Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

Communist Workers Movement

The “Absolute Decline” of the Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)


As we have shown above, the party’s line has been consistent in its undialectical idealism and that this has led the party into positions of opportunism, and the line has degenerated to the point where chauvinism is on the verge of becoming racialism; where an incorrect economic analysis is becoming a form of Trotskyism; and where an inadequate class analysis is the justification for the practical dissolution of the Industrial Bureau; and, finally, the party’s analysis on international affairs has led to rupture of party relations with China.

We have demonstrated that these erroneous lines had one of their origins in the distortion of the mass line by the abortive form of democratic centralism practised.

There has been no self-criticism, no process of self-analysis, when one line has proved ineffectual it has been replaced with another, equally detached from objectivity; at no time was the experience of party members or the class taken into account.

In taking the step of leaving the party, we recognise that there is no possibility of altering it the ruling clique have an immoveable stranglehold on the party. We therefore call upon all genuine communists to join with us in making a fresh start in which we will learn from the negative experiences of the CPBM-L to ensure that the communist party we shall build together will have a genuine mass line – and a revolution.