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The Attack Upon the Party From the So-called “Extreme Left” (Extract)

First Issued: The Central Organisation Department, Communist Party of Great Britain. March, 1964
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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Michael McCreery and a number of other Party members in various parts of the country, who had been meeting together for some time previously, signed a declaration attacking the Party, giving complete support to the general line of the Communist Party of China, and resigned (or in some cases were expelled) from the Party. This was initially given publicity in the capitalist press.

Since that time, aided by A. H. Evans, who left the Party in 1953, money has been poured out in expensive publications including what is promised to be a monthly journal called VANGUARD, in which the plan is announced for the formation or a new Party.

Since neither McCreery nor any of his supporters have any record or standing in the working class movement in Britain it is not surprising that after the initial publicity in the capitalist press nobody appears to have taken any notice of him. However, there has been one development. The journal REVOLUTION (Africa, Latin America, Asia) published in Switzerland, has given him considerable space and attention, in common with other breakaway organisations in other countries. It seems clear that this journal, which previously published some progressive articles, has embarked on a course of deliberately building up all breakaway splinter groups. A French edition of this journal differs in some respects from the English one, and is oven more vicious towards the British Party.

One immediate form of activity McCreery and his friends have undertaken is of interest.

The British China Friendship Association has consistently reaffirmed its role as an organisation for developing friendship between the two countries, and has steadily refused to become involved in the political questions which arise in the Chinese-Soviet discussions. But McCreery and his supporters have encouraged the setting up of provincial branches, and had the obvious intention of using them for their political aims. In one case, for example, the two speakers arranged were John Fairhead, of the Red Flag organisation, and A. H. Evans of the McCreery Group. Neither had any knowledge of China yet there are many people on the speakers’ list of the organisation, who have specialised knowledge and first-hand experience. This represents co-operation between the McCreery organisation and the Red Flag group.


This is an anonymous organisation which sends duplicated statements from various part" of the country (sometimes even handwritten). These are directed to Party members and support the line of the Communist Party of China. It first appeared early in 1963. They imply that the writers are members of the Party. It is likely that this organisation gave birth to McCreery but that some remained who were against his public action and like the Healey Trotskyites criticised him for his precipitate action in making his position public. Anyhow, these circulars are now appearing again after some months of silence.


These two, recently expelled by the London District Committee, have been sending out letters announcing their intention of setting up a distribution centre of anonymous documents to be circulated within the Party, and inviting people to write to them for this purpose. They call on others to remain in the Party and say that they will stamp their own name and address on all documents for circulation.


This is a duplicated document with a price of 3d. circulated from the house of Evan Gibbon, a member of the Party in Vauxhall, who was expelled by the London District Committee in March, 1964. He is on the Central Council of the M.C.F. It has the same purpose as the Seltmans’ documents. It claims to be explicitly anti-Trotskyist and claims that the Trotskyists are trying to take advantage of the present situation in the international Communist movement. It gives a crude and Leftist commentary on various issues of current policy including industrial and domestic issues, as well as the international questions, on which it takes the line of the Communist party of China. It also suggests that the tactic is to remain in the Party and circulate these documents and ideas.


One of these recently issued attacks McCreery violently for his action and calls instead for widest circulation of documents giving line of the Communist Party of China; the setting up of organisations within and without the Party framework; the setting up of anonymous centres of anti-revisionist activity; bypassing of branch organisation; remaining in the Party; prepare for a challenge to Party leadership in 1965 Congress.


We have listed these groupings and told you of their methods of work because certain lessons need to be learned: we have to make clear that all these groupings without exception are out to destroy the Party and to weaken and confuse the British Labour Movement.