Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line


Marxist-Leninist Quarterly

The Marxist-Leninist Quarterly was the first theoretical journal of the Communist Federation of Britain (Marxist-Leninist). Eleven issues appeared. The journal was replaced in 1976 by a new theoretical journal, Revolution.

1. Spring 1972


M.F., 1972 What is a Marxist-Leninist Party?

J.B., Bourgeois Nationalisation – an expression of Crisis

V.P., Peaceful Coexistence and Proletarian Internationalism

Resolution adopted by C.F.B. General Meeting, 16th January 1972, concerning certain aspects of the General Line of the Foreign Policies of Socialist Countries.

2. Summer 1972


M.F., The Origin and Development of Revisionism in the Soviet Union

S.M., Notes on the Labour Aristocracy in Britain (Part 1): “Imperialism and Opportunism”

Book Reviews: ’A Gunboat up the Mersey?’ (F.E.A.); ’Woman ’s Estate – Juliet Mitchell’ (M.J.)

3. Winter 1972/3

Editor’s Note

T.M., Revisionism and the British Anti-Revisionist Movement

S.M., Notes on the Labour Aristocracy in Britain (Part 2)

Discussion: The Origins of Revisionism in the USSR (N.R.)

4. Spring 1973

Editor’s Note

A.C., Bourgeois & Proletarian decision making processes

D.B., Northern Ireland: the nature of the struggle

Discussion: The Origins of Revisionism in the USSR (M.F.)

5. Summer 1973

Editor’s Note

J.C., On Practice

T.S., The last phase of the Democratic Revolution in Ireland

E.K., Ireland and the Colonial Question

Women’s Group (CFB-London), Women ’s Liberation: Critical notes on Selma James’ pamphlet

6. Spring 1974


N.R., December 1973, Social-Imperialism

H.M., Ireland – Struggle for Democracy and Industrialisation

D.B. & E.K., For Working Class in Northern Ireland

7. Summer 1974

Editorial Introduction

Dick Jones, Political Notes

Introduction to the proposed document on the International and National Situation

Policy Statement on Ireland

G.M., On the “Usefulness” of “Economics of Partition”

J.B., Origins of the Communist International

8 & 9 Double issue. Autumn/Winter 1974-5

Editorial Committee, Social Democracy in Britain – Introduction

Social democracy – A reply to DJ

Neil Redfern, October 1974, The Labour Party and the Crisis of British Capitalism

Revolutionary Communist party of Chile, The Best homage to the Martyrs of the Dictatorship and Repression is carrying on the Revolution

Review Article: ’Workers against the Monolith’ (S.M.)

P.J., The Soviet economy and the restoration of Capitalism

Letter on Ireland (G.M.)

10. 1975

D.B., Vote Labour is Tailism: criticism of the National C.F.B. Resolution on the General Election which was passed on 15th September 1974.

J.B., Spontaneity, Parliamentarism and the Labour Party

London Group, Criticism of the CFB statement on the World Situation

N.R. & J.T., Neither Adventurism nor Opportunism – a reply to SM

P.T., A Criticism of Erich Farl’s article ’Is the USSR an imperialist country?’

11. 1976


National Committee Policy Statement on Nationalisation

Nationalisation and the Crisis of British Imperialism

Oppose Opportunism and Tailism on the Question of Nationalisation

D.J. & D.S., Nationalisation

J.T., Lower and Deeper into the Proletariat

The Soviet Union is a Social Imperialist state

The Internationale

Introduction to the National Committee resolution: On Relations between Marxist-Leninist Organisations in Britain

London Group, Criticism of the CFB Resolution on Ireland

Commemorating 30th Anniversary of Victory over German Fascism