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Chicago Workers’ Voice Theoretical Journal – Index

The Chicago Workers’ Voice Theoretical Journal was published as a theoretical supplement to the Chicago Workers’ Voice newspaper issued by former members or supporters of the now-dissolved Marxist-Leninist Party. Fifteen issues appeared between 1994 and 1998.

No, 1, January 25, 1994

On the debate over imperialism
More on imperialism and less developed countries
On revolutionary struggle in the dependent countries
4th Congress discussion on the revolutionary movement in the dependent countries
Internal Documents of MLP released

No. 2, n.d.

We Welcome an Open Debate While Others Mock and Grimace
Statement of Boston Communist Study Group, formerly Boston Branch of MLP
Against sectarianism – Part one
On Class Structure: Reply to Boston
On Imperialism
In defense of Marxism-Leninism (I)

No. 3, June 1, 1994

More on the present debate: polemics against the ex-MLP majority
Articles on imperialism
Articles on Palestine
Letters concerning the dissolution of the MLP

No. 4, Sept. 1, 1994

Articles continuing discussion on “Socialism in One Country”
Replies from two comrades to the “Open Letter” which attacks the CWV and the “minority”
An examination of how Marx and Engels analyzed colonialism
Part 3 of Fred’s “Bloodbath” series and an additional article by Joseph opposing Fred’s theories

No. 5, Dec. 1, 1994

A continuing debate on the nature of Imperialism today in Haiti and Palestine
Another round of debate on Lenin’s analysis of imperialism
An opening salvo in a new debate on the role of the working class

No. 6, Feb. 10, 1995

The debate continues on Palestine: “Zionism is not going to be overthrown any time soon” vs. the perspective of revolutionary struggle of the working masses
Articles on Mexico and India in relation to the world imperialist order
Debate on what is socialism

Special Issue, March 7, 1995

Special issue on the polemics of the “minority” of the former MLP: Documents from November 25, 1994 through February 26, 1995

No. 7, May 25, 1995

Mexico: Economic and Political Crisis, the Left, El Machete, the Zapatistas
Controversy with Detroit MLSG
Dealing with Trotsky: Idiocy or Treachery?

No. 8, Oct. 8, 1995

Abortion Rights Movement: History of the Emergency Clinic Defense Coalition
Mexico: Research on the Myth and Reality of Cardenismo
Luxemburg, Trotsky and Semi-Anarchism

No. 9, Jan. 29, 1996

Balkan Killing Fields
Marxism vs. Anarchism
Debate on the working class: Boston Communist Study Group on the Salaried Middle Strata with a Reply by Jake (CWV)
Luxemburg, Trotsky and Semi-Anarchism, Part II

No. 10, May 31, 1996

Summing up the Staley Struggle
Debate on the National Question
Class Analysis: more debate on the “middle strata”
Rosa Luxemburg, Semi-Anarchism and Trotsky, Part III

No. 11, Oct. 7, 1996

Revolutionary Struggle in Mexico
The Labor Party = No Such Thing
Rosa Luxemburg, Semi-Anarchism and Trotsky, Part IV
More on the Working Class: Hospital Workers

No. 12, Feb. 26, 1997

The Bolshevik Agrarian Program, Part I
Revolutionary Struggle in Mexico
Book Review by Jack Hill: El Otro Rostro de la Guerrilla by Arturo Miranda Ramirez
Immigration: The Working Class has No Borders

No. 13, July 28, 1997

The Bolshevik Agrarian Program, Part II
New series on the Cuban Revolution
First article: The Economic Background
May Day in Mexico City and the July 6th Elections
Introducing the Working Peoples’ Action and Education Network

No. 14, February 18, 1998

The Bolshevik Agrarian Program, Part III
What was the MLP? Introducing a new series assessing the history of the Marxist-Leninist Party, USA.
News from Mexico: Protests against the Massacre in Chiapas
Report: Visit to Cuba

No. 15, November 9, 1998

The Bolshevik Agrarian Program, Part IV
The MLP’s Workplace Organizing: Part I, Work in the Trade Unions
News from Buffalo: Rally Protests Murder of Abortion Provider
Review: Video Documentary Struggles in Steel