Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

San Diego Marxist-Leninist Group

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


The imperialists are terrified by these developments, but they can do nothing to end the cause of the uprising…their system must have more profits or die, no matter if this is possible or not. And so they have instead mobilized everywhere, their reformists, revisionists, Trotskyites, and other opportunist parties to try to convince the people to believe in what can not be, that is, that the rotten imperialist system of wage slavery and national oppression can be fixed up if the people only try, if they just appeal to the-moral goodness of their oppressors and show these bloody assassins that their road is unreasonable; if the people just learn to use the “rights” they have under the constitutions and laws of the individual countries. But if, in spite of all the opportunists could do, the revolution finally happens, then they try to convince the people that they should just make a mild revolution, in effect to exchange one form of the dictatorship of the capitalists for another (“democracy” instead of fascism), one neo-colonial master for another (particularly the U.S. or Russia), since “there is no other possibility”.

Everywhere the masses are rising up in great spontaneous struggles. But, while these uprisings often force the enemy to relent temporarily on the most immediate and concrete points, these battles, and the partial concessions they win cannot hold back the steady deterioration of the material and spiritual conditions of the broad masses. The peoples of Poland and Chile, for example, have carried out heroic struggles for decades on end, on several occasions bringing the entire society to a total stop, yet the situation in both countries is worse now than ever. Similarly, the native masses in Zimbabwe and Angola carried out the revolution and greatly eased the situation for themselves and their families and unleashed the productive forces to some extent. But, just like the people of Cuba before them, they have seen their dreams slowly wither, the slide of their situation into disaster beginning again. Experience clearly shows that nowadays the revolution, breaks out even over secondary issues, but, just as clearly, not even the break-up of the old oppressive state will ensure a bright future if the masses have not developed the new organization and ideology to replace the enslaving ideology and organization imposed on society in the past by the bourgeoisie and other exploiting classes.

The masses cannot win final victory nor consolidate their rule without the most advanced scientific theory (and engineering practice) of Marxism-Leninism. Such a scientific, partisan ideology can arise and grip a people only through the all-round leadership of the Party of the new type, the voluntary union of the most progressive of the working class and other oppressed people in all-out struggle against all other political views and movements (including the Trade Union Bureaucrats and various “Holy Alliances”, etc.) because they’re all organizations of and for the dying classes under the baton of the imperialists.

The theories and views the capitalists, spread to cover their sabotage of the socialist and anti-Imperialist revolution, are losing their hold on the masses as experience, painful experience, shows those views for what they really are. But the latest shams: “solidarity (with the Vatican & the US)” or “the peaceful road to socialism (with Russian ’aid’)” will just be replaced by some newer bourgeois shams or by plain despair unless the Marxist-Leninists offer something different, unless they build their Party and spread the scientific truth thru both word and action!

This is sure to happen because the words of the opportunists appear more obviously hollow with every day, and all of them are being unmasked as enemies of the people by the traitorous and anti-popular actions they carry out under orders from their masters. They are further exposed when contrasted with the glorious deeds in Lenin’s and Stalin’s USSR & in Socialist Albania today. For this reason the Marxist-Leninist parties, the parties of unrelenting opposition to imperialism, the only parties with a real solution to the crisis the proletarian revolution – are growing everywhere. This growth goes on in spite of the unrelenting attack launched everywhere by the imperialists and their traitor henchmen who know as well as the Marxist-Leninists that only socialist revolution can bring an end to imperialist rule and plunder, and that the socialist revolution can not occur without a true Marxist-Leninist Communist Party to organize it and lead it.