Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The Communist Party of New Zealand on Revisionism

Published: Red Flag, Theoretical Journal of the Communist Party of the United States (Marxist-Leninist), Vol. I, Nos. 4-5 July Aug, Sept-Oct 1966.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The following is a section from the Report of V.G. Wilcox, General Secretary of the Communist Party of New Zealand, to the 21st National Conference of the Communist Party of New Zealand. We are reprinting this section because of the importance of the struggle against revisionism, as v/as noted in the report. Reprinted from NEW ZEALAND COMMUNIST REVIEW, April, 1966.

* * *

Comrades, I come to the second major task facing us. And it arises, naturally, from the first, that is, to continue the fight against revisionism, the main danger in our world movement and in our Party. We must do this in a Marxist-Leninist way, in a non-sectarian way, avoiding dogmatism; otherwise we can easily turn away from the great possibilities of developing mass movement on a scale net seen in New Zealand for many a long year.

Why is the second task so important? It is so because if the ideas of the modern revisionists in any way affect either our thinking or our activity, then because of their non-Marxist appraisal of the nature of the situation within imperialism today, no fully developed fight against imperialism on all fronts can be developed. Their activities today, both in New Zealand and elsewhere, are of a breaking nature. In this way, they are help imperialism. With any tinge of revisionism, we could never stand firm on the Viet Nan issue. There would be words but not deeds. We would fall for ideas that would lead to negotiation with the U.S. while the U.S. holds its armed forces in a position of strength. The Vietnamese call is clear, and leaves no room for revisionist maneuvering. It is based on the fact that the U.S. aggressors must get out of Viet Nan.

We think it will be easily recognized now that only a Marxist-Leninist approach to this question can ensure that we give our full support to this correct policy of our Viet Namese comrades in their period of great crisis, facing as they are – and in the front rank – the powerful enemy of United States imperialism.

While the implementation of the Geneva Agreements remains our call – a call that demands that the provisions of those Agreements be carried out where it says that there should be no foreign military alliances, no foreign military bases, troops or military personnel in the respective territories of Viet Nam – the fact is that, facing U.S. imperialist, aggression, military equipment from the socialist world is a necessity now. It in no way contravenes the Geneva Agreements. If further intervention from the U.S. occurs, then it will quickly make the Geneva Agreements a dead letter.

Further U.S. plans to extend the war openly to other parts of South-East Asia, and possibly even to China, demand of us extreme vigilance against the wordy snares of the revisionists. Action against U.S. imperialism in all possible ways, according to local circumstances, is demanded of all Communists. We must not be diverted by words.