Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


Because individuals are hardly in the position, without working thru a group, to significantly move the work forward, our starting point must be with the organized and then, from there, to the less organized, and then to the unorganized...each having a “subplan”.

1) ORGANIZATION-TO-ORGANIZATION: for ideo/polit. & organiz. unity of Marxist-Leninists;
2) INSIDE EACH ORGANIZATION: for continued Marxist-Leninist consolidation & unity;
3) WITH “OUR” CLOSEST SUPPORTERS: organized in an Anti-Imperialist type of Union;
4) WITH THE ADVANCED: one-on-one work to win them over to our leadership; and
5) WITH THE MASSES: taking the science to them; arousing a mass discussion of the 5 (&10) Burning Questions so that the masses will set about working, under our leadership, to found the Party.

These are what we call “The 5 General Levels of Activity” necessary to bring about the founding of the new, genuine, US Marxist-Leninist Communist Party. We think it’s clear that we must carry on work in each and all of these levels. We urge all of you to study the “subplans” carefully, with a critical eye for 3 key questions: A) Does this “subplan” make sense? That is, does it correspond to the needs of the particular level of activity? And, does it, and the other 4 “subplans” fit together in an over-all plan that “makes sense”?; B) How do the various seemingly genuine Marxist-Leninist groups measure up?; Have they provided real leadership? Or, if not, have they at least contributed? What have they done right? And what have they done wrong, particularly, that which has not/does not contribute directly to our main and only task?; and C) What about SDMLG in particular? How has it measured up to these standards during its first year of existence?

Many of you are not very familiar with SDMLG, beyond reading this pamphlet. So we are including a short summation, after the first “subplan”, of our first year of existence. It may not be immediately apparent to all why we’re doing this. Well, it is certainly not because we have a bloated image of ourselves; far from it. We do this because it is necessary for all of us to get a lot more familiar with “each other” and particularly with the organized groups, upon whom so much of the success of all our efforts to found the Party depends. We’ve got to know whether the given organization (or individual) has really been revolutionary...i.e., has really contributed (in theory and practice) to the struggle to found the Party. For, as we have said, there can be no other criteria for “revolutionary” when the Party doesn’t yet exist. Thus a review of SDMLG’s activities serves both: as an example of the type of activities needed (though there are certainly others besides the ones we have been able to carry out thus far) and thus serves as an aid in judging any group (or individual); and in making a specific judgement about SDMLG.

We insist that it is the absolute right and responsibility of all of us to review all organizations (including SDMLG) and all their actions (including ours) critically; uniting with what is correct and criticizing without hesitation or liberalism all that is wrong, particularly that which does not contribute directly to our main and only task.