Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


An important point in all this is that the Marxist-Leninists shouldn’t look other than primarily right in the struggles of the masses for these advanced. They are not “closet scholars”; they are fighters for & leaders of the class & other oppressed. It is in their past experience in fighting capitalism that they came to know that no “traditional” methods would work. So this is where we will find them; and this is where an important part of their continuing work should go on. They will be our “eyes & ears” within the mass movements; helping to identify still other advanced people. They will use their own mouths & actions to help win over larger and larger numbers to our leadership...using our Newspaper and all other means, they will continue to develop themselves and the others in the midst of the arousing, amongst an ever broader section of the working class & other oppressed, the discussion of the 5 (&10) Burning Questions and particularly the need for the Party. This discussion must be lent a planned, conscious character from beginning to end amidst the raging battle between the two great opposing trends: 1) the ever-increasing attacks of the bourgeoisie and their police and misleaders; and 2) the ever-mounting struggle of resistance to these attacks, and for the expulsion of the misleaders, and going over to the struggle for the revolution.

This is the CONTENT, the heart, of our Plan. We discussed it at some length previously (as part of the Joint Activities to Unite the Marxist-Leninists). Here we just want to remind you that the FORM we propose this take, is the Joint Campaign, US-Wide, “Against the Rainbow Coalition’s Misleading of Our Movement”. More and better advanced will develop thru this...and this will be the further guarantee for the steel-like ties between the new Party being founded and the masses. They will rally to it – many joining it, many more working with it, under its Marxist-Leninist leadership, in its mass organizations, such as the Anti-Imperialist Union and others. Thus will come to be our Slogan: “THE MASSES MAKE HISTORY, THE PARTY MAKES THEM CONSCIOUS”