Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line


Class Struggle

These are issues of the English language edition of Class Struggle published between 1976 and 1985.

Special issue, August 1976

The civil war in Angola, instigated by social-imperialism

No. 9, March 1977

New communist daily in Norway
Soviet aggression, social-imperialism
Kampuchea, Poland
Trade unions, May day

No. 11, September 1978

Social-imperialism on Svalbard
USSR permanently annexes Norwegian territory
Veil lifted on secret army and CIA guerrilla groups
Successful May day
1978 wage settlements
12 slogans against crisis
Overproduction of oil
Comments on Albania–China disagreements

No. 12, October 1978

Special issue to support marxism-leninism Mao Tsetung thought and the scientific Three world theory
Five articles commenting on an Albanian text about Vietnam
Letter from the AKP(m-l) to the Party of Labor of Albania

No. 13, July 1979

AKP(m-l) comments on the open letter of the APA to the CPC
Bomb attack against class struggle demonstration
Vietnam out of Kampuchea

No. 14, November 1979

Sami people in hunger strike (The Alta River conflict)
Klassekampen on trial
Local elections
Norwegian revisionists support Vietnamese occupation
National budget 1980
One year of wage freeze
Official Norwegian racism
More comments on the Albania–China conflict

No. 15, January 1981

Declaration to the international communist movement

No. 16, August 1984

International declaration
The Philippines 1984

No. 17, July 1985

AKP(m-l) has developed into at mature party
The social-democrats
The women’s question
The lesson to learn from China
The Soviet Union: Advanced capitalism