Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line


I. Goal:

1. new lease, long-term and more favorable
2. establish or struggle for principle of low-cost and old-age housing
3. educate ourselves and the community on redevelopment;
4. to wage an effective struggle

II. Main Force:

tenants of the hotel, organizations on block, city-wide anti-redevelopment anti-highrise, etc. forces, students (sic)
there are many city-wide forces against redevelopment, which are presently isolated, but which have struggled hard, and may become effective allies.

III. Analysis of Chinatown:

1. the people are apathetic or antagonistic to Kearny (i.e., the majority)
2. the people who come to us are not necessarily “active” elements in the sense of being organizers or propagandists – at present. That is, they are not necessarily representatives of the “mass”.
3. The annihilation of Kearny would not presently be seen as a threat to Chinatown.

IV. Tactics at this stage:

1. At present, it is not possible to mobilize the masses on this issue. The mobilization or even education of the people in Chinatown could only be done on the basis of theoretical generalities, not on the basis on a concrete threat to themselves, (sic)
2. On the other hand, investigating anti-redevelopment forces, etc., would allow us to work with and better grasp the particularities of the situation.