Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

In Defence of Stalin: Discussion Notes by a British Worker


These documents have been written from a single standpoint, that of Marxism. They are produced with one aim: the interests of the working class. They are published as discussion statements, for the anti-revisionist groups in particular, and as a contribution to the restoration of Marxism in Britain.

The main document, “The Meaning of the 20th Congress,” is a much extended version of a political analysis written on the day Khruschev’s denunciation of Stalin was published in the British capitalist press. The article on “Stalin and Modern Revisionism” was written earlier this year, and both these documents were privately circulated. The article on Khruschev’s dismissal was written immediately before publication to cover recent developments.

In a reference to the programme Marx drew up for the First International, Engels commented that Marx “entirely trusted to the intellectual development of the working class, which was sure to result from combined action and mutual discussion.”

That is again the position in Britain, following the long abandonment of Marxism by the revisionist leadership of the British Communist Party. The present anti-revisionist activity and discussion is part of the development towards the restoration of Marxism in Britain, and these documents have been published as a contribution both to these discussions and to that aim.

To that end, we make this material freely-available to all groups and journals? as indicated at the foot of this preface. In return, we ask all groups to consider seriously the question of assisting us to cover the expense of initial publication.

Finally, the writer would like to pay tribute to those comrades who, by taking over all responsibility for the printing of this material, ensured its publication. They had none of Khruschev’s “material incentives.” On the contrary. They will be the first to understand if I do not name them, but without them this material would not have been published.

Any or all of this material may be reprinted by any interested group or journal without fee or further permission.