Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line


Interim Journal

Interim Journal was the temporary theoretical journal of the Revolutionary Communist League of Britain leading up to its 2nd Congress in the summer of 1981. Only three numbers were issued.

1. March 1981

The Roots of Resistance – an examination of the Oppression of National Minorities in Britain

C.G., The Broadest Unity is needed to stop Soviet Expansionism

2. Mid-April 1981


Speaking Out for Wales

A critique of the document “Support for the Communist Party of China to be an important part of our proletarian internationalism”

Revised draft document: The Purpose of Discussion and adoption of the Programmatic Document

L., Critical notes on “The Broadest Unity is needed to stop Soviet Expansionism”

WD, War, revolution and the hegemonism of the two superpowers.

3. June 1981

Beyond the Second Congress – The basis for our unity

Some lessons from the CPGB’s history on the importance of a strong stand against opportunism.

Support for Socialist China: a reply to the critique

Re-Affirmation of the fundamentals of Marxism is essential at the present time.

J.B., The Irish struggle, the CFB and the RCL