Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

I. Introduction

This is the second issue of JOURNAL, the political organ of I WOR KUEN.

The first article concentrates on the ideological struggle within the Asian movement in the U.S. The article, furthermore, tries to contribute to deepening the understanding of the national question and the opportunism of the Revolutionary Union on this question.

The appendix to the first article contains a collection of documents on the development of the struggle within the Asian movement.

The third article is a criticism of the RU’s Revolutionary Workers’ Movement which was developed during our struggle with the RU/Wei Min She in the Jung Sai strike.

And lastly, the article on the Jung Sai strike is our summation of our own and the RU/WMS’s actual practice in this struggle.

We hope that this JOURNAL will be a contribution to the ideological struggle for a correct revolutionary line, around which a genuine communist party can be founded. We encourage criticism and comment on the content of this publication.

Much of this JOURNAL soon will be published in Chinese. Please write to us at the below address if you are interested in receiving a Chinese translation.