Why Anonymity?

First Published: FORUM for Marxist-Leninist Inner-Party Struggle, No. 2, April 1964
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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Many Comrades have asked why this bulletin is completely anonymous. Is this necessary for those who have not been in the Party? Or those who have been expelled? The following, briefly, are the reasons why Forum considers that it is absolutely correct, at this stage of the struggle, for all contributors to be complete anonymous.

Firstly, at the present stage of the struggle which is part “legal”, part non-“legal”, anonymity is essential to prevent a. push for individual recognition by any Comrades who .happen to be earliest to enter the struggle or be expelled from the C.P. Secondly, it is exceedingly valuable to be able to assess view-points with complete objectivity, irrespective of personalities. There are many Comrades who find difficulty in expressing themselves in writing, but who have something very valuable to contribute. These Comrades find it easier to write if their names are not to be affixed. In any case it is very good testing and training and a sound corrective for any individualist traits. The C.P. has exploited the individualism of party members for years and a factor in retaining the unthinking loyalty of the rank and file has been the building up of individual leading comrades at all levels.

Building a revolutionary party does not only involve correct analyses, absolutely necessary though these are. We have to learn the personal discipline demanded by such a Party. This will transform the relationships between comrades from the present type in the C.P. into genuine comradeship. Criticism and self-criticism will be carried out for mutual assistance in making the maximum contribution to the struggle. These are the lessons of every Marxist-Leninist Party in the world.