Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Communist Line

Communist Line was the theoretical journal of the Marxist-Leninist Organizing Committee.

No. 1: Against Opportunism! Uphold the Historic Mission of the Proletariat! [October 1, 1975]

No. 2: Liquidation of the CPUSA: Major Polemics from the 1940s [October 1, 1975]

No. 3: The Historic Mission of the Working Class: Toward a Class Analysis [March 5, 1976]

No. 4: Marxist Study Guide on the CPUSA [March 5, 1976]

No. 5: The General Crisis of Capitalism and Proletarian Revolution [April 30, 1976]

No. 6: Draft Theses on the Woman Question [March 8, 1976]

No. 7: Communist Work in the Trade Unions

No. 8: Expose and Defeat Soviet Social-Imperialism: Documents from the Albanian Party of Labor on 25th Congress, Helsinki [April 22, 1976]

No. 9: Towards A Party Program. Lessons from the International Movement [August 1, 1976]