Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

San Diego Marxist-Leninist Group

The Road to Founding the New U.S. Marxist-Leninist Communist Party


Here in the U.S., the police and all the opportunists, who receive their orders & pay from the CIA, KGB, etc. (or should submit a big bill to them for services rendered), are trying to stop the formation of the Party by claiming that it is not needed here, or, at least, that it is not the time to build it since “the mass movement is not high enough”. Or they point at this or that “party” formed by the secret police and opportunists and say, “We already have the party.” But the police and these forces can’t keep the people confused for long. The worsening general crisis, and the growing militarism and police state fascism needed to continue to impose it on the broad masses, are steadily bringing out more clearly the shining example of the USSR under Lenin & Stalin & of Socialist Albania today under Comrade Hoxha. And this situation shows up the fake “socialisms and communisms” of Tito, Krushchev and his followers, Mao Tse-Tung, etc. and of the social-democrats of the Yellow International, the PRI (in Mexico), etc.

The masses can see that where the dictatorship of the proletariat (working class) was built and defended there was no crisis. Every increase in productivity went to raise the material and spiritual level of the workers. There was no racism and national oppression, mass divorce, pornography and religious obscuratinism, no slums, hunger, collapsing health care and education, no all-out war production and violence. The people see, ever more clearly, that we must follow Joe Stalin’s and Enver Hoxha’s lead, and make revolution, to build a new society on the plans layed down by Lenin, based on the scientific laws discovered by Marx and Engels and the experience of the revolutionary workers of Paris, Russia, etc.

The working class has, over the last century and a half, developed its scientific theory of how to: carry out the revolution against the capitalist state; build our own state; & defend it against all the old capitalists and those infected with their ideas who wish return to the system of wage-slavery for the masses and idle luxury for the exploiting minority. This scientific and engineering practice and theory has steadily developed thru the victories and temporary defeats of the revolutionary workers and oppressed masses… It is this theory in its most modern and developed form that the people insist should taken up and used to solve their most pressing problem – the ending of the general crisis of the monopoly capitalist system, imperialism, thru the violent proletarian revolution. This is true here in the US, just as it is everywhere else, for Marxism-Leninism is a universal science and, like the laws of motion and gravity, it applies everywhere. The revolution is the question of the time, the task to be taken up for solution.

The effects of the crisis have not been quite as extreme in the US as elsewhere, and this has led to a higher level of illusions about the system here – or, at least, to a slower dissipation of the illusions. The US imperialists have sought, with some success, to throw the general crisis of imperialism onto the rest of the world, especially onto its neo-colonies and “allies”. The US imperialists have temporarily made up for the falling market and prepared to defend their hegemony by carrying out an unprecedented build-up of war materials. To pay for this, they have borrowed hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars, driving up interest rates and driving down the value of other currencies with respect to the dollar. Among other things, because this has led to the U.S. being flooded with foreign commodities at lower prices, the US working class has not had to bear the brunt of the inflation raging in the world.

Of course the bourgeoisie did not do this to help the US working class...far from it! The main objectives, besides preparing for war to defend the empire and expand it, were: A) to provide safe profitable investments in government bonds for the bourgeoisie whose normal “private” investments are facing bankruptcy everywhere; and B) to make the currency in which other nations have to repay their US loans, i.e. the dollar, as expensive as possible so as to grind the maximum profit from the loans already made. This policy was put into effect as soon as it became obvious that the poor countries had borrowed as much, and in fact more, than they could ever repay. These policies, of US imperialism, to gouge the rest of the worlds have brought a temporary respite for the workers here, in the sense that things are not getting worse as fast as elsewhere. But only at the cost of making things much worse in the near future.

The flood of foreign, artificially cheap, commodities has already begun to drive many US industries out of business, and to throw workers out of work, with little chance of ever getting another job at the same wage level again. This is particularly obvious in the near-collapse of the US mining industry, and has led to the European level of militancy there. More ominous for the whole class is the question of: who is going to have to pay for the soaring debts for the military build-up and who is going to have to die in the war the build-up is preparing! Savage cuts have already been made in the social services available to workers, but most of the suffering has been put off to the future, when the soaring debt comes due. One thing is sure – the bourgeoisie won’t tax itself to pay its debts. A great disaster is just ahead. Either they will try to take this fortune, that they have wasted on armaments, out of our hides, even though only they profitted from it, or they will try to tear even more from the starving masses in the neo-colonies and send us to collect it by force, or both at the same time.

The imperialists hope to put this off as long as possible, not only because they are deathly afraid of the US proletariat, whose anger puts their whole system in question, but also because they hope to put the proletariat’s youth to war protecting this system before the youth have had a chance to realize that there is nothing in this system worth defending. We should recall that the “War on Poverty” was part of the larger war policy of the cold war liberals: a little money (very little), lots of pay-offs to traitors (& “Poverty Pimps”), and wild promises... all to improve the morale amongst the poor while our youth went off to kill and be killed, fighting “to make the world safe for democracy.”

At any rate, one thing is sure: things will get much worse and much faster than they already are. The bourgeoisie realizes this and is constantly preparing its police and military forces and its ideological diversions and decadence. The bourgeoisie is also preparing by doing everything it can to stop the formation and consolidation of a Marxist Leninist Communist Party in the US and everywhere else. We too must prepare for what is coming by preparing our organization and smashing their preparations. The objective factors for the revolution are all around us; we need to develop the subjective force necessary to organize them.