Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


A correct plan, the correct plan, must fulfill two requirements:

1) be based on a correct Ideo/Political Line; and

2) show the way forward for the work with all the forces needed in the process. Here we address the second point.

What do we have to work with “out there”, here in the US.? We’ve got a few scattered organizations that call themselves Marxist-Leninist, speak highly of Albania and its PLA & seem to be trying to carry on revolutionary political activity, but with tendencies of sliding to Bourgeois Democratic Illusions. We’ve got a much larger mass of un-organized, not-in-groups, activists and former activists, at various stages of clarity/confusion and enthusiasm/demoralization, some isolated, others close sympathizers of and supporters of the existing groups. We’ve got other, mostly new, advanced elements, including workers. We use the word “advanced” to mean: those who have come to know that all “traditional” methods of fighting the bourgeoisie won’t work...thus those who are struggling to find the revolutionary method...the revolutionary method at this time (of no party) is and can only be the method of struggling in all our work to found the Party. In other words, they: have rejected the bourgeoisie and its state; have rejected its bourgeois democratic illusions and the reformists; and are ready, willing and able to take up our main and only task, once it is recognized as such.

Lastly, we have the masses of the proletariat and other oppressed masses and people discontented with capitalism. These then are the forces who can and must be brought into mo-fin; from whose ranks will come those who take up the Line and set about founding the Party.

Obviously, there are significant differences in the Levels of understanding and commitment between these various groupings; and the Plan must take this into account, laying out different tasks corresponding to the different levels. We think the most useful way to address this problem is by, once again, not creating “brilliant ideas” out of one’s head; but by organizing ourselves to solve the real problems facing us. Thus the Plan is entitled: The Plan for Founding the Party: The 5 General Levels of Activity Necessary.