correctness of the Bolshevik line, perservering and standing firm that we indeed flushed out the hidden Anti-Party Bloc of liquidators and scored still more victories in the struggle against the main danger Right opportunism and Revisionism, thus moving resolutely forward another firm step towards our First Party Congress.

The fight for the plenum itself was hard and bitter. The opportunist of all hues, the bureaucrats and bureaucratism which has the aim of stiffling struggle and isolating the leadership from the cadre and the Party from the masses, revealed its ugly features thru-out the struggle for the plenum (as it has historically) during the struggle to organize it which was sabotaged every inch of the way, and at the plenum itself.

The sabotage of the line struggle has ranged from obstructing the actual printing of the Party’s press, to calling for a consultative conference (where different opinions would be discussed and reports of work of different Party Committees would be dealt with, but no decisions reached) in order to stall for time so that the forstering of the Right deviation and the concilitory attitude toward it could go on with the goal of overthrowing the Bolshevik line to bring the Right to power.

Party Cadre – Builders of the U.S. Bolshevik Party – Stand Firm

The Party elements the builders of the U.S. Bolshevik Party, stood firm led the unfolding of the struggle, summed up acheivements and setbacks, fought for the plenary in the interest of moving resolutely forward toward the First Congress, and in the Party spirit entrenched in the spirit of Proletarian Revolution, opened the plenum more determined than ever to unmask all enemies of the Party, united as a steeled fist and rally all Party elements, closing ranks, and conducting ourselves as Bolsheviks we fought in all confidence for the correctness of the line, exposing the hidden Anti-Party Bloc hidding out on all levels from the highest levels all the way thru to the lower levels. Working together wrecking and splitting; the bourgeoisie inside the Party, Revisionist in theory and tactics, liquidators of the Party institutions, liquidators of the illegal apparatus

The Fight for the Correctness of the Line Drags Out Hidden Traitors

The fight for the correctness of the line, dragged out these hidden traitors from the most remote corners in which they hid themselves. The Plenum timely and correct flowing from the Bolshevik line. The training of the Party Cadre, trained to recognize the enemies of the Party no matter what mask they pull up on their ugly faces, no matter how long a coat they pick up at the Salvation Army, no matter what form of shaming they cloth themselves in, the training of the cadre and all class conscious workers in the historical fight for our Party ripped results once again, leaving no stone unturned, refusing to bite out tungs, unswerving defending the interest of our class and serving its Party, we scored another victory in the hard and tourtous road of revolution, the future is indeed bright!

We have chosen the road we refuse to be derailed, let go of our hands you slimy gentlemen and ladies of the marsh; Go ahead build your “legal workers Associations, the proletariat will repulse you, its Party will lead the class in a determined struggle against you, you will not liquidate the illegal apparatus, you will not destroy the Party! The struggle for the Party, continues to bring forward the advanced class conscious proletarians who continuing to take the struggle for the Party into their own hands – while the petti-bourgeois wavering elements disert the Party disert the struggle for it. You disert it because the fight for the line proven correct in the fight for the U.S. Bolshevik Party leaves you little room to maneuver, and like spoiled brats you cut your nose to spite your own faces.

That’s what you did at the plenum, one by one you came forward to obstruct, to promote your careers, to refuse to submit to the collective decisions and resolutions of our historic plenum. Most specifically you oppose the resolute motion forward towards our first Party Congress, – build the Party from above as Lenin taught us. You oppose Lenin and Stalin, you oppose all the teachers while you have openly propagated the freedom of criticism, the freedom to factionalize to wreck and split, the freedom to pursue your career. You opposed the elections of the Acting Central Committee composed of the staunchest fighters and defenders of the line, you direct yourselves at liquidating the Center, and placing yourselves in the most responsible and authoratative positions of leadership. You underestimated the Bolshevik Party Cadre what a terrible mistake.

You resorted to slander and sophistry, and all the time it served as self exposure.

Schemers Can Never Win – Forward Resolutely to 1st Party Congress

With all your manuvers all the damage you’ve done, the setbacks you’ve caused only proves once again-Schemers can never win – our Plenum scored victories and resolved –

1. Forward to the First Congress of the U.S. Bolshevik Party –

2. Unanimous approval and support by all Party elements who rallied around and elected the Acting Central Committee to lead the struggle forward–to draft the Program and organize the First Congress.

3. That in keeping with what’s coming into being, we changed the name of the Party’s Political Organ from Palante to Bolshevik, with revolutionary traditions of the old serve the new, communist do not conceal our views, let it be clearly stated openly and consistently propagated we are Bolsheviks;

4. We are resolved to build the non Party mass organizations the Young Bolshevik League and the National Liberation Support Committee.

5. Organization Resolution– Strengthen the Party Committee–Organize the Party Branch– Build the Factory Nuclei–the basic unit of the Party

All five resolutions will be fully elaborated on in the pages of this issue of our Political Organ.

Study the Polemics Class Conscious Comrades – Take the Building of the U.S. Bolshevik Party into Your Own Hands!

The entire struggle and its history is put forward so that all class conscious workers may be fully acquainted with the depth of the differences on principle that depart the Bolsheviks from the opportunists of all types. Study these polemics comrades, and formulate definite positions –the life of our Party is being threatend, liquidationism was condemned by Lenin and the CPSU-(B) and we must likewise act accordingly to the principles layed down, and stauchly defend our Party. It is as Lenin taught us, and the authencity of his teaching has been historically documented and proven once again today, the Party is built in a determined fight against all its enemies internal and external.

Our aim with this issue of the Party Political Organ and all our polemics, is to demorilize you further to cause a split in your ranks, we will not rest, we will build our Party, the Party will lead the proletariat in smashing the Bourgeoisie State set up the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and onward to more struggle–more victories– Let this issue serve as testimony–

You are condemned, You are doomed, We are determined!!

Do not give up an inch of the ground gained in the struggle against opportunism.

Bolshevism on the Rise!
Forward to the First Congress of the U.S. Bolshevik Party!