Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line



A. Is always the dictatorship of one class over the others (using: Hangman & Priest).
l. Is a special body of armed men (the Hangman). This is the main aspect.
2. Uses the Congress, all bourgeois political parties, the Trade Union Bureaucracy, the Civil Rights organizations and Poverty “Pimps” & the media, etc. (the Priest). This is the secondary aspect, the illusion of “democracy” – it helps them a lot; but, when they need to, they discard it without hesitation.

B. Is a dictatorship unrestrained by any laws!

C. In its present form, monopoly capitalism, imperialism, is reaction all down the line.

D. Thus, its laws have 2 functions: as chains and, secondarily, as means of deception.

E. Thus, temporary change can only be forced from them & only thru revolutionary struggle mass violent revolution is necessary before there can be real & permanent change.

F. This dictatorship must & will be replaced by Socialism, the dictatorship of the Proletariat (working class) – the dictatorship of the majority, for the first time; a dictatorship, unrestrained by any laws, against the minority who want to bring back exploitation.

OUR MAIN TASK ON THIS QUESTION: To UNMASK the nature of the State & not get sucked into reformist politics (i.e., to write “better laws” or to set up “police review boards”, etc.); but, instead, to call on the masses & their genuine leadership to defeat all illusions of “democracy” in this society; and demand real democracy, while showing that this State must “go” if we are to have it.


A. Are 100% opposed to every short term need and demand of the masses (& even more so to the long term need for revolution).

B. All their campaigns are nothing but bourgeois orchestrated campaigns for the vilest purposes – to mislead the movement that has already begun to rise up.

C. Thus, they are “better defenders of the bourgeoisie than the bourgeoisie itself”.

D. Thus, there can be no United Front with them.

E. To unite the masses against their enemy, the bourgeoisie, a ceaseless & ferocious struggle must be waged to drive these opportunists & reformists from our ranks. “The fight against imperialism is a sham and humbug” without this struggle.

OUR MAIN TASK ON THIS QUESTION: To UNMASK the reformists & other opportunists, particularly the Trade Union Bureaucrats & the Rainbow Coalition, and their ideology.


A. It’s a science (with a theory and concrete, engineering practice too) developed thru history as the world has changed...it is still growing...its fundamental laws have remained unchanged and still apply.

B. The only aim and function of its theory is to guide its concrete, engineering practice; it grows in organic connection with revolutionary practice.

C. “Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary practice.”

D. The masses must be armed with this theory or else they can’t become conscious agents in history, capable of solving their main problems, particularly, making revolution.

OUR MAIN TASK ON THIS QUESTION: Consolidate ourselves around this science, defend its purity, and take it to the masses, particularly the advanced.


A. There can be no revolutionary movement it if is not being led by a revolutionary Party founded on the most advanced theory available – Marxism-Leninism of the 1980’s Only when such a Party exists can the masses carry out heroic and continuous struggle to victory.

B. When this Party doesn’t exist, founding it is the MAIN TASK of all revolutionaries.

C. All political work must contribute to, and flow from, the struggle to found it. Thus, we say it is our MAIN AND ONLY TASK!

D. All the genuine Marxist-Leninists must be united in this one Party.

E. Even after its foundation, the struggle to continue to build it and defend it will remain the LEADING TASK.

OUR MAIN TASK ON THIS QUESTION: To develop & carry out a Plan to found the Party, our Main & Only Task, thru working to stir up a mass discussion of the 5 Burning Questions at all 5 “General Levels of Activity” so that they will set about working, under our leadership, to found the Party:
1) Organization-to-organization;
2) Inside each organization;
3) With our closest supporters;
4) With the advanced; and
5) With the masses.


A. The IMLCM, despite setbacks, has continued to develop & exists: led by the PARTY of LABOR of ALBANIA (PLA) & including many parties (such as: the Canadian CPC(M-L)).

B. The current IMLCM developed in the struggle against opportunism, particularly Modern] Revisionism (Soviet, Chinese, Yugoslav, Eurocommunist being the main trends) & in defense of Stalin, Zhdanov, Dimitrov, the Comintern and the Cominform.

C. Its line is correct and universally applicable... it applies in the US.

D. We can and must learn much from it – its theory and concrete, engineering practice – of making revolution and building socialism.

E. We must unite with it; our Party will be part of it.

OUR MAIN TASK ON THIS QUESTION: To take up the defense of the International Marxist-Leninist Communist Movement & its line, and join it.

* * *

Marxism-Leninism is the truth and the guide to the bright future of Socialism. It shined, formerly, in the USSR of Lenin and Stalin. It has shined for 40 years in People’s Albania. It glows from the dozens of Parties making up the IMLCM.

It was and is inevitable that we in the US come around to recognizing this truth. That we learn from the International Movement and use its lessons to help us in review in our own past attempts to found the Party. And the end result for SDMLG, (and, we believe, for all other advanced and Marxist-Leninist forces in the US eventually too) has been crystalized in “The 5 (&10) Burning Questions...”

Each and every one of you, whether new to the movement or a past participant, whether organized within a group or not, each and every one of you must seriously analyze the question of why we don’t yet have a party. You must attempt to review the past period of 25 years (or so) in its main aspects, using Marxism-Leninism of the 1980’s as best you can... and decide for yourself if it is or is not exactly these 5 questions and only these 5 questions (and their corresponding aspects) that have been and remain the “make or break” questions facing the US revolutionary movement.

We believe that all honest genuine forces will agree with us. We encourage all those concerned, all those struggling to move our cause forward, to get in touch with us to reach better clarity on these questions.

Now assuming fundamental unity on this Ideo/Political Line, you are faced (as we are/were) with the next step: Developing a Correct Plan for the Work, based on this line. We propose the following plan...and believe that all honest genuine forces will see its merit...that it is a plan, in fact, THE ONLY PLAN that will work.