Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


We have traveled to mass conferences in Canada to try, among other things, to meet or get in contact with Marxist-Leninists groups in the US who might also go there; we have written to any group whose work we came across defending our ideology and sent them our works for comment, while asking for copies of their’s for us to study and comment on. We have traveled to other cities in California, when major demonstrations were being staged, and passed out leaflets opposing the revisionist and opportunist lines and putting forth the Marxist-Leninist Internationalist view. All our works, (the first 6 issues of RED FLAG, the first 6 issues of WORKERS’ VOICE - our newspaper, and others) have covered a broad range of issues while focusing on the 5 & 10 Burning Questions, attacking the main illusions being spread in order to find people who were in basic agreement with the IMLCM or were sympathetic to its views and willing to seriously discuss them and the need to act on them. All our literature, whether theoretical polemics or propaganda fliers, has had the purpose of unmercilessly unmasking the latest bourgeois ideological offensives and showing how these campaigns had as their sole purpose, not mobilizing the people to fight, but to divide the masses against each other as the “enemy”.

We have spent significant efforts in selecting, reproducing and distributing works by the CPC(M-L) of Canada (including “The Ideas of Carl Marx Are Immortal” by Hardial Bains) as well as some Literature of the US groups we are aware of. We have translated both our own works and “The Ideas...” into Spanish as well as some works by the Marxist-Leninists of Calexico from Spanish into English.

All this has led to the uniting of the Marxist-Leninists in San Diego and Calexico and their consolidation in struggle against those who want to be “non-party Marxist-Leninists”.

It is our experience that the Canadian Communists were completely right in telling us that taking up the practical revolutionary work would unmask the pseudo-Marxists. The “Marxist” clique within an Albania “Friendship” Society, for instance, were very big on telling us that they “supported” Enver Hoxha’s line. We met with them repeatedly to come to agreement on what Marxism-Leninism was. But the moment the question of putting the line to work by organizing for revolution and building a democratic centralist organization was raised, these “ex”-revisionists’ petty bourgeois natures and views were exposed; they began a violent attack on the universality of Marxism-Leninism, claiming it did not apply in the US, that the proletarian revolution was not the task to be taken up for solution here, that whether you could found a party or not depended on the level of the spontaneous struggle, and so on. And then they ran a program inviting a speaker from the CLP (Communist Labor Party – a thoroughly, and for a long time, degenerate group) but not the Marxist-Leninists of San Diego. Similar struggles broke out in Calexico.

And, most recently, while pouring intense effort into the discussion and hammering out of the Line and Plan, and the actual writing and production of it within RED FLAG #6, we also announced the intention of a trip to other cities where seeming Marxist-Leninist groups exist and made the attempt to hold discussions.

All this by a new & small organization. When we say “Main and Only Task,” we mean it.