Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


Comrades and friends,

There is a crying need for ̶Action With Analysis” in the US today. The working class and other oppressed masses must make revolution and build socialism because there is no other road to ending the exploitation, oppression, war and deception by the bourgeoisie. None of the “traditional” methods of fighting the bourgeoisie work; and fight it we must, because their attack is all-sided and ceaseless. But there can be no revolutionary practice without revolutionary theory; and no revolutionary movement without a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Party. Such a party doesn’t exist, so founding it is our Main task. Because all political work either contributes to this or is counter-productive, we say that – THE MAIN & ONLY TASK OF ALL REVOLUTIONARIES IN THE US TODAY IS FOUNDING THE NEW PARTY.

Thus, Action With Analysis for the masses means they need a revolutionary movement guided by the only genuine revolutionary theory, Marxism-Leninism, embodied in the Party of the working class. For the advanced, the revolutionaries, those who would lead the masses, Action With Analysis addresses the question of: How can we bring it about, How Can We Found This Party? What is required is 3 things:


We must Analyse our past Actions in the struggle to found the Party over the last 25 years, using Marxism-Leninism to review both our negative experience and the positive experience of the IMLCM, led by the PLA of Albania. This is the only method we can use to develop a correct Ideo/Political Line upon which to base our Party. SDMLG has made such an analysis and has developed “THE 5 (& 10) BURNING QUESTIONS...THE FIRST 5 BEING THE NECESSARY AND SUFFICIENT BASIS FOR FOUNDING THE... PARTY”. On the basis of that Line, we have developed our “PLAN FOR ALL THE WORK FOR FOUNDING THE PARTY...” And thru the process of presenting and explaining both of them, we have addressed “HOW TO DEVELOP THE CAPABLE CADRES”.

The advanced, the revolutionaries, need and want leadership. The Party will be able to, in the future, fill that need and desire. But, for now, the question is: Who will provide the leadership we & they need right now, today, in early 1985, to move rapidly and correctly towards founding it? The answer is: Only & Exactly those who present to our movement the Line & Plan that will work to arm those actively taking up or ready to take up this Main & Only Task. That is, first, we need “someone” to present such a Line & Plan to us. Then, we need many more to grasp it and carry it out.

SDMLG put the effort into writing & producing this pamphlet because we firmly believe that the Line & Plan presented are what is needed (& up til now hadn’t been put forth). Now, it’s up to YOU.

It is no longer acceptable to be complacent; to allow your time to be used up with non-essential activities. For those already active, this means they must stop all theoretical and practical activities that: either don’t contribute directly to our Main & Only Task; or, worse, promote bourgeois democratic illusions & other erroneous lines. For those who are inactive, this means they must stop all those activities that prevent them from getting active again. These activities might be grouped into two types:

A) “PARTY-PARTY-PARTY” Type – Partying, playing sports & video games, watching TV, “grooving to the music”, promiscuity & all other forms of overt escapism; and
B) “I’ve Got To Take Care Of My Own & My Family’s World, One Day At A Time” Type – “struggling” for “personal happiness” for self & immediate family when this is impossible over the long term (under capitalism) and just such activity prevents these people from contributing in ways that really will help in the struggle for all our happiness in the future, the bright future that only comes with Socialism. (Type B is “covert” escapism”.)

What we need & can unite on is now clear. How to go about concretely bringing together those who will form the Party at its birth – this also is now clear enough. You have read this, you know what tasks need to be carried out. There is no longer any excuse or justification for inaction, laziness or anything less than putting the revolution FIRST in your life – each and every one of you. And, at this time, putting the revolution first means acting with self-sacrifice, enthusiasm & energy to Found the new Party.

We don’t want anybody to do this out of guilt; but clearly, failure to take up this work is unjustifiable and unacceptable. When you know what’s wrong and can see what needs doing and then don’t do it...what are the masses to make of this? They, and we, can not and do not take a neutral stand on this - inaction must be condemned!

But this does not mean that they, or we, are idealist & demand or expect that all of you will suddenly be willing and able to work with the highest of commitments, the greatest of self-sacrifice. Certainly we do need as many of these as we can get. But we realize that it’s hard to take a stand, particularly now without a Party there to help guide. Still, someones’ got to do it, we need many people to make contributions of all types. Just as the revolution is made, overwhelmingly, by non-Party masses (but led by the Party); those, who are not ready and willing to try to be “Capable Cadres” right now, can still make very valuable contributions as supporters, or smaller, but still valuable, and still definitely appreciated, contributions as “Helpers”...if they work under the leadership of the Party’s precursor groups, such as SDMLG and others.

The crisis deepens, the militarization & wars & the threat of World War accelerates, the police state & cultural degeneracy spread, the total lack of democracy persists & worsens...this is all that imperialism offers YOU. And not in the distant future, but NOW. YOU TOO NEED ACTION WITH ANALYSIS. Just participating in, or tailing, the mass movement will get you nowhere. Hasn’t experience taught all of us that this liberalism, reformism and all opportunism are no good; and that only in & thru all-out struggle against them can there be any progress? Study this work, analyse “your world” & your past experience & that of others...then, UNITE on the basis of the LINE & PLAN at the highest level of commitment you are able to right now, to help FOUND THE PARTY.