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Michael McCreery–A Tribute to a Communist

First Published: Vanguard, Vol. 2, No. 4, June-July 1965.
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Paul Saba and Sam Richards
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On the 10th April last, Michael McCreery, Secretary of the Committee to Defeat Revisionism for Communist Unity, co-Editor of Vanguard and one of the pioneers against the modern revisionist sell-out of the working class, died of cancer at the age of 36.

In spite of such a struggle for his life, that enhanced the very name of valour, this superb and gifted comrade was taken from us.

Thus, the cause of Marxism-Leninism; the cause of the British working class and its allies; the cause of genuine national independence of our country from rapacious U.S. imperialism; the cause of genuine world peace and the cause of the peoples’ emancipation from the yoke of Capitalism suffered a loss, which neither tears nor words can measure.

On the following pages we print some extracts from tributes that arrived from cities and towns in Britain and from abroad.

These tributes vividly express the high esteem and affection in which Michael McCreery was so rightly held.

They destroy forever petty slanders and unworthy innuendos which, from time to time were hurled at Michael by some people who were unable to defeat his main political line – which was a correct Marxist-Leninist line, reflecting the present and future interests of the British working-class and ninety per cent of the British nation.

Four hundred years ago, Shakespeare wrote of

all the spurns,
which patient Merit, from the unworthy takes

No man withstood such “spurns” with greater dignity and admirable restraint. For he knew well the trials and tribulations of a Communist, who, at given times in history, must swim against the stream!

What sustained this man, who, like most men of high intellect, was sensitive and therefore easily hurt by every manifestation of injustice?

Firstly: his unsurpassed mastery of Leninist theory which, for sixty-five years has shone as the guiding star for all the exploited peoples of the world.

Secondly: his vast knowledge of revolutionary history, which taught him that “to be Communist, no wall is indestructible and every obstacle can be surmounted.” In all the history of liberation, which extends centuries before Marx and Engels, liberators always begin small, in a minority. Because they are armed with truth and integrity, they grow strong, whilst their enemies get smaller and weaker.

Those who struggle for emancipation will triumph as surely as the sun rises in the East. Those who uphold injustice will “go down in the rude stream, which must forever hide them.” This is the inexorable law of social development. Michael knew this as he knew the palm of his hand.

Thirdly: a man who strives for truth and justice never stands completely alone. There are always comrades at hand, sharing weal and woe, setback and victory! No matter if they are but a few, as long as the banner is held high and firmly and is inscribed with the cause of an immeasurably higher life, then their army will grow and the future glow brighter and brighter. These bands of brothers are grappled together with hoops of steel. Nothing, not even death, can destroy such hoops. Michael McCreery also knew this very well.

This explains his magnificent, inspiring letters to his comrades even from sick-bed, up to literally his last hours.

In the assessment of a Marxist-Leninist, we take into account as the decisive yardstick, his essential trend and direction. We cut through the superficial and examine the core of a man’s work. Without doubt, the essence of Michael McCreery’s work was that of a leading Communist.

Our era is one of upheaval of dealing one blow after another against Imperialism, the source of modern war and the parasite of the working peoples. With measureless heroism, our brothers in Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, the Congo and elsewhere are “storming the gates of Heaven” and drowning the usurping bandits in a sea of righteous anger.

Precisely as the great Lenin predicted, Imperialism’s weakest links are being smashed one by one. If one wishes to remain a Communist and not a despicable turncoat, then we should extend all and every support to the liberation front fighters, who, by shedding their blood, are easing the task of revolutionaries in the Capitalist heartlands.

In Britain, the “Labour” Government, faithfully serving Capitalism, is placing burden after burden on to the backs of the working people.

The modern revisionists, who, long ago deserted Lenin’s behests, have betrayed the Communist cause and have split the Party, liquidating its militant ranks in all but its name.

The whole purpose of Michael McCreery’s tremendous work was to expose and correct all these things.

The tasks that lie ahead are complicated, but entirely capable of fulfillment.

Let all who strive to be Marxist-Leninists unite against Imperialism, headed by U.S. Imperialism.

Let us unite against betrayal and modern revisionism and work for the reconstitution of a genuine Communist Party.

The greatest tribute of all to Michael McCreery’s unfinished work would be the unity of British Marxist-Leninists!