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Marxist-Leninist Forward


Marxist-Leninist Foward was a short-lived newspaper published by Martin Nicolaus after he was expelled from the October League (Marxist-Leninist) in late 1976. Only two issues appeared.


No.1 January 1977

Editorial Statement
Marxism or Klonskyism?
The Struggle in China: The East Stays Red
A Study Guide: Lenin on Propaganda, Economic Agitation and Political Agitation


No 2.  March 1977

Editorial: Their Pessimism and Our Agitation
What Does a Party Do?
In Honor of Chou En-lai
Another Klonskyite ’Switch’: ’People Devoid of All Principle’
WVO Blinded by Circle Vanity
Once More on Red Papers 7: How the RCP Has Restored Social-Democracy