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A step toward unity: Freedom Road Socialist Organization & Socialist Organizing Network Join Forces


First Published: Moving Forward, June-July 1993.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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It has been a little more than two years since the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) and the Socialist Organizing Network (SON) began meeting to discuss unity. At that time, the Reagan/Bush machine was still in power, the Soviet Union had not expired, Los Angeles was as yet unburned, and the U.S. left was reeling, fragmented and confused.

Destiny’s wheel sometimes spins at accelerated speeds. The USSR is no more. The Reagan/Bush regime exited with a whimper, and LA still smolders from the fires of April 29.

The left’s struggle toward unity has made some progress, including the continuing publication of Crossroads (a non-sectarian political journal) and last year’s Committees of Correspondence conference, which reflected wide interest in rebuilding a strong socialist current.

In the spirit of left unity, FRSO and SON have joined forces. This represents another modest step forward for the socialist left. Essential to our unity is shared belief and practices on two central issues – the role of the working class and the cause of liberation for oppressed nationalities.

Last year’s rebellion of primarily African American and Latino communities illustrated for us the tremendous power latent in the working class when issues of national equality and justice are combined. Ongoing efforts toward left unity will also have to consider the issues of justice and national equality, especially when racist violence is resurgent. FRSO and SON are committed to building unity in the fight against racism and national oppression.

We remain committed to that process of building broader left unity, as well as to building a socialist movement among el the people. Dialogue and work with our friends on the left will continue on a broader and more consistent basis. Our organizing will focus largely on two areas: building the struggle of the poorer sectors of the work force, especially people of color and women; and developing organization among young people in the community and on the campuses.

Our unity represents something new, the product of the patience, hard work and struggle of our members and supporters. We hope it can offer some encouragement to others. However new our form, we retain our dedication to revolutionary change and socialism. The words of Malcom X still inspire us: “By any means necessary.”