Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Communist Workers Movement

The “Absolute Decline” of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)


The domination of anti-working class and racist stereotypes in education and culture are the preliminary barrage of the counter revolution. Both revolution and counter revolution must first win public opinion, and work in culture and education is to that end.

The party has spoken of the class interest of education (capitalism needs skilled workers) yet no mention is made of the class content of education in any of the party documents or pamphlets. For the people of India and the West Indies, English History was taught as their own, in Britain workers were taught bourgeois, indeed feudal history as their own, both were cases of softening up, which made the acceptance of imperialism and capitalism so much easier. Marxist-Leninists must fight capitalism everywhere, in philosophy, culture, politics, production, education etc.

It is the narrow interpretation of the two class line that has resulted in all sections of the working class claiming to be industrial workers, when they obviously are not. Industrial workers cannot alter the class content of the objects of their production (printers on newspapers are an obvious exceptions) but for teachers and lecturers, students are their objects of production, these objects are people, members of our class.

Though the struggle to defend living standards in vitally important, struggle must be taken into the field of ideology.

The party as a whole has failed to use revolutionary culture as a weapon with which to destroy capitalism, and has in deed and word, idealistically denied the class content of education, of culture.