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UNITY Editorial: Soviet Union – Hands off Poland!

First Published: Unity, Vol. 4, No. 6, April 10-23, 1981.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The Soviet military airlift into southwestern Poland and increased readiness among Soviet and Warsaw Pact troops massed on the Polish border are ominous signs that Moscow is fully prepared to invade Poland. The Soviets are also preparing a political “justification” for the invasion, with a recent crescendo of attacks against the Polish people and the independent union Solidarity for “anti-socialist” tendencies – by which Moscow means anti-Soviet tendencies. Under Brezhnev’s “doctrine of limited sovereignty,” the Soviets claim the “right” to invade other countries in the name of defending Soviet-style “socialism.”

For months Moscow hoped the Polish people would give up their demands for basic economic and political rights. But the Polish people have lived under the misery of Soviet domination for too many years. They cannot even be sure of having bread on their tables from one week to the next. Workers have no real voice in running the factories, and farmers must toil long hours in the fields, while seeing little improvement in their lives.

So the struggle in Poland has grown and developed, and won a number of reforms. Moscow is worried that the struggle will continue, and now has its tanks and soldiers ready to move into Poland on a moment’s notice. What clearer exposure that the Soviet system has nothing to do with socialism!

Around the world people are closely watching the Soviet buildup against Poland with growing concern. They are demanding that the Polish people be able to determine the future of their own country without outside interference. Many governments have warned Moscow that any move into Poland will be answered with harsh reprisals, including trade cut-offs and other actions. International opinion has helped force the Soviets to stay out of Poland so far, but we must now redouble our efforts.

The Polish people have already sent Moscow a clear message that any intervention will be met with widespread resistance. We must also let the Soviets know, in no uncertain terms, that the Polish people will not be standing alone.

Down with Soviet social-imperialist aggression!