Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center

Racism in the Communist Movement


The three main documents to be examined carefully are the NSC document and the two PWOC documents. The resolutions should be discussed in local centers and comrades should struggle around their unity or disunity with their basic thrust. Also comrades should come prepared to give concrete examples from their and others’ practice of the points made in the resolutions. Following that process, regional conferences should be organized to discuss and debate minority and majority positions on the bulletin.

The other readings are supplementary but should also be examined carefully. We encourage comrades to do as much supplemental reading as possible from the bibliography. For instance comrades are encouraged to read the entire “Narrative” and to study readings by other Party members on their evaluation of the struggles Haywood discusses in the enclosed excerpts. Comrades can also order a study manual made up of excerpts from the above bibliography which was put together by a comrade from L.A. It is called “Study Manual on Specific Manifestations of White Chauvinism, 1928-1956” and can be ordered for $8 (includes mailing) from: OCIC, P.O. Box 7275, Baltimore, MD 21218.