Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line

The VOP case: Revolutionary journal attacked for defending the working class

Published: New Age, No. 9, February 1979
Transcription, Editing and Markup: Sam Richards and Paul Saba
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Early last year an article in the revolutionary journal, “Voice of the People”, pointed out that the vast funds of money available to the fascist organisation, the National Front, obviously derive from secret donations from British capitalists. The article suggested that organisations like ’Aims of Industry’ (AIMS) could well be sources of some of the slush money.

This article came to the notice of the director of AIMS, Michael Ivens, and sent him hopping mad. He started sending VOP a series of alternately whining and threatening letters designed to demonstrate his ’anti-fascist’ credentials. VOP, however, stood firm in the face of all this bluster, and. proceeded to publish reports on the sinister activities of this virulently anti-communist and anti-working class organisation.

Ivens wrote off to the Complaints Secretary of the Press Council, which has now accused VOP of a “serious breach of journalistic standards.”

Well, VOP, through its record standing by the interests of the working class, has indeed made a “serious breach” in the “journalistic standards” that are upheld by the Press Council. All the bourgeois dailies churn out anti­working class lies and slanders day in, day out. For instance, in one recent case, the ultra-right “Daily Mail” accused some striking hospital workers of being ’fascists’. Did the Press Council accuse the “Mail” of a serious breach of ̶journalistic standards”? Not on your nelly!

The comrades of the VOP have once again shown that they are not afraid to stand on the side of the working class. We look forward to building principled, revolutionary unity with them.