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Party Line


Party line was the theoretical journal of the Communist Workers’ Movement. Only two issues appeared.


No.1 December 1978

Editor’s Introduction
Letter of Resignation from a CWM Branch
Reply of the C.W.M. National Committee
How Many Worlds?
The Superpowers, Main source of war
Concerning the relations between the world situation and our tasks in Britain
The classes in Britain (The C.P.B.M.L. – a New Revisionism)
Why Marxist-Leninists support China
General Election Programme of the Communist Party of Great Britain (1929) Introduction & full text


No 2.  1980

Vietnam, Kampuchea and Soviet Global Strategy
The Second and Third Worlds
Who are the advanced workers?
Introductory address to study materials for the “New Age” Working Conference.
The “CPB(ML)” and the “two class” line (Part two)
Saint Enver Hoxha of Tirana? (Founder of a Marxist theology for the modern “revolutionary”).
From Korea – Countries of new-emerging forces, unite and fight against Imperialism and all other forms of domination.