Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line


COMpass was the theoretical journal of Britain's Communist League (formerly the Marxist-Leninist Organization of Britain). The journal was launched in 1975 and William B. Bland was its principal author.

February/March 1975: Classes In Modern Britain; The National Question In Britain; A New Surface on “The British Road”; On the Cultural Front: The CPGB Surrenders; The October Revolution Betrayed 7.3 MB PDF

January 1977: Revisionism In Germany, Part One: To 1922 19.2 MB PDF

June 1978: The Hungarian “Soviet Republic” of 1919 17.8 MB PDF

October 1984: The Miners' Struggle 2.9 MB PDF

February 1986: Behind Westland 1.8 MB PDF

August 1990: The Civil War In Liberia 1.4 MB PDF

December 1990: Thatcher, Mark 2! 1.8 MB PDF

November 1991: On Open Letter to the ‘New’ Communist Party 1.8 MB PDF

February 1992: The Liquidation of the Soviet Union 1.8 MB PDF

March 1992: A Socialist Election Policy: 19931.3 MB PDF

May 1992: Book Review: Perestroika: The Complete Collpase of Revisionism by Harpal Brar 1.5 MB PDF

October 1993: Book Review: Molotov Remembers: Inside Kremlin Politics Albert Reiss (Ed.) 1.1 MB PDF

March 1996: From Pyongyang to Brussels: The Opportunists and Revisionists Attempt to Reorganize 575 KB PDF

April 1996: A History of “Non-Intervention” 4.3 MB PDF

May 1996: Book Review: ‘Social Democracy: The Enemy Within’ 726 KB PDF

October 1996: On the Russian Presidential Elections 1.4 MB PDF

May 1997: Class Analysis in the Modern Communist Movement 1.7 MB PDF

November 1998: The Soviet Campaign Against Cosmopolitanism: 1947-1952 220 KB PDF

May 1999: The National Committee for the Marxist-Leninist Party (NCMLP) 3.5 MB PDF

April 2000: The Myth of Stalin's 'Demoralisation' in 1941 363 KB PDF