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Paolo Babini, Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC-Italy)

On Harry Powell’s paper – Is this the End – Maoism in Britain

First Posted: 2009 on Democracy and Class Struggle.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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August 12, 2009

Dear Comrade,

Your paper is very depressive. We do not know which is the situation in UK, anyway we have heard such words many and many times in Italy, among the ones we call the Subjective Forces of Socialist Revolution, the forces who, during the decades, opposed the revisionists of the old Italian Communist Party. Now all these forces are going to disappear, as the British Maoists are doing, according to you. But, on the other side, Maoists forces are growing all around the world. Also Maoists as we are, here in Italy, are getting strong, leading actions that have effect on the maximum levels of bourgeois institutions and parties, as the one we did against the fascists in Tuscany some days ago, and after which people called us every day asking how the could enter in the Party.

We believe in the rebirth of the communist movement and we feel it. That is why we do not share your conclusion, even if we do not know how things are going on in UK. Lenin was saying that there is always a way out, and such a statement is materialistic. Idealism is not only never ending abstract talkings. Idealism means not being able to get out from ourselves, not understanding that there is a world out of us, and that such world has more things than we could imagine, and they are also way out from our problems.

We are sure that an experienced comrade as you are will find such way out. It is important for us that you and the other British Maoists do it. The Maoists’ action in UK so as in all other imperialist countries is surely little, but it is important. So, it is important the debate they are carrying out. The matter of Nepal also is important, because what is going on in Nepal is of universal significance.

You are right saying that nobody in UK (but also in USA, and elsewhere) talks about making revolution in its own country. Most of all, Maoists in UK (and in USA, Germany, and elsewhere) have to find the way for revolution in their countries, because they are imperialist countries, and to make a revolution there is the new thing the international communist movement needs for its new birth. About this matter, there is a deep analysis and precise proposals did in Italy by the (new) Italian Communist Party, and a practice founded on them, going on for years and now growing. You may find it in the (n)PCI website: www.nuovopci.it. If you shall answer us about these matters, we shall be very pleased.

Red regards,
Paolo Babini
Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC-Italy)