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Workers Newsletter Group/Coventry Workers Association

The Labour Party: Vehicle for Socialism?


To fight for socialism is consciously to struggle for the overthrow of finance monopoly capitalism and the institutions of state designed and created to maintain the economic and political dominance of the few who own capital over the many who have only their own labour power.

The extent to which the Labour Party is capable of leading this struggle is the subject of this pamphlet. It was written because we believe that if a political party is to lead this struggle, it must have its perspective clear, must understand the opposition it faces, and must recognise those forces that can be united in support of socialism. Only then can it hope to release people’s energy and determination into all those fields and activities that contribute to the bringing about of change. We have commented on aspects of the history, composition, constitution and policies of the Labour Party which relate to these questions and on the extent to which it has attained, or in the future is capable of attaining, its own aims as set out in Clause IV of its constitution, which calls for the ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange by working people.

Essentially then, it asks whether the Labour Party is capable of leading the working class of this country to its victory and the establishment of socialism. It is written in three main sections, which deal with what might broadly be described as the past, the present and the future, each of which provides part of the answer.