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Revolutionaries for a New America

First Published: The People’s Tribune (Online Edition), Vol. 22, No. 7, February 13, 1995.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Names are important. They tell the world what a person or organization is or what it hopes to become. Therefore, names are carefully chosen. Let’s examine the proposed name for our organization.

Our nation was born and matured in revolutions. That concept is dear to the people of this country. Revolution as an ideal is so revered that any major change in a process is called a revolution. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was considered a revolution as was the Reagan era. The people want radical change so much, they bend over backward to push any motion in that direction.

Our country is heading for serious trouble. Everyone acknowledges that. People instinctively know that giving pat answers or bandaiding problems is not enough. The people are demanding a revolution in the sense they understand it. That’s why they kicked out the Democrats and brought in any old kind of Republican. They are already realizing that they need another revolution– and soon.

The people, no matter how poor or oppressed, love this country despite the contradictions between the various social forces. They don’t like what this country is becoming. Because they love it, they want a fundamental change. They want a new America– an America that is what it says it is, is what it should and could be.

Our name is a declaration that the serious problems we face cannot be solved by simply getting the “ins” out and the “outs” in. We are revolutionaries because we believe in fundamental change. We are defenders of our country because we fight for a new America.

The name, “Revolutionaries for a New America,” gathers in the strivings of the people on their level of practical political understanding. They want a renewal of America based on the strivings, struggles and desires of the millions who created this country. We are confident they will embrace an organization that shows by its activity as well as its name that here is an organization that believes that this country is worth saving, and it can only be saved by revolution.

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