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For a New World: Manifesto of Revolutionary Praxis

First Posted: On the website http://www.revolutionarypraxis.org/, n.d.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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We live in a world dominated by capitalism, a system which allows a small minority of capitalists to oppress and exploit the great majority of humankind.  It is capitalism that brings about great inequalities in living standards with more poor people now in the world than ever before, starts murderous imperialist wars to steal the resources of less developed countries and causes the growing devastation of our natural environment.  Either we get rid of this outmoded and increasingly decrepit system or it will devastate humanity.  The hour is late and urgent action is necessary.

The only viable way forward is revolutionary struggle to achieve communism, a classless and stateless society on a world scale where people do not oppress and exploit each other and where we live in harmony with our natural environment.  To create a communist world it is necessary to overthrow the rule of capitalism and this can be done only through revolution.  The working class and other oppressed people must forcefully depose the capitalist ruling class and establish socialism, a system of real, popular democracy that sets about the reconstruction of society so as to move towards communism.

Capitalism can only be defeated if a revolutionary party exists and is ready to provide leadership when the breakdown of capitalism means that masses of people are prepared to revolt.  Past experience shows that only Marxism-Leninism-Maoism provides the political guidance necessary to build such a party and make revolution.  It was this revolutionary doctrine that developed out of the Russian and Chinese revolutions.  Today successful revolutionary struggles led by MLM parties are advancing in Nepal, India and in the Philippines.  No genuine revolutionary party exists in Britain at present and the aim of Revolutionary Praxis is to create such a party.

People in Britain know that capitalism is no good but few can see a way forward to a better type of society.  It is essential to generate interest in and attachment to revolutionary Marxism in Britain. To achieve this aim we are spreading knowledge of the revolutionary outlook of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism among the working class and middle strata in Britain. It is through political action that we reach out to people with our revolutionary message.  We engage in the fight to defend working people against the impact of capitalism’s economic crisis, to oppose murderous imperialist wars, to combat racism and fascism, to protect young and old people and so on.  Communists must strive to provide leadership to fight back wherever there is oppression and exploitation.  Only if we succeed in these tasks will we create the revolutionaries necessary for forming a vanguard, revolutionary party.

As well as making revolutionaries, it is necessary for us to develop a revolutionary programme to provide the strategy and tactics to guide the party in the struggle for revolution.  The programme will analyse contemporary British society in relation to the rest of the world so as to provide the concrete information and policies for mobilizing people into revolutionary action.  The programme will situate revolution in Britain as a part of the international revolutionary struggle to destroy capitalism and build socialism.

When Revolutionary Praxis has won over a sufficient number of comrades and developed the revolutionary programme we will transform ourselves into the revolutionary party in Britain.  This can happen only if you join with us in the struggle against capitalism and for revolution. The hour is late. Join us now!