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Short presentation of Serve the People – Communist League of Norway (Tjen folket – kommunistisk forbund)

Published: on the Serve the People web site: http://tjen-folket.no
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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Serve the People – Communist League was founded in 1998. The founding members were expelled from the Workers’ Communist Party (AKP) and Red Youth (RU). The conflict leading to their expulsion was over the line for communist work in the mass organisation SOS Racism (a front against racism), but the root to the conflict was in reality differences in political-ideological lines.

Serve the People was a small group. Our original name was Serve the People – a Marxist-Leninist Group, but we changed the name in 2009. During ten years of political practice we slowly grew mostly through work against racism. However, after the merging of AKP and Red Electoral Alliance (RV) in to the party Red (Rødt) the group made a great leap forward with new members from the liquidated AKP and among the Red Youth.

Serve the People are Marxist-Leninist and Maoist. We have friendly relations with organizations from the ICMLPO, ICOR and others.

* Serve the People denounces the Dengist counter revolution in China;
* Serve the People use MLM as guiding line for our political work
* Serve the People defines Red party (Rødt) as an opportunist and anti-communist party
* Serve the People develop methods of work and leadership different from those AKP used the last 25 years
* Serve the People develop criticism of the revisionist development of AKP from 1980 until 2007
* Serve the People upholds armed revolution and proletarian dictatorship as the only road the communism – also in the western imperialist countries.

Serve the People struggles to strengthen Maoism in Norway and to build a new revolutionary communist party on the foundations of MLM. This must be done trough building red base areas, metaphorically speaking. The communists in the West are weak and we must concentrate our forces in a certain amount of struggles to gain strength and create new communists.