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STATEMENT: The Committee To Defeat Revisionism For Communist Unity and the Workers Party of Scotland

First Issued: September, 1967. First Published: C.D.R.C.U. Bulletin, No. 1, n.d. [September 1967]
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba
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The former members of The Committee To Defeat Revisionism For Communist Unity who recently formed the Workers Party of Scotland, and who recently published their “Manifesto” in which is clearly outlined he strategic aim, the formation of a Scottish Socialist republic, have by these actions forced the remaining members of The Committee To Defeat Revisionism For Communist Unity to publicly divorce themselves from such action.

It is the considered opinion of these members of C.D.R.C.U. that the now members of W.P.S. have acted arbitrarily before fully debating the national question within this committee. In consequence of these actions and the motives underlying, having severed themselves from C.D.R.C.U. they can only be viewed as deviationists, for these actions will serve to temporarily divert and isolate the Scottish workers from ultimately uniting with their class brothers in England and Wales for their final aim, the overthrow of the British capitalist state to then replace it with a British Socialist Republic. This is the only possible form of nation to come into being from, and be made possible by a moribund capitalist state such as ours.

Due to the defection of these comrades in taking this issue outside the sphere of inner party struggle, C. D.R.C.U. must now openly refute the nationalistic ideas that have been cloaked in revolutionary phrases and also blatantly expressed in the most anti-working class manner, as contained in their ’manifesto’, such as ’English Imperialists’ etc.

Ideas which stem from petty bourgeois nationalism.

The C.D.R.C.U. also refutes such previously published ambiguous statements on the National question by this Committee as:

“A genuine Communist party must be established in England, in Scotland and in Wales”.

It is now seen and readily admitted that such ambiguous statements represent incorrect views on the National question. In order to correct this, the C.D.R.C.U. issues the following declaration:

This Committee exists to unite Marxist-Leninists in Britain for a new Communist Party of Britain.

In view of the above development it becomes necessary to explain the events leading to the present policy of C.D.R.C.U. on the National question in Britain. A development that illustrates once again the internal self development of the Marxist-Leninist movement, revealing a contradiction that has co-existed under certain conditions but has eventually reached a stage of antagonism and divides into mutually exclusive opposites.

A contradiction that has existed from the beginning within the committee of the working class.

It is hoped that a full explanation can be prepared, to appear in Vanguard in the near future, tracing the history of this contradiction. Comrades have a right to criticise our actions and every opportunity will be afforded for this purpose.