Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


Our work at this “Level” consists mainly in one-to-one work, and, sometimes, in work with small numbers of them in “discussion” or “work” groups of short duration. Our Plan is to seek out these advanced and win them over to our Line and overall Plan and have them take up actively the Main & Only Task under our leadership.

What will increase our ability to find and win over larger and larger numbers of them is the coming together of the organized Marxist-Leninists in the US, as described earlier. Exactly & only thru the organization of: a Joint “All-US” Newspaper; a Joint Theoretical Journal; a Jointly-Organized Series of Forums; and a Joint “US-Wide” Campaign, like, for example, our proposed one – “Against the Rainbow Coalition’s Misleading of our Movement”...exactly thru these four things, brought about, of course, thru the fifth, the Joint Meetings to discuss, decide, plan, review, & rework them...exactly thru this process of building Practical and Theoretical Unity Amongst the Marxist-Leninists will the means be produced for the “blossoming, discovering, and winning over” of “old” and new advanced workers & other advanced elements, as never before.

Once “discovered”, the key is “to go after them”...to sit down with them & drawn them out into willing & active discussion of the 5 (& 10) Burning Questions and especially of the need for the new Party and the Plan to bring it about. If these discussions can temporarily grow into discussions including other contacts, usually friends or co-workers of similar commitment levels...so much the better. Our aim here is to attain sufficient consolidation to be able to bring them into the Anti-Imperialist Union so that the work can then proceed more directly and systematically under our leadership, and with better results both for our work; to continue to win them over to being cadre (if possible) thru the process that includes their training in all aspects of the Line and Plan and actual work; and for their work; to consolidate themselves further and to accomplish the other 6 “Priorities” of their work (see section 16). Those who, for one reason or another, temporarily or permanently, can not now join the UNION are encouraged to become “Helpers” (see section 16).